RadioShack Helps Fix Common Tech Woes in New “Fix it Friday” Series

richdemuro_fif_1In his new series called “Fix it Friday,” KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro is on a mission to help fix his viewer’s tech woes, and RadioShack is helping him make it a reality. The four-part series follows Rich and RadioShack working together to solve some common tech troubles experienced by his viewers.

In the first segment of the series, Rich helps young mom Alana solve a serious photo organization problem. Over the years, Alana has collected more than 20,000 photos of her family and stored them on various devices, including her old, failing laptop, desktop computer, iPhone and camera memory card. Not only did she have trouble keeping her photos organized, but she also began to experience hardware failures that resulted in some pretty pricey picture recovery fees.

Rich was able to move all of her photos into one location – her desktop computer – and then backed up her entire computer and photo collection onto a Toshiba Canvio 1 TB hard drive from RadioShack. RadioShack also provided Alana with a new Asus Transformer Book so she wouldn’t have to continue to rely on her old laptop to store and view her pictures. For more information about the segment, check out Rich’s blog post on

The second segment that aired on May 2nd addressed the wireless printing problems experienced by Diane, a work-at-home semi-retired lawyer.  She has a great printer, but it wouldn’t connect to more than one device on the network.  In the end, Rich hardwired the printer to the network, installed some manufacturer-specific software to help her iPad connect to, and then he replaced her old laptop with a new ASUS Touchscreen Notebook, courtesy of RadioShack!

On May 9th, Rich tackled a WiFi dead zone problem for the Heiser family by installing a wifi extender that boosted the signal and expanded the range of their existing wireless network. As an added surprise, he gifted their two teen-aged daughters with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablets to give them a little more touch-screen happiness than their existing cracked-screen phones:

In the final Fix-It Friday episode on May 16th, Rich helped young mom Kristen childproof her iPhone 5c with a variety of tough iPhone cases provided by RadioShack. Once they selected a phone case, Rich set Kristen up with a new Logitech Harmony Universal Remote and Roku 3 Streaming Media Player to replace her old Roku 2 Streaming media player that was on its last leg.

Do you have a tech woe that needs solving? RadioShack is here to help! Now through Friday, May 16, 2014, you can enter to win one of 30 $100 RadioShack gift cards by telling us how you would use the RadioShack gift card to solve your technical difficulties. We’ll pick the winners after the final segment of the TechReport airs on Friday, May 16.


  1. Leave a comment below telling us how you would use the $100 RadioShack gift card to fix your sticky tech troubles.
  2. Make sure you are registered with a valid email address.
  3. Click on “Submit!
  4. Only one winner per household.
  5. If you have more than one tech problem, feel free to post them individually, but we will count only the most pressing (or entertaining) post as your final and real entry.

Thank you all so much! The comments are now closed and the winners will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

EDIT: It was a tough journey, but we finally made it.  The winners have been selected and are being contacted via the emails that they provided with their comments.  Thanks again for all the wonderful entries, and stay tuned for our Next Big Thing!



  • Steve

    I need a new wi-fi transponder for fast internet

  • dustin evans

    I’m a Maker. I’d use the money to buy USB flash drives and Arduinos and teach people how to make something at a young age. Hopefully putting an end to computer illiteracy when they got older.

  • kevin sousa

    I am traveling to Florida in a couple of weeks. I am in desperate need of a good pair of noise cancelling headphones to make my trip technically enjoyable!

  • Matthew Roest

    I’m a musician. One problem I always have is my gear keeps breaking and it’s expensive to have it repaired. I MacGyver it sometimes but that doesn’t always work. I would love to get a soldiering kit, a manual and some parts to get a basic grasp on soldiering. However, I’m a student who’s working part time, I don’t have an extra $50+ laying around.

  • Tiffany miller

    I have gone through 3 modems in the last year, (1 ruined by lightning, 1 purchased defective, and 1 that I’ve had for a month stopped responding after the Pensacola, fl storm. Do you have any tips for buying a good modem with a good warrenty?

  • Sue

    I need a good external hard drive that can hold all my photos, video, documents, etc… instead of having this stuff stored on several devices.

  • Dede E.

    Need to get a router to make my house wireless for my laptops and mobile devices! :)

  • Kelly Merendino

    I would use the gift card towards a new laptop computer with touchscreen technology, as a snail is faster than my current laptop’s processor speed.



  • Hung Giang

    I’d like to get some nice portable bluetooth speakers for music listening while working out at home.

  • Dave

    First I’d like to say I love the fix-it series now as it really has a lot of useful tips!

    I could easily use these funds to upgrade my scanner/printer as it on it’s last leg.

    It’s making some really weird noises at this point and it sounds like aliens landing in the house!

    Everyone is always asking, “what was that !!”

  • ruthanne tucker

    I would use the 100.00 to buy a new laptop so i can work from home.

  • Lisa Gerrish-Singh

    I would use a 100 to actually go towards a purchase of a printer I currently do not have one and tend to do my best work at midnight :) and wish I could print then and there instead of waiting till the next day at work.

  • joe palomino

    I would use the gift card to upgrade my internet hardware since lots new devices I am in need of new wireless hardware. Maybe even a WiFi extender for the the whole house to be able to keep track of new jobs no matter where I am at home and be able to remote to all computers at any time .

  • Phylicia White

    I’ve had my laptop since my freshman year of college from my BIG sister from the Big Brother Big Sister program. I don’t want to get rid of it because it holds ALL my work from school and pics from college I can use to pass on to my high school students I mentor at my youth organization. It is in need of a nip and tuck lol…please help me out I need my baby back! Thank you in advance.

  • Ann Nunez

    I would use the $100 gift card to put it towards the purchase of a new laptop. God knows I need it. My laptop is a hand-me-down from my daughter, from 3 years ago. I have keys popping out and some gone altogether. I can’t type a sentence without issues. The logical thing would be for me to upgrade this dinosaur.

  • Melissa Cowans

    My computer freezes and shuts down after a little time on the Internet. I was told that I need to get more RAM. I would use that money make sure I have enough RAM so it won’t freeze in me again

  • Paula Messina

    I currently have a very old laptop and a wireless printer still in its box. I saw your recent tech report segment and was very impressed by the new laptop you gave to your guest. I would use the $100 coupon to upgrade my laptop and my network connections.

  • Tish W

    I will get the new Asus laptop. I like the touch screen and my pc is dying. If not the Asus at least some memory for the elderly pc.

  • Sonceri

    My laptop will only stay on for 5 minutes, if not plugged in ( which I don’t have). So I would buy a new charger and battery. I really need a new laptop but until I can get one these will do.

  • Sheb

    I would get a portable hard drive to store lots and lots of photos.

  • Cristian servin

    I’m a college student in desperate need of a printer,I’m tired of having to wake up before class and heading to Office Depot to use their printers I’m sure 100 dollars will not cover the full cost but anything will help at this point. HELP!!!

  • Maria Rodriguez

    If I win I would use the gift card to help fix my Dell Inspiring laptop. Which is always is shutting down while using the Internet for whatever reason.

  • Phylicia White

    I’ve had my laptop since my freshman year of college from my BIG sister from the Big Brother Big Sister program. I don’t want to get rid of it because it holds ALL my work from school and pics from college I can use to pass on to my high school students I mentor at my youth organization. It is in need of a new battery and new charger (it barely turns on or if it does it over heats very fast) please help me out I need my baby back! Thank you in advance.

  • Laura

    I would use the money to get my mom something sweet for Mother’s Day.

  • takeshia oates

    I have a kodak printer that I can’t seem to get working I miss placed ink&possibly a plug. I also have an older version of a toshiba lap top that i’m currently locked out of under my user name…. then I also have several pictures from my galaxy my laptop and my phone I would like to put in one area but I can’t get into my laptop. I’m low on space on my phone but I don’t want to delete any more pictures I need help please.

