Dual Channel Motor Driver Makes Moves

For many projects, especially robots, we want to add movement options. It’s pretty cool for a robot to follow a line, but it’s awesome if the robot waves at you while doing it!

The RadioShack Dual Channel Motor Driver gives you a great way to control both the speed and direction of two separate motors, using pulse-width modulation (PWM), which provides smooth and efficient control for motors.

RadioShack Dual Channel Motor Driver

RadioShack Dual Channel Motor Driver

Setup is simple. You can drive two dual-channel motors or a single 4-wire, 2-phase stepper motor. Just connect the driver to your Arduino board (and an external power supply, if necessary) and then connect your motor(s) to the screw terminals on the driver board.

RadioShack even supplies sample code to get you started. You can incorporate this sample code into your own project code, tweaking it to run the motors as desired. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can use the motor driver with almost any microcontroller and matching code.

Click the following link to open the support files folder, where you’ll find schematics and specifications.

RadioShack Dual Channel Motor Driver Support Files


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