RadioShack and PCH partner for RSLabs

RadioShack Labs, powered by PCH

We are thrilled to announce the joint venture between RadioShack and PCH in order to bring you RadioShack Labs, a startup inventor’s dream-come true as a fast-track path to bring their ideas to life and make them available to the public.

PCH has been creating, developing and delivering innovative products for the world’s best brands since 1996.  Throughout those years, they’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and one-man startups with equal zeal, so it only makes sense that they would choose to also work with RadioShack to bring their incubation and accelerator focus to a whole new level.

“As part of the relationship, RadioShack intends to offer select PCH Access companies special retail terms, and create a direct path to up to 2,000 RadioShack stores and preferred positioning on With PCH, RadioShack plans to implement a direct-to-store model for select products, reducing inventory requirements and increasing inventory turn in stores. RadioShack Labs is designed to enable innovative startups to sell to a significant market and will provide considerable consumer awareness through marketing promotion, as well as strong retail and online presence. By the end of year, RadioShack plans to have these products in a dedicated space in-store.”

Start ups and inventors who are interested in teaming up with RadioShack and PCH, can initially sign up at to receive the latest updates and information on how to join. Our goal is to have new products in stores and online by late 2014.

Our CEO, Joe Magnacca, had this to say: “It’s long been our belief that innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand. As we transform RadioShack, it’s important that we simplify and streamline the channels that encourage inventors and entrepreneurs to join us in the retail environment… We see so many exciting consumer products coming from startups and we want these differentiated products in our stores. Traditionally, big retailing requires big inventory, but we can improve our supply chain and be a more nimble partner.”

You can read RadioShack’s press release here, and see what PCH had to say as well.

In the meantime, break out the sketchbooks and modelers and brain-storming hats.  RadioShack and PCH are going to give you a great opportunity to bring your inventions to life.


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