  • Tshiri

    I would use it to get the cable to go from my laptop to the tv and a cooler to keep my laptop from getting too hot and crashing

  • Walter Holbert

    I need a way to provide wireless internet through out my whole house.

  • Mary Brokering

    Need to find a avi to hdmi so I can hook up a blue ray player on a hdmi tv with no hdmi inputs.

  • Josh Gallagan

    I am a high school interactive media teacher and have always have needs to connect cameras, computers, audio/video devices and I would use the gift card to make connections for my students in the classroom. Thank you, this is a wonderful opportunity.

  • Shawn M Clemons

    I would use the gift card to purchase a printer with blue tooth capabilities so it would make my printing jobs easier.

  • Elizabeth Leon

    I would use the gift card to buy a wireless adapter for my desktop.

  • Brandy Shelt

    Well our problem here is that our house was broke into two years ago around Christmas. They stole all of our electronics and were in the process of taking our desktop computer. We knew this because it was laying sideways on the floor. Unfortunately we turned everything into insurance but didn’t turn our desktop in because we didn’t know that anything was wrong with it. Well it doesn’t work and it’s frustrating looking at a decent desktop computer that was fairly new(3-4 years old maybe more) sit on the desk and shut off. I would use the $100 to go towards getting a wireless printer to hopefully connect to our iPad so that our daughter who is in Highschool doesn’t have to go to our neighbors house to print things that she needs for school!

  • jessica orihuela

    I have a very old and slow laptop as you know now children have to use a computer for homework, and projects, as one of many single parents I need help so I can buy my 11year old daughter a new laptop so she can do her homework and projects, at home and not have to go to the library almost every day. Thankyou

  • Darryl

    get a wireless printer for my adaptive laptop

  • Maria Rodriguez

    If I win I can use the gift card to purchase an extra hard drive to back up my laptop. I have the Inspiron 1545 which only has 1 hard drive. 3 years ago my laptop was dropped and all on my pictures from Florida we’re almost lost if it wasn’t for the tech at my job which was able to recover some of my pictures from the hard drive that was destroyed.

  • Keli

    Upgrade my computer for school! Teaching degree here I come!

  • kathy Goodwin

    My current tech problem is and has been our desktop. An external hard drive would provide the memory to once again Use the dust collector. We currently have 2 laptops one of which keys are missing and a desktop that wont load With 2 children in college a 10 year old who does homework online and two grandchildren who enjoy playing games online; an external hard drive would be a asset to our family.

  • mr. c.

    our tv channels go in & out-either the converter box or the antenna or both need help; we saw a RadioShack in-line signal amplifier on that we would love to try…

  • Beverly Farmer

    I need to up to purchase new anti-virus software, noise canceling head phones sound pretty good too.

  • Kirstie basal

    Need a ipad mini!!!

  • Marvyn Fernandez

    My laptop is old and slow. I can’t seem to connect my wireless printer.

  • Alan taylor

    I would use it to buy an external hard drive so it’s easier for my wife to access documents and photos that she needs no matter where she is located and get rid of the frustration she gets

  • sam bowman

    buy a new cell phone

  • Marvyn Fernandez

    I need help connecting the wifi on my 4G smartphone.

  • Melanee Stovall

    I still have a very old computer that is really slow and always kicks me off the internet. It’s so old it has a floppy disk drive. Now that’s how you know its old. I use my cell phone alot for my internet needs, but I have an 11 year old who needs the computer for school projects. I would use the gift card towards a purchase of a new computer……. Please pick me! : )

  • Sandy

    We are so ready to go wireless! I would use the $100.00 gift card to help make that happen.

  • Kelly Haggard

    My iPhone 4 crashes at least once a week. It has said I am at capacity but I have taken off the photos and videos on there and I am not sure if I just need to get a new phone. Help!

  • Miranda Jimenez

    My techy issue would be my smartphone. I am a stay at home mom who relies on internet and reception through my phone to pay bills and most of our daily needed requirements, but since our complex has thee WORST connection for reception, i need to get a land line just to make a call.Id LOVE a gift card from Radio Shack to buy a good working house phone. Nothing fancy, just reliable. Thanks!

  • Gina Johnson

    I would use the giftcard to obtain the software to unlock and backup my administrative password.. I recently put an administratice password on my ACER (Extensa 5420) which i purchased from Radio Shack 4yrs ago.. when my computer obtained a virus from a download.

    Although, i still have limites use of my computer, I’m unable to access personal files precious pictures and etc. I cant even download adobe or any free software (microsoft) that would allow me to retrieve forgotten administrative password history..
    HELP!!!!!! frustrated and limited..

  • Angelica Lewis

    I’m a Student and I don’t have a computer at all. I have to go to the library to do most of my work and it’s not open every day. I also use my sister’a computer but she’s also a student an I can’t use it every day. I’m usually turning things in barely on time or not at all. It’s definitely messing up my average. I already have some money saved up and I could really use some help coming up with the rest.

  • Vanessa McBride

    I would buy all the the memory cards and flash drivers I need to get my home business up and on the move.

  • Jack Lee

    My computer is over 12 years old. It’s supper slow and getting slower by the day. I have over 5k pictures on it. I’m currently looking for employment. I have been seriously looking to egg an inexpensive computer. So I would use the money to help purchase a new Asus Book.

  • Jeffrry

    Our old Plasma TV doesn’t have an HDMI port so we can’t get Netflix, Pandora, etc. hard to believe we have to replace television. got to be a way. HELP Rich. Thanks ,, loyal listener for three years.

  • Jamie A Matthews

    I’d get my Galaxy S2 charging port fixed so I can finally give it to a friend who is in desperate need for a phone for free.

  • Yvonne Shute

    I would use the $100 toward a new wireless printer so that each member of my household of three could print from his or her own device. I was inspired by today’s Fix It Friday!

  • Holly Hannan

    Would put it towards a new laptop for my daughter for school…:)

  • joel

    I would get an external hard drive to free up space on my laptop

  • Edna L. Cruz

    Use towards a purchase of a new laptop for my husband. Has an extremely old Dell and is giving him problems.

  • Zelise Powell

    I’m a student and I would use the money to by the Microsoft program for my laptop.

  • Christopher Hernandez

    I need to print from laptop stuck on desktop all the time

  • Walter

    I have a windows xp 2003 computer and every day or so when I try and open fire fox my computer crashes. This is because from running other programs before it is leaking memory and because of that my graphics card gets overloaded and crashes. And I would use it towards a new computer.

  • Denise G.

    I have an old laptop, a Toshiba Satellite from 2003. I bought it from Circuit City long before they closed. At the time, I purchased a 3-year Warranty which cost me about $300.00. Within 6 months before the warranty would expire, the laptop would not turn on. I had no incident to link to this “behavior”.

    I mailed the computer to the (Texas ) Warranty repair service who kept it a while and reported back that the mother board was ruined because of water. I had not spilled water on this unit and protested.

    They refused to repair the laptop and sent it back to me. They also sent me someone else’s computer with no name on it.

    I put my dead laptop in a closet and used just a desktop. I took the other person’s laptop back to the store and gave it to them to find the rightful owner. I was angry with Circuit City and their repair service but felt badly for the owner of the lost laptop sent to me.

    Approximately two months later, I opened my dead laptop and surprisingly, it turned on. It actually opened and started working.
    So I guess the mother board was Not destroyed.

    However it later developed a flickering and now, although the screen
    Looks as if it is going to open, it just never gets past line after line of initializing words.

