Giveaway: Tell us how #!+* Happens


Last week we asked about phones and devices.  How many headphones or Bluetooths have you seen destroyed?  It’s rough, getting cords caught on doorknobs, or the ear bud slips out into the lake.  Tell us your best story in 140 characters or less and use the hashtag #RSItHappens between the hours of 9:30 AM and 9:30 PM Central Time today, August 21, 2014, and we’ll pick one incredibly lucky person at random to receive a $200 gift card to RadioShack.  You could definitely pick up a fancy new set of head-speakers with that.

As terrible as it is with it does happen, we have good news:  it’s easy to make sure that your devices are covered.  Our #!+* Happens program (pronounced “it happens”) covers almost any kind accident either with a replacement or a repair, without long waiting periods or unnecessary hassles.

A few guardrails to the giveaway today, though:

  • Only one entry per person, please.
  • If you’ve won something in the last month, please sit on your hands and let someone else have a chance.
  • Vulgar suggestions will be automatically disqualified.
  • You don’t have to tweet us photos, words are just fine.
  • US residents only, please.
  • The winner will be chosen at random and contacted privately before the end of the week. We’ll send out an announcement once the winner has been confirmed, but asking about it won’t make it go faster.

That’s the scoop.  Now it’s time for you to tell us your best 140-character device-killing story!  Don’t forget the #RSItHappens hashtag!


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