5 Tech gifts MOMS love. Perfect for this year's mother's day

We hope you're ready because Mother's Day is just around the corner, and she'd definitely be expecting something unique and unforgettable. Luckily, we've gathered some of the best gifts you could buy right now for your mom. 

Make her life easier with Amazon Echo Dot 

She has worked hard her entire life, and we can all agree she deserves a break. 

With Amazon Echo Dot, she'll be able to lock the doors, switch on/off the lights, adjust the AC, stream her favorite music, set alarms, check the weather, and much more without getting up. Show her you understand and know her struggles, and give her a much-deserved break.


Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa


Keep her fit and healthy with MyKronoz ZeRound3 Lite 

Switching to a healthy lifestyle will help her go a long way. Encourage her to make the change!

The ZeRound3 Lite is a mix of practicality and style. The watch connects with her smartphone to help her keep track of all the essentials. It also comes equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, fitness tracker, and activity tracker to help her always stay on the move.


MyKronoz ZeRound3 Lite Smartwatch


Light her way with XODO LB3 Smart Light Bulbs 

Whether she is reading, working, cooking, or doing chores, she'll find a color that fits her activity.

The XODO LB3 uses less energy and adds more versatility with its lighting options. She will be able to control the lights via a phone app or through Amazon Echo.


XODO LB3 Wi-Fi Smart Home Multicolor A19 Light Bulbs (2-Pack)



Ease her back pain with WorkEZ: Best Adjustable Laptop Stand 

If she's on her laptop a lot, then she'd LOVE you for this gift.

The WorkEZ laptop stand is lightweight, comfortable anywhere, and flexible beyond belief. Eliminate all of her back or wrist pain that comes with sitting uncomfortably, trying to get that pose that works.


Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ - Best Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Stand Lap Desk with Mouse Pad



Get her some peace of mind with the Energizer Smart Video Doorbell 

Mothers often worry. Making her worry less about her home's safety goes a long way.

Let her know who's at the door before opening it with the Energizer Smart Video Doorbell. She'll get a notification once someone is at the door, along with a live-full HD feed of the front yard. No more peepholes, no more worrying about people stealing her packages.


Energizer Connect Smart 1080p Video Doorbell


Do you have better ideas for a tech-y mother's day gift? Our social media is all ears! Hit us up with a recommendation, and let us know what you will be getting her this mother's day!