    So, if I was fortunate enough to win a gift card, I believe I would use it toward whatever device I would need to get my records off the laptop so I don’t lose them forever.

    I am, however, burnt on the subject of Warranties and won’t purchase them again on any electrical device.

    Thank you for requesting my story.

    Denise G
    (p.s. Love Radio Shack….have patronized them for years and now, it is the only place one can still find a VHS Rewinder ; yes for those movies from the past. :) )

  • Jessica

    Being a college student its important for me to have a laptop, but my current laptop screen has just been…lets just say its in need of a repair

  • Ben Davis

    Being a plumber, my jobs addresses are sent to me via text message then I would have to copy and paste them into my phones Navagation. I would use the $100 to go towards a GPS with Bluetooth that will make the process of finding my next job easier.

  • Valorie Evans

    I just purchased a hp 8600 printer because mine was so old and beat up that I had to hold the paper to pull it out without it jamming each time. I would use the money to purchase the ink cartridges for it. As you know the setup cartridges usually don’t last long. I invested in the printer so that I can design cards and other inspirational visuals at street fairs to earn money to assist me in paying off my student loans! As a mature adult and single mom, I need to start thinking about retirement and don’t want to have to work at Walmart, McDonald’s, or any other establishments because I need to earn income. Investing in ink cartridges and working at street fairs on the weekend will assist me to make my monthly school loan payments.

  • Valorie Evans

    If I was fortunate to win $100 I would upgrade my home computer by purchasing a tower first. I purchased this about 6 to 7 years ago and runs so slow, I don’t even use it any longer. I seriously need a new tower and then I would gladly buy a monitor at the thrift shop. I am a high school special ed teacher, so many times I need to work at home. Recently, I was told I need to take an online class to update my credentials. It would so help to have my spare room upgraded to an office I could work in!!

  • moises torres

    My laptop is very old it pops open from back each time I start it up and my tablet fell and glass broke and its connection does mot work any more

  • Steve Block

    I have been using Radio Shack for 50 years for my cable(s). I would use the card for upgrading my router that I now use for connection in my condo.

  • Patty McKernan

    I would use the money to upgrade my computer – it keeps crashing and still has Windows XP – definitely need an external hard drive to put my files on so I don’t lose my files while waiting to upgrade my computer.

  • Ed

    I would buy new tablet to replace ny cracked screen old netbook

  • Chris

    I’d use it towards a new laptop.

  • Sue

    I would use the $100 gift certificate towards the purchase of the best wireless printer Radio Shack has to offer-I would LOVE to be able to print wirelessly from my Samsung Galaxy phone, and from my Ipad, while also using my older HP computer that still works well. I hope there is a wireless printer out there that can handle all of this!
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Bradley Hughes

    I’m a highschool student, and me and my family really need money for a Desktop computer that we can all use, my laptop is getting old and a desktop would really relieve the stress for printing projects and essays

  • Karen

    I would use it for a good pair of noise canceling headphones

  • Baruch Patrice

    I need to stream content from my laptop to my tv wich is not connected, so i would buy a chromecast device to fix that.

  • Karen

    I can use the Radio Shack gift card for a new laptop and printer. I love the people at AT&T!! I had a problem with the internet, and the tech person was very informat and courteous.

  • Baruch Patrice

    I’ll use it toward the purchase of a new touchscreen laptop for my wife

  • Tim Farwell

    I would use the $100 to replace my crt monitor with an lcd. I am a college student and use my desktop a lot, but my monitor is going out on me.

  • Tammera F

    Would love to go wireless with my pc….but most of all Im still old school with my cell phone…we are talking flip phone…so would love love love to get an upgrade….

  • Keri G

    I am a single mom with 4 kids. My oldest recently updated his laptop but due to being in college, and the only male in the house, he is unable to share it. We have a super old desktop and an even older laptop. Neither is very dependable.
    We need some help updating our equipment!!

  • Rod Williams

    I would use the gift card to update all of my outdated wireless tech so that each of my kids could get online on thier computers at the same time and do homework .

  • Jim Prokos

    I would use gift card to buy an IPAD/tablet and help elderly friend connect to internet for : online banking, purchasing power and exploring new world.

  • burke schultz

    New router. No more jumpy video.

  • Anne Delgado

    Our printer never prints straight. It’s always crooked. We have four kids that have to turn in papers periodically and it is nearly impossible to get a decently printed paper, and embarrassing. Please help us.

  • burke schultz

    Music, Music, Music!

  • Narita Campbell

    I have an old Dell Latitude D630 which now only operates with the power cord plugged in. (battery is shot) so I would use the gift card to help out. with purchasing a new laptop. and get out of the dinosaur ages. My daughter. uses it to. write papers for school and we have lost whole. projects. Help!

    • Keri VanNuland

      Before you buy a new battery, bring your laptop to Radio Shack and see if a new battery will charge. My daughter had a laptop very similar in model and had the same problem. We replaced the battery with no change, then replaced the charging cable with no luck, finally bought a replacement charging port and used a YouTube video that walks you step by step through ripping apart the laptop and replacing the part. Guess what… It didn’t work so now she is stuck keeping it plugged in. I give up. SOOOOOO…. I would check that a new battery is the issue before buying. Good Luck!

  • Sherryl Reiss

    I have what I thought was a good printer but apparently it was short lived. I have a 2 year old that I constantly take pictures of but I can’t print a single picture!? I can’t print anything and I would use the $100 to buy a new printer!

  • tyiesha sydnor

    I have a 5 yr old, an 11month old, and a baby on the way.. I have a lot of pictures and so many SD cards so I would get an external hard drive. And back up these pics and my music.

  • Bradley Hughes

    I am a highschool student who needs a computer to print essays projects and things of that matter, and my laptop is breaking down and cant get it to connect to my computer. Its had to depend on the library, and the school library, its often full and hard to use, so a I would definitely use the money for a brand new desktop.

  • marge van winkle

    I have been thinking about getting rid of my home phone service but I like the idea of having a land line. I was wondering what type of affordable services there are. I think Radio Shack can help me

  • Arlene Ayala

    I have an Autistic son. I want him to learn to use a computer. I would use the money to buy him a touchscreen laptop.

  • Mark Auriemme

    My Daughter Erica is Graduating from Illinois State next Saturday. She just found out she was accepted into Grad School at Illinois Benedictine. Her Laptop is not working at all and can’t be repaired. I would Love to surprise her with a new one. Please if you can. Help her with Great start into Grad school. Thank you, Mark

  • Elizabeth Thompkins

    I need an upgrade on my computer im still working with windows XP

  • Rosendo Gonzalez

    I need help with my wifi, when my kids are playing games online my wifi signal gets weak, I switched my wireless router but no improvement. We have a laptop, cell phones, & games systems which all share the wifi.

  • diane

    I’m a quilter, I do my sewing in the basement and would like to use my ipad to view sewing tutorials. but my wireless is not strong enough to reach. so i would purchase a router (not sure if that will fix my problem).

  • Tempestt Erkins

    I would use my gift card to upgrade my laptop or printer. I use them to save and print coupons for my family. Im back in school mother of two and every cent saved gives us money we need for bills.

  • Cindy

    Hi, I have an old laptop that the (4) of us are trying to use. I have two boys in college and its a bit cumbersome to say the least. We also have an IPAD that we cannot print from. But more importantly our laptop is old and not up to date. And, it has to be plugged in while it is being used. So, you definitely have to be sitting in the back little corner to use it. Besides my sons using it for college my husband and I use it for work at times. I would just like to have this updated for my two sons which is my prioriety. They spend way too much time getting frusterated with this laptop. Sometimes, it just shuts off and not sure why. So, please, please, help us get connected and updated. Thank you so very much! Cindy Szukala

  • Joseph Griffiths

    The gift card would allow me to finally connect all my devices from my tv, Apple TV, and lenovo laptop. Right now everything is connected by wires and makes it look bad. Would love to go wireless.

