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10 Apps to Help You Stick to Your Fitness Goals in 2015

The new year is here and 2015 has brought with it the usual resolutions to recommit to our health, take better care of ourselves, and get in shape. There are thousands of fitness apps, but how do you know where to start or what to choose? The vast majority of these recommendations are free apps […] Read more


5 Tips for a Better New Year’s Party

The countdown to the New Year has begun! We are mere days away from 2015 and many of you already have exciting New Year’s Eve plans. No matter if you are hosting or plan to spend New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house, here are five essential tips you need to know to celebrate in style:  #1. What […] Read more


Giveaway: Stocking Stuffers

Check out our top ten suggestions on stocking stuffers this year! While you’re out buying Christmas presents from everyone’s list, it’s easy to forget about stocking stuffers – small, simple gifts that people might not realize they want, but will end up asking themselves how they ever lived without! For example, a Selfie Stick – no more awkward […] Read more


Maker Monday: Project with littleBits and Arduino

Adding the littleBits Arduino at Heart module to my littleBits Korg Synth Kit has opened up some exciting project options. If you’re not familiar with Arduino microcontrollers, this is a great way to get your feet wet. I started off using the littleBits Synth Kit to play a few simple beats and patterns, but I’m not a […] Read more


#HackYourHoliday: A Recap of Our NYC MakeAThon

Over the past couple of weeks, we held meetups around the country for fans of littleBits to DIY together and enjoy the company of other curious inventors-in-the-making. This past weekend, we held a MakeAThon in Times Square, NYC and were thrilled to see so many of you join us to make your own ornament! If you missed the local meetups or the MakeAThon, […] Read more


3 Thanksgiving DIY Projects to Make Together with littleBits

The thought of building an electronic anything might seem to some like a huge undertaking to most. We know not everyone lies awake at night dreaming of soldering. The good news? Whether you consider yourself a maker or not, working with littleBits means everyone can prototype and experiment with electronics. Why not try your hand […] Read more

Join Us For #RSChat: Luis Caballero

We are excited to continue this weeks #RSChat with Luis Cabellero, the Director of Hispanic Marketing at RadioShack. He is in charge of developing the Hispanic Consumer Market strategy at RadioShack. It has led to RadioShack being able to better plan, execute and determine the best marketing strategies for the Hispanic community. Since his arrival, […] Read more

Top 5 Apps To Make The Holidays So Right

Before there were apps to help make the holidays So Right, I used to rely on a tried and true family tradition when my family would get a little stressed out during the holidays: We all throw on our Snuggies and curl up next to a roaring fire with giant cups of hot chocolate and […] Read more