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4 DIY Holiday Projects from littleBits

There is so much you can do with littleBits. Tinker to your heart’s desire with littleBits, available at 2,000 RadioShack stores, and give your holidays a little more spruce in their jolly step. Whether you’re a bonafide Maker or an amateur DIYer, you can make something exciting with littleBits this year. Here are 4 holiday projects […] Read more


3 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Projects

Remember when you snapped together block after block building castles and fortresses? Did you imagine lights and buzzing electricity coursing through your creation? Building and tinkering brings out the kid in all of us, but with littleBits, you can take your imagination to the next level. Whether you have an idea for a product you […] Read more

Each of the long work tables in the main room have these power strips in the center for easy laptop use.

Maker Monday: Dallas Makerspace

All over the world, enclaves of creativity and invention are popping up. Groups of clever folk are building communities called hackerspaces or makerspaces, cooperative efforts wherein members contribute to a shared working space. They collectively work together to purchase large equipment that individuals would rarely be able to purchase on their own such as laser […] Read more


Dual Channel Motor Driver Makes Moves

For many projects, especially robots, we want to add movement options. It’s pretty cool for a robot to follow a line, but it’s awesome if the robot waves at you while doing it! The RadioShack Dual Channel Motor Driver gives you a great way to control both the speed and direction of two separate motors, […] Read more


Light Detector Board and PIR Sensor are Your Project’s Eyes

When we want to build automated interactive projects, like a robot, musical alarm, or just something to scare our pets, it’s easy to get caught up in the OUTPUT (what our mad-scientist project DOES), but it’s just as important to think about the INPUT (what we want to trigger that output). For example, suppose I […] Read more


The Perfect Match: the Make / RadioShack team-up

We sat down with Maker Media Vice President Sherry Huss and RadioShack Tech Senior Buyer Terry McGill to find out how the collaboration between the two companies came to be and what kinds of amazing things they’ve cooked up together. As far back as 2008, Make: magazine and RadioShack worked together, first through media buys […] Read more


RadioShack and PCH partner for RSLabs

We are thrilled to announce the joint venture between RadioShack and PCH in order to bring you RadioShack Labs, a startup inventor’s dream-come true as a fast-track path to bring their ideas to life and make them available to the public. PCH has been creating, developing and delivering innovative products for the world’s best brands since 1996. […] Read more

RadioShack and MAKE Magazine Launch Make: it Robotics

This month, we’re teaming up with our friends at Make: Magazine to introduce a new series of robotics kits to RadioShack stores and With the RadioShack Make: it Robotics series and an Arduino Uno R3, you can jump right into the world of robotics by building the included example bots or your own ingenious […] Read more