  • Jennifer Mersinger

    First of all, let me point out that my 7 year old daughter is more tech-savvy than I am in almost all of the recent gadgets. I am writing and hopefully reaching out to Rich, as well as RadioShack because I am a mother in need of a laptop for my daughter, Alyza. Being half Hispanic, I am encouraging Alyza to learn Spanish as a second language. My goal is for her to not only understand it, but to speak, read and write Spanish to help further her education. As I do not know any Spanish, I would love to invest in computer programs, especially Rosetta Stone,as a learning tool; however, our computer is so old and out of date that if I try to run any program, the entire computer freezes and takes so long to reboot we don’t even bother. So PLEASE RADIOSHACK, help this computer illiterate mother so Alyza can experience the learning process using the technology of the 21st century!

  • Dawn Schlueter

    Our daughter needs a computer to use for school work.

  • Jason

    Our laptop was dropped about 6 months ago (no blame necessary). The monitor stopped working, but the hard drive still works. We have been hooking up our laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable, using the TV as our monitor. I would use the gift card towards FINALLY getting a new laptop!

  • Joseph Haskett

    I would use it to upgrade my Wife’s phone. She pre ordered my Galaxy S5 in January for my b day. Sad to say she still has the original Galaxy. I am not worthy of her unselfish and kind ways.

  • trasee jasper

    i would use the gift card to put towards a tablet of some sort. because of some fast balls life has thrown at me i cant sit at my pc I love to read and I write a daily journal but cant enjoy doing so. thanks!!! trasee

  • Vivian Hoover

    Need to connect my unversed TV to my child bedroom have 3 boxes cannot afford another and was given a printer but haven’t been able to connect the two printer and lap top .

  • Linda Jennings-Coleman

    I have a desktop PC from when my daughter was in high school. I can’t afford a laptop. My computer freezes up and I constantly have to restart what I’m trying to do or look up!! I’m not computer savvy at all so I would like to use the $100 to fix my computer. I’m retired and my computer could help stay connected with what’s going on in the world!!

  • Rashida

    I need a new wireless router as my old one died.. also an external hard drive.
    Thank you

  • Mary Dillard

    I sure could use the 100 gift card for flash drive to put my pictures on and my crocheting patterns….and get cords so that I can hook up my printer to my laptop…..even though I don’t know how to do that…..but I believe that I don’t have the right cords.

    thank you
    mary dillard

  • Jeanmarie Starshak

    I guess I would use it to upgrade from my old Trac phone.

  • Keri VanNuland

    I thought of myself as a computer techy person so when our computer had a problem with a blinking dot showing instead of Windows loading, I couldn’t figure it out so I said I’d research it after the holidays. On Christmas Eve-Eve I waited a full 15 minutes for my ancient laptop to boot so I could get on to my makeshift backup ‘server’, which really is just a PC with a few hard drives. When I couldn’t get into the backup ‘server’ I assumed my laptop finally decided to start retirement. After a bit more research I found that something was now wrong with the ‘server’, it would not boot.

    As of now there are 2 pc’s stacked up in the office, both with their covers removed and masquerading as lamp stands, in hopes that the moths will fly away and find a new home. If I were to win the $100, I would start buying parts necessary to get at least 1 of the pc’s running again. I am sure that the Hard Drive is shot in the PC. If I can replace that, I will have a system that is quick enough to actually boot in under 10 minutes and using that I can research the problem with the ‘server’, which I worry may be the Motherboard or Processor. Either way, I will need a lot of money to fix my lamp stands and $100 would be a life saver because parts are expensive. Also, I am so sick of working my part time online job using my iPhone… I think once a PC is fixed I will need to head over to the eye doctor to get new glasses because the iPhone is a killer on the eyes, then to the dentist to fix whatever I damaged from grinding my teeth over them, next to chiropractor to loosen up my strained muscles, to Gander Mountain to pick up an apology gift for my husband after many nights of hearing me screaming at a PC in the other room and finally some candy for the kids to bribe them into forgetting those cuss words that may have slipped out here and there. Can you help me?? :)

  • Barbi Harrison

    I got an iPad and now every time I check my emails I have to delete them all separately from my PC, iPad and iPhone. This is too time consuming and I need help to simplify this process. I would use the gift card to buy my granddaughter headphones that actually fit her head.

  • Rita Eckert

    I have been having problems of getting my printer to print. So I would use the money to either get a nes printer or new lap top. Probably the printer due to being retired and on a fixed income.

  • CJ Fricke

    My wife and I are Seniors and live on a fixed income. Our entertainment is Netflix and HBO Go (Google Cast). We would ask for your suggestions to stream better. We would use the gift cart to purchase theh. to upgrade our computer for example

  • Virginia Gregory

    I need a new wireless printer.

  • Connie Aguirre

    I would use the gift card to buy a wireless printer. I watched the segment where the woman was able to print from all of her devices. The capability would be very convenient.

  • Dallas Broadhead

    I would use the RadioShack gift card to probably get some awesome Beats. Or one of their Galaxy s4 cases. I shop at RadioShack all the time. Love it there.

  • Mark Lepchenske

    I would get my computer debugged

  • Lance Renihan

    I have a lot of photos and it seems like they are in two different places on my laptop

  • Jason Carriere

    rich I’m trying to fix my life and put it back together I really need a laptop to go back to school please help me my friend

  • paul daniels

    i would by an external hard drive to reduce space on my hard drive.

  • Jeremiah Gomez

    I would use the money to get me some beats because I’m going on a trip soon and on the plane flight I want to kick back and listen to some music

  • Terry Riester

    I have a ton of VHS and 8mm tapes filled with memories of family and friends that I would like to put on DVD, but don’t have the equipment to do so. It is too expensive to pay someone else to do this for me, so I would invest in the equipment to do it myself. : )

  • Linda R

    I would use toward a new laptop computer which I need desperately to help pay bills for me and my elderly mother.

  • tami rudd

    I have a desktop with windows xp and a laptop with windows 7, I recently bought a Samsung tablet also. I am scared to use the desktop because xp isn’t being updated and I have alot of pictures and stuff saved and spread out between the devices, my son whose is in the Army always helps me to keep everything up to date, but he is stationed out of California and it’s been a while, I would use the money to buy a portable hard drive to save everything in one place. Both segments that I’ve seen fit my scenarios.

  • Jane Mossberg

    I am 67 Rasing a 9 year old grandson. Not computer smart. I have my computer and the old one I saved for grandson. But not sure how to get it working. Help

  • angela

    my laptop is slow and has virises, pluse i cant get my dinasor printer to work with my printer. i cant find the drivers online to down load. i use this laptop for school and need to print out papers for school. i would use the gift card towords a laptop or a a tablet so i can do my work.



  • Mari Patrick

    Hi Rich , I am a mom of six beautiful children. As you know with six children and all of them but 1 in the same high school we have a major problem with speed on the internet and using the printer to do essays or college things. Besides doing homework all of our children have devices that use the internet, Yikes for Mom I need quality time for myself on the computer. I need a friend to help me. We bought a new box , but its still not enough. Please help in your in the O.C., I would like some advice and would love to share a cup of java with you. Thank-you Mari P.S. I love you helpful hints

  • Sal Mendoza

    Good Morning, I have a problem with my Internet not communicating with my smart TV’s. My wireless printer only works with one laptop. I’m not sure if its my service provider or my modem or just my lack of tech knowledge. There are four of us here at home and we all depend on wireless Internet. My daughter is a college student, my wife is a school administrator and I use my work laptop at home all the time. I also have my sister’n’law living with us who works and is also a full time student. My house is a wireless traffic jamb. Sometimes, it would be nice to just sit down and watch Netflix on my smart tv. If I was given a $100 radio shack gift card, I would try to buy a better modem. Thank you ahead of time for any help.

  • Mary Swinney

    Cell phone usage at our house is HORRENDOUS! Most of the time we have to go outside to connect. We had a very long and cold winter this season…that Radio Shack gift card would be used to attempt to improve that situation!

  • joan smay

    need help wireless printer and finding pics lost on Kodak site elp typing sprained arm

  • Rose

    I would donate it to Janice because her printer is broken and she can’t print out items for her ministry that’s she’s trying to put together to help thousands of people. Help me get her a new printer / gift card.

  • joan smay

    rich is clear tv anyugood

  • John Severns

    As a 67 year old I’m not the most tech savy guy and I have two desktops that have slowed down and/or freeze up. I’ve installed Kaspersky Pure 3.0 but it hasn’t helped. Officemax charges $150 for a tune up, but I don’t trust offers like this. I assume it is a loss leader to get you in so they can upsell you on a more expensive fix. I haven’t been able to be gainfully employed for over a year now so money is tight. I’d use the $100 to buy a new video card and upgrade RAM in order to help get rid of my problems.
    Thanks for listening,

  • Vince Mario

    I work from home and need to use a printer a lot. My printer is broke so I would put $100 towards the purchase of an all in one printer/scanner/fax machine. Right now I email my documents to my wife who prints them and brings them home.

  • Jessica

    Our simple use of the family laptop has seemed to be compromised by the windows blue screen of death. Definitely with children the laptop is great for education tools and as parents we love the simple tasks we can use on the laptop. We are unable to fix it after attempting to. We would be grateful for the gift card to go towards a new laptop.

  • Tin

    A few backup high-speed SD Cards for new Canon camera.

  • scott engstrom

    need a wireless printing setup for my home network

  • Sigfredo Enrrique Martinez-Cabrera

    My mother’s birthday is coming up, I have nothing to get her so I would use my gift-card to buy the iPhone 5s for her Verizon plan.

  • patty

    I need a car charger for my phone

  • Christina neumann

    I loved this segment! Like the viewer in the segment above, I work from home and I have an older sony laptop. I do have an iPad but I don’t know his to print from it. So I would love to use the gift card towards a new Ethernet cable. I would love some hp ink too. Thank you!

  • Kathy Chan

    I have thousands of photos, including heritage back to early 1900’s in 2 places on my laptop under 2 systems. I would use the gift card to get a second backup hard drive so photos are backed up on two separate devices…just in case

  • Paula Adams

    I need a wireless speaker as a gift for my husband. His passion is a 45-year-old Mini-Cooper, which has no radio. So today we use an iPod with a clunky old speaker that barely works. I’d like to get a high-quality wireless speaker for him!

  • Roland Conejo

    I would use it to buy a laptop for my wife because she works at home on her desktop computer. With a laptop, she won’t be tied down to a desk all day.

  • Fernando Pimentel

    IF I would win a radio shack gift card I would use the gift card to help repair my desktop computer so I can hand it down to my little sister that is in college and need a good running computer.

  • Judy Huie

    I would use the $100. To buy a new laptop or tablet for my kids.

  • Gregg

    I need to transfer hi-8 digital tapes of family memories to a computer. I would use the gift card towards a new laptop since my tablet doesn’t have the proper ports and hopefully radio shack can recommend the correct cables.

  • Shawn Michael

    Tired of paying so much for cable would like to try an antenna. I hear they have come a long way.

  • Jennifer Conejo

    I’d put it towards a nice camera. My camera is old & slow and every year matters get worse. (kinda like me) haha. Thanks for opportunity to win this awesome prize! :)

  • Kelly

    I am currently on maternity leave and in need of a new laptop. My laptop is very old that it takes forever for it to turn on. By the time it turns on my newborn wakes up and wants to be held which makes it a bit harder to be on a slow laptop. $100 towards a new laptop would be great!

  • marietta jones

    I have more than one disability that prevents me from gainful employment. I would love to work from home. I have ireas. First I need a phone other than my outdated flip phone, but I just can’t afford it. That would be my first purchase. Then I’d get “Dragon” so I may write and not be so slow and corrercting my dyslexic mistakes.

  • Dinesh

    My printer is not close to my router, and hence connected by a long ethernet cable snaking across the room. Would really love a printer with wireless capability.

  • Robyn Walker

    Hi, My name is Robyn Walker. I have a computer that I cannot turn on. I have some precious memories as far as my children and grandchildren picutures and music that my son produced. I don’t won’t get rid of this computer because I am hoping that someone can get it to turn on and get my information off of it. Can some one help me please!!!

  • Jen Cruz

    I lost my job a year ago can’t afford much these days help out a jobless scientist who really could use a gift card, I would actually save it and use it to purchase a laptop In the near future giving up my old one was a sacrifice all I have is a phone and a local library that I am truly grateful for my job hunting and the use of their computers when I need it , Thank you for a great show it does help out a lot and it puts a smile on someone’s face like me.

  • Irving Mercado

    I would purchase a new wireless router due to the fact that the router i have now keeps messing up and constantly rebooting.

  • Gayl Payton

    Need to extend my soldering kit.

  • Chris Scott

    Am trying to hook up two laptops and two tablets to wireless printer. Need cables and surge protectors as well as new charger for laptops. We are senior citizens and am trying to supplement my income with on line work.

  • Scott Markman

    I have a stinky flip phone, it will allow me to cover the cost of an upgrade for a smart phone.

  • Donna N.

    I am an artist with a 2006 Apple MacPro 15″ laptop computer. I recently had to do a video presentation of my artwork at a conference but when testing before my segment found my computer incompatible with the projection system. We tried using a converter but my computer was too old. Fortunately, the tech had a zip drive, transferred my video clip and saved the day (and my rep!).

  • Donna E.

    I am an artist and found a problem when creating a video on my 2006 Apple MacPro computer. It would unexpectedly shut down in the middle of my project. This is very frustrating because sometimes my work was saved and other times not. I love my computer but it’s old, the screen frame is cracked and I’m afraid I’ll lose work that is critical for my art career.

  • Becky

    We have 7 grandkids ranging from 3 to 16, so we have lots of pictures (they’re all involved in sports of some kind). We continue to down load pictures to our pc, then transfer them to cd’s for safe keeping. My laptop was purchased 7yrs ago last November…it really needs to be upgraded or replaced. So, I’ve been looking at new pc’s, tablets, possibly a new wireless printer/fax machine, etc. A $100 gift card would be a good start toward purchasing a new item or items.

  • jana shaw

    I’d like to buy a tablet-something that is easy to use, and that I can get answers for help when problems arise. But there are so many choices I can’t decide which one is best for me.

  • xiomara vasquez

    I would get an upgrade for on of my devices

  • Fred J.

    I would use the gift card to extract the photos from the camera card and organize the priceless photos and backing them up.

  • Angelica Gutierrez

    I would use my $100 gift card to get my mom a new laptop because all she has is nasty old laptops that only work if they are connected to a power source and extremely slow.

  • Armando Del Valle

    I’ma web designer. I would love a little help in helping me get some help buying any external hard drives for all the photos and information that I’m not able to store on my laptop or a new transponder for faster internet.

  • Susan leming

    Our internet connection always goes down. Frustrating!!!! We have a wireless modem that our provider gave us, so we would use the gift card to upgrade to a better one

  • Carol Strong

    Hi! I would love to win the $100 Radio Shack gift card! I would use it to buy an external hard drive. I fix computers. Sometimes I run out of space on my external hard drive when I need to copy over data from broken computers. So please please please! I never win anything! Winning this gift card would me soooo much to me as I am unemployed! Its not very easy for me to just go out and by my computer repair and storage tools. This would be a huge win for me!

  • Christoher Walker

    I would use the card to purchase a External Hard drive to back up my music, photos and important documents. This is something that is a long time coming.

  • Jean Brennan

    I’m using an old Dell 8400 Desktop with XP. Microsoft is no longer supporting the OS, but I can’t spring for a new desktop at this time. Two weeks ago, my Canon All-in-One (printer,copier,fax,scanner) went on the fritz with a stuck printer head. A neighbor was kind enough to give me a printer she wasn’t using and I need to hook that up, but will be trying to hook it up while also keeping the All-in-One attached for scanning/faxing purposes. I’ll be switching out the USB cable between two printers (depending on my specific needs). I am nervous about the whole XP thing, and would certainly like to have a backup hard drive to protect all my data in one place. I’ve been saving things on multiple flash drives. All in all, I’d kind of like to get a new All-in-One printer, so I wouldn’t have two printers stuck on a pull shelf, but than a portable hard drive to backup files, pictures, music is probably more practical at this time. Argh.

  • Jasmine

    my mom has been trying for the LONGEST to look for work. Although she needs to print/fax papers but our printer doesn’t work at all. I would love to help her out by winning this 100 gift card from Radio Shack so I can buy her a brand new printer. Maybe she’ll be able to get a job.

  • edubiges

    I would use the money to fix my laptop, because I think it has a virus, its too slow and I really need my laptop thanks.

  • Susie Hudson

    Hi Rich, I would purchase a new external hard drive to backup my photos!!!

    Thank You!

  • Deborah A. Barcy

    I need a new cell phone.

  • Mark Berg

    I have an old desktop system that is running slow. I would use the gift card to take the desktop into Radioshack and have them de-bug the computer and help it run faster.

  • Emmanuel Ortiz

    I would use a Radio Shack gift card to help improve my wireless speeds throughout my house. I have a low-end router that struggles to keep up once you get out of the living room area which is where its centered.

  • Lissa Garcia

    In the fall I will be going to a university and I need a new laptop to help me do my college work. I have a very old heavy laptop that’s at the point of death. I would get something light and efficient.

  • Edna D

    I would use my $100.00 gift card to upgrade my laptop. Mine runs slow and doesn’t even have a webcam :/

  • Mack

    I need to upgrade my operating system from XP which Microsoft doesn’t support anymore.

  • frank


  • Mary T.

    First I would use the giftcard to fix my HP DV7 laptop that needs a new graphics card and also a AC power adapter so that I can be able to volunteer by teaching the less fortunate the basics of COMP 101, in hopes that it will help them obtain jobs or excel in there education.

  • Cynthia Cabrera

    My brother gave me his Old HP (its as big as a 35″ Tube TV) printer/scanner/fax machine for me to use with my somewhat New Dell Laptop. Copier/printing works fine, but can’t get it to Scan with my Dell, so I would use the $100 to get a Printer/Scan from RadioShack and take the Old HP to The Goodwill. :)

  • Lynn Hong

    I want to win! I would use my awesome $100 radio shack gift card to purchase the ethernet (I think thats how you spell it?) cable Rich showed on today mornings show to connect all of our devices to be able to print wirelessly! Please please PLEASE pick me! I am a single mom of 3, and my oldest daughter is in high school…this would be tremendously helpful for her school work. Thank you! TGIF! :)

  • Deborah Hardeman

    I am a older woman, just starting on learning technology . Lol, I need help to connect mt I pad to my printer . I would use it to help my business . Also to connect my tv to my iPad. Hope yo can help me . Thanks, Deborah Hardeman

  • Eric Torres

    If I win the radio shack gift cards id buy an LCD screen and fix my broken laptop. I need my laptop back.

  • Ericka Lisardo

    If I won the $100 gift card, I would use it to buy myself a laptop, I’m a college student and not having a computer makes its hard to do any assignments. I usually try to use my phone for my assignments but it’s never successful. So please!

  • Sheila Vives

    My motherboard is almost totally burnt out, both my drive bays are not working, my system is almost totally out of memory and I am on Windows XP and cannot upgrade on this system to Windows 8.1. I really need to buy a new PC

  • Terri quickley

    I would use the gift card to basically do the same thing the 9:40 segment did for the lady with the cats. My daughter is in college and I do lots of paperwork. I want everything printer/fax/copy ready.

  • Suzanne

    I am at least a year overdue on buying and setting up an external hard drive for regular backups(!) I know, i know….so bad, right? And I have had my system crash before (even tho it was a Mac)!

    I need to do this already but when I look at prices & reviews of hard drives I’m still unsure what type or size to buy. If I won $100 from RadioShack I’d finally get an external drive + get back my peace of mind about my data!

  • Kory Blair White

    I want to start making movie type video’s with special effects but don’t know what equipment or software is needed nor do I know how to edit. ★please help★

  • Kevin Bell

    I’d love to stream video from my iPhone and tablet to my TV, so I’d buy one of the new streaming devices!

  • Donna Houpt

    Radio/cd/stereo and time warner cable set up with flat screen. Not been able to put it all together to listen to music for years.
    Thank U

  • Ernest Sanchez

    Need to incorperate my home line to my fax,printer, scanner, right now I use a 25 foot cord, drape across living room and kitchen, can I use my at&t u verse modem box?

  • Trichele Riley

    I have a laptop that I previously got fixed but Still doesn’t work so I would use the gift card towards getting it fixed again.

  • Juan Quintero

    Need a way to print from my iPad. Can’t download new version because of storage space. HELP!!!!

  • Travis Crandal

    I would love ot upgrade my sound and headset for quality sound i watch a lot of movies and make phone calls from my laptop and love to up grade.

  • Wendie Madrid

    PRINTER, PRINTER, PRINTER!! Love the way my printer prints but it GOBBLES up the ink and does NOT allow me to get anywhere near full use of all the ink in the cartridges before having to replace because it won’t print anymore! I have my own direct sales business to allow me to work from home so I can be here for my 3 kids for homework,sports, dinner, etc. I use my printer for marketing, labeling and contract purposes as well as my children’s projects and college twins work. So, having to replace ink at $70 each time is getting quit expenses which at times I ask my husband to print items at his work when I’m in a pinch which I feel awful doing. Need a new printer that produces quality prints, in a timely manner and uses the majority of the ink up prior to needing to replace it.

  • Ed Ramos

    I would buy an external hard drive so I would not have to delete things all the time from my small hard drive on my laptop.


    I am having huge problems with my existing computer and need to upgrade..if I received one of the 100 gift cards I can just buy a new computer and printer PLEASE HELP…..since I have been unemployed for a year this would help me with getting back to work since so much is done on the internet

  • Jasmine

    I would love to get my mom a GPS for her car. She tends to get lost ALL the time and its very dangerous to carry her cell phone in one hand and pay attention to the road at the same time. I’ve seen to many accidents due to ” cell phones “. and Id love to make things a lot more easier for my mom. Please & Thank You.

  • Amanda

    I need a charging cord for my video camera so I can continue to record online updates for my family about my Multiple Sclerosis!

    I’m also in the market for a new touchscreen laptop to upload them onto!

  • Seth Rzeszutek

    I would use it to upgrade my router so I can use it for school without a problem. Also, I want to get my dog some new earphones she ate her last pair;)


    need new computer to get back to work..and a printer would be helpful

    the gift card would be a blessing

  • Tracy Porter

    We have 2 daughters heading to college in the fall. I would use the $100 gift card to purchase routers and other laptop acessories to help them get ready for college.

  • thomas spiro

    Print looks bad from new i-pad to new h/p printef

  • Christopher Hollan

    I would get another television as mine has a messed up screen that causes static screen on the top quarter of the screen.

  • Carrie Meyer

    How I would use my gift card to help be able to print from my phone and tablet, along with showing my mom how to use technology on the tablet.

    Carrie Meyer

  • Nancy Glorioso

    Would love to be able to print from my I pad or I phone.

  • Susan Mentecki

    I would use the $100 to get a new router for wi fi. My hook up is terrible.
    Very bad signal along with bad end plug.
    You are the best fir info!

  • Ann Morgan

    If we win we would invest in either networking the computers and printers in our house, or a wireless printer that actually works wirelessly with our phone and answering machine – at Radio Shack of course!!

  • Roxanne Robinson

    HELP!!! The router I received several years ago from Verizon when they started carrying the internet, a long time ago! I have high speed internet but the box is slow speed. One Samsung pad won’t even connect with mine but it does other places so it’s the old worn out box! I use oxygen so I’m stuck at home mostly so I need my internet and my equipment to work! I’m on disability so I can’t afford a new one. Your help would be a God Send.
    Thank You, Roxanne

  • Josephine

    If I were to win I would try to pay for my laptop to b all cleaned out . I have so many problems with viruses it’s so depressing . I have had this laptop so long I wish I could afford a new one but I try to help everyone else and it makes me happy to do that before I do for myself . Thank u for your time and Have a good day

  • ronnie

    My tv fell a couple of weeks ago and the picture is distorted, and just the other day I saw a tv on sale at RadioShack for a little over a hundred. So I’d have to say I’d use it for that.

  • Susan ice

    I would get a wireless router because live out in the middle of nowhere and also a printer because mine seems to be convinced it has a paper jam!! I have tried everything I know to clear it, but my Kodak all in one is just uugghhhh!!! Thank You!! Susan ice

  • Susan Mentecki

    I would use this money to get a new wifi connect!
    My wifi box is shot.
    Bad plug and signal.
    Thanks for all the info you supply us with!!

  • Karen Banks

    My kids gave me a new computer for christmas and its has Windows 8. and I am struggling with setting it up just right. I dont have MS office (which I am very use to) and I am trying to figure out how to connect my kindle, transfer documents, and organize pictures. I need an external hard drive to save all of my pics that I have taken of birthday parties, family events, travels etc.
    I love my new PC but feel very challenged.

    I would use the gift card to help purchase MS office and a extrnal hard drive and that cable to connect my printer to my kindle and pc



    Karen Banks

  • Tracey K

    I want to go wireless so I need a router. I am so tired of connecting and disconnecting the laptop and desktop to the one connection. Invariably, I disconnect one computer get everything up and running and I then need to access something (file, program, etc) on the other computer. Sounds like it isn’t an issue but when you have a slow motion laptop that takes forever to connect and get running the last thing you want to do is have to disconnect it once it gets going.

  • krystle Anderson

    I have 4 printers and 3 of them I picked up along my travels. None of them work now. Im not sure what’s wrong with the one I used to use regularly but it now doesn’t print. It turns on but the paper that comes out is clean. And there’s new ink in it! Also it spats ink occasionally inside the printer. Its a mess. I also would like the print wirelessly but I’m not sure I’m able to.

  • Christine

    I would use it to help me purchase a touch screen computer at radio shack.


    I would use my $100 RadioShack gift card toward a new notebook. My notebook mini will not charge, even after purchasing a new charger. I really need it to search for housing with a deadline of June. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Dave Von Hegedus

    I need a way to do a wireless printer for the whole house hold. I would talk to a Radio Shack salesperson to find out what would be the best way to accomplish it.

  • Amanda

    Samsung NP900X3E-K01US 13″ Notebook

    Enough Said!!!!!!!!

  • Shontoya Robinson

    My computer has been sitting in storage since 2010. FINALLY I get my belongings out and hook everything up come to find out everything is outdated. I bought the computer in 2007 so it’s a Home vista premium and is completely outdated……its running extremely slow because the fan in the modium is so sticy and caked up with dust its barely spinning . I download a new printer because my system was outdated and that wont work either….the memory is full of I dont know what…I would use Radio Shack gift card to update my computer……

  • jack quinn

    I would use the 100 dollar gift certificate, to upgrade much needed hardware. To enhance my online experience. there are a number of things ,i would like to upgrade, too many to mention and more than the cost of the gift certificate ,but ,any and all helps to obtain my goal . Many thanks to Radio Shack for their generous offer ,and giveaway you guys rock!!!! Sincerely Jack Quinn

  • Maria Wright

    Hello my problem is that I have printer that supposedly is wireless well I cannot get to work. I have a iPad which I can’t print to the printer. Maybe I just need a printer?

  • Jody Peden

    I lost my job and two weeks later my computer caught a nasty virus. I used my savings to fix the virus and it now takes anywhere up to 5 minutes to boot up. I would use the gift card to help clean up my computer and purchase a virus protection.

  • deb

    I would use the gift card to fix my desktop it freezes and shuts down after just a few minutes. There never any extra cash to do it and with a gift card it will get done i know there obsolete now and should use it towards something new but that’s what i like and sure do miss it

  • James Haggerty

    Hopefully it wud be enough to get me a new screen for my Toshiba Satelite which was broken when I was helping my neighbor when her dogs began to fight and they knocked the TV stand over causing my laptop to fall over putting a pretty nice crack in my screen. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU.

  • Jeff

    I’d use the money toward purchasing a new gigabit router that supports the 802.11ac wireless standard for my home network. I would like to have the capabilities to setup a NAS without being limited by the sluggish 100 megabit per second transfer rates of my current router and the even more sluggish 54 megabit per second of my 802.11g wireless standard router. Having a NAS setup like this would allow me to consolidate my storage and backup my data to a much safer location.

  • gabriella padilla

    i would use the radio shake gift card to go towards getting a new printer and laptop that i could use the printer wierlessly without having problems cause my current printer does not work and is not wireless and i cant set it up with my current laptop wirelessly with my printer so please help me caues i use my printer a lot for college and right now im without a working printer so i hope you ppick me thansk

  • Sheryl Edwards

    Like Alana I also have a serious photo organization problem. With my son’s wedding coming up soon, I will be taking lots of photos. My son & fiance have already said they want me to provide some family photos! HELP!!! I would use the RadioShack gift card to tackle this problem!

  • michael nagengast

    I would use the hundred toward getting a new phone my old phone is ready for the trash heap

  • CharityS

    I could really use a new router. I’ve had this D-Link router a couple years, and you can really tell it’s old.

  • Darena McDonald

    Currently my laptop stuck in a endless restart and repair loop. I just don’t know what to do.

  • Michele Green

    I’ve spent 100’s of dollars on earbuds/headphones and STILL searching for the perfect pair! They’ve all failed me. I had wanted a pair of beats by Dr. Dre, but after a trip to a RadioShack in WI, I changed my mind. I was talking to an associate and he told me Klipsch were better. So, I grabbed a pair of earbuds on clearance and I LOVED THEM!!! 5 months later, they’re garbage, and I’m bummed….I can not live without my music. Not even sure if they can be replaced because I didn’t register them. SO! If I win $100 from my goto place for my electronic/ tech solutions, I will continue my quest(will it never end?), and purchase yet another pair of earbuds and replacement foam ear cushions. Yay!

  • Victoria currie

    I would use it to get my laptop all the way up to date, ( lord knows if need it bad ) look into buying a new printer to go along with my up to date laptop. And that Will be an awesome birthday and Mother’s Day gift to me. To get my laptop running like new again.

  • Ford Eaglin

    I am a 76 year old, long time viewer of channel 5 and I look forward to Rich DeMuro’s
    segments. I have a newer computer at home and would like to have an inexpensive
    internet service but everything I have currently is with AT&T and they do not have internet available for my home location in the El Sereno are of Los Angeles. I also have an issue with my new color printer/fax machine. No matter what I do I can’t fax out or receive faxes
    in. Can you help an older man with a more modern situation?

  • Alvin

    I would use the gift card to buy replacement parts for my 4 year old netbook…. that still has Window’s XP (=_=;)

  • Roger Perkins

    I’d use the gift card to buy a ultra quick hard drive swap unit to transfer data from one hard drive to another without having to open my computer case. Once the external hard drive is full, I’ll just drop in another drive and I’m off saving info again.

  • claudia M

    My Router is old and outdated , it keeps dropping me off the Internet constantly <— Nerve-wracking :( I need a good Router bad !

  • Jess

    My personal laptop (purchased only 3.5 years ago) has some sort of wiring/connection problem between the screen and whatever goes on inside the laptop. I can’t use my laptop unless I use one hand to continuously press on the lower left hand of the screen – otherwise, the screen freezes and the computer stops working. Sometimes if I manage to hit the sweet spot JUST right, I can use my laptop without having to press down on the screen… but then I have to be careful not to move my laptop even in the slightest (to plug it in, insert a USB, etc.), otherwise it freezes again. I dread having to use my laptop because it can take up to half an hour before I find the “spot” before I can even use it. So I also don’t back up my photos and files as often as I should or would like to. A friend told me he could try to take apart my computer to find the faulty wiring, but there’s a good chance that he could damage it permanently and I could lose all my files in the process. Please help :(!

  • Deborah Jones

    I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and I have a very slow desktop, I’m sure it’s because it’s SO OLD, so I will use the $100 to purchase a new laptop. I will be able to work more efficiently at home.

  • Melinda

    I need another external hard drive… and truth be told, I am going to need to buy a new laptop before much longer!!!

  • Audrey

    I am a single mom with 1 college student and 1 high school student. We are in dire need of a laptop for my high school daughter. I would use the $100 towards the purchase of a her new laptop. She will be 16 in June and I would LOVE to surprise her with a cool, sleek system for her very own!

  • Kiva Lee

    I would use the gift card to purchase a camera! I’ve been illegally holding on to my mom’s camera for several years. The bad thing is that whenever she asks for it I can never find it or its full. I should probably get several memory cards as well!

  • Ashley Reynolds

    I would use $100 towards a new lap top!! I have an I pad and need a lap top!

  • Rolinda

    I would use it to get my 3 grand kids there frist computer

  • raina

    I’d use my $100.00 gift card @ radio shack for a new 10′ tablet!

  • Dawn Vincent

    If I had a $100 gift card, I would use it towards upgrading my 9 year old laptop. It is pretty outdated but it is what I have. I have donated all of our older computors and older laptops over the years to Goodwill and technical schools and can’t wait till this one is on the donate list!

  • Kimberli Robbins

    I need to recover and organize photos.

  • Anna Berry-Toliver

    Just recently my laptop started acting crazy. I can’t log onto any sites. It plays music like a radio or soap opera or something. I have never experience his before. My laptop is a Toshiba, I’ve only had it for two years and it has windows XP. If you could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


    Anna Berry-Toliver

  • John De La Paz

    If I got $100 Gift Card . I would purchase a External Hard drive to store all my photos and music that is taking up so much space on my computer.

  • Carole Fortenberry

    We need a 4 port switch, to add a device in our son’s room. THANKS!

  • Nez

    I’m a college student. I would use the Radioshack gift card to replace my old printer, which is starting to show its age.

  • Elsa Torres

    The internet on my phone comes and goes. It’s a coolpads. Is there anything i can do to my phone.

  • sandra webster

    My tv has red going thru it. I dont always see this outlining while I’m viewing, but when I do its very distracting. My son says it’s probably the cable that came with my tv. Is there a large difference in the performance of a tv with a costlier cord? Would I need a different one for HD? I would use this gift card for a better cord to hook up to my tv.

  • Lauri Grenner

    Hello! We got our Dell desktop computer in 2004. It barely works. Now it seems to have lost its connection with our Canon wifi printer and we can’t get it to work! We also have a Dell laptop that we got in 2008, which is also old. We can’t print from that computer, either! And we would love to learn how to transfer information from the Desktop to the laptop. We can’t afford to buy a new computer or hire someone to do this. Thank You!!

  • Lauri Grenner

    I’d use the gift card towards ethernet cables, etc, that we need.

  • Kaylene Fetzer

    We have 2 adults and 3 teenagers in our house and although we all have smart phones we only have one computer. We would use $100 toward the purchase of a laptop or tablet so there is not the evening scramble for use of the computer for school and work

  • Melissa

    I would use it toward the purchase of a new computer. We are a family of four with two teenage boys. Our only computer, an old Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows XP, no longer works.

  • john knight

    Lack of storage on all devices in need of MicroSD & SD cards as well as USB drives which are all at the shack.Please help!

  • Jeff

    I’d use the card for a Actiontec Wireless Signal Receiver so I can watch the KTLA Morning News every morning in our kitchen while I make our kid’s school lunches. I don’t have the capability to do that now.

  • rodger taysom

    I have soo many registry errors and confusion on programs.My free tech support has run out.I’m just a simple man,not a teck geek,please help.


    I would use it wisely, after doing much research, thanks…

  • Lisa Grassetti

    I would like to get rid of all those cordssssssssss omg so many cords for everything! Plus I could use more memory in my electronics they are so slow from not having enough space or memory. Please help!

  • Diane Bassette

    Currently my gps went on the fritz!! This would surely help!

  • Samath

    If i win i would use the gift card to buy a battery for my laptop and a memory card.

  • Tamra H

    I would put this towards a tablet, because I’m stick of sitting at our desktop all the time!

  • Betsy Domingue

    I would probably use it for a new phone :)

  • sarah shih

    My laptop runs sooooooo slow!!

  • Michelle (@MewzMe2)

    My tech woe that needs solving is my Ipad 3 that is not charging up. I need help Radio Shack!!!

  • Shirley M

    I have an old sony laptop computer. I wanted to clean it up, so I ran norton 360. It looked like the scan did complete. The computer shut down so that it could restart.
    The computer made it normal sound, as if it was about to start up, but it stop.
    My computer was working, before I downloaded the computer scan, it’s just it would work for little while, then it would slow down, then freeze. Then I would try and shut it down.

    Not sure if I should get rid of it. I was just going to use it for playing exercise video and listening to music.
    I have another laptop computer that I let my sister use for homework.

    Thanks for information you might have for me.

    Shirley M

  • Paige Johnson

    I am a Masters of Occupational Therapy student getting ready to graduate in 2015. I need an iPad to take on clinicals to assist in my learning because my laptop is too big and my student loans will not allow me to purchase one. Thank you for your consideration!!

  • Nick

    With a Radio Shack gift card, I would get rid of the mess of cables connecting all my devices and to go wireless and manage my cables

  • Virgil Boyd

    With $100 gift card from I could complete hardware and software overhaul on multiple Desktop computers. (i.e. New sound Card, increase of memory, and new windows update.)

  • Sarah

    My laptop makes really loud whirring noises when it is turned on. It is beginning to fall apart. I would put the gift card towards buying a new laptop.

  • derek bankston

    i am 45 yrs old and disabled. my wife lynda and daughter are both college students. our computer is out of date but i keep it running for them. i would use the 100.oo to upgrade our system. PLEASE HELP…….

  • olufunke akinsinmide

    I will like to use my gift card for radio