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Giveaway: Guess the 3D Print Number 1

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPLIES!  THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Oh, my!  What’s this? The 3D printer is working overtime, and it’s all for your benefit! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed today @RadioShack for images and hints of what we’re cooking up, and make sure to use the #RS3DPrint hashtag. […] Read more


RadioShack Helps Fix Common Tech Woes in New “Fix it Friday” Series

In his new series called “Fix it Friday,” KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro is on a mission to help fix his viewer’s tech woes, and RadioShack is helping him make it a reality. The four-part series follows Rich and RadioShack working together to solve some common tech troubles experienced by his viewers. In the first […] Read more