Light Detector Board and PIR Sensor are Your Project’s Eyes

When we want to build automated interactive projects, like a robot, musical alarm, or just something to scare our pets, it’s easy to get caught up in the OUTPUT (what our mad-scientist project DOES), but it’s just as important to think about the INPUT (what we want to trigger that output).

For example, suppose I want my refrigerator to play some awesome rock song whenever I open it. I could probably come up with several ways to trigger the song, but the simplest solution might be use the RadioShack Light Detector Board (SKU 2760346) with my Arduino board and a sound module to cue up the band whenever the refrigerator light comes on.

RadioShack Light Detector Board

RadioShack Light Detector Board

My wife might not be amused, but I think it would be pretty cool.

RadioShack gives you plenty of options by providing a variety of other sensors as well, like the RadioShack Ultrasonic Range Sensor (SKU 2760342), which uses sound waves to measure distance, or the RadioShack PIR Sensor (SKU 2760347), which detects movement using passive infrared technology.  These are great for many projects, but may be more sophisticated than I need for my fridge. I like the RadioShack Light Detector Board because it provides a simple, elegant solution. And if I wanted to move my project from the refrigerator to a cabinet, the RadioShack Light Detector Board features a variable resistor, which I could use to adjust the light sensitivity.

In the following support files folder, you can find schematics and some sample code to get you started. You can also incorporate this sample code into your own project code.


RadioShack PIR Sensor Support Files

How would YOU use the RadioShack Light Detector Board?



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  • Terry Smith

    I need to know what the wire schematic is for a antenna remote model 15 – 1225 B. It has a 1,2 and 3 on the back of the remote. Black red and green But I do not know which one goes where And I cannot find the book fora it. So I was hoping you could help me thank you very much.