Procrastination was never this fun – DIY projects

And to the last man,
the cry did go out: today
is Blah Blah Blah Day.

It’s the national
day of remembering that
darned “honey-do” list.

Cleaning the gutters,
sorting the garage, getting
the garden beds turned…

Rearranging the
attic, putting away the
fall and winter clothes.

Cold weather things go
back into storage while spring
things are trotted out.

But the weather is
so lovely – right before it
turns dark and rainy.

Might as well leave those
daunting honey-do tasks to
later days (or months).

But the darling must
be appeased – consider these

Arduino bot
with a camera that walks
around on the floor!

What better way to
check for dust bunnies under
and behind the couch?

Or teach the kids how
to build their own computer
with Raspberry Pi?

Dinosaurs are so
educational, and you
build them together.

Or you could 3D
print a new collection of
owls, cows, or horses…

Better yet, set up
a new Chromecast or Roku
to wait out the storms.

And get the surround
sound system set up so you
can catch every line.

And make sure that you
have the weather radio
handy, just in case.

Maybe the honey-
do list would be shorter, but
this is way more fun.


It’s Blah Blah Blah Day,
yes – but Haiku Poetry
Day as well. Enjoy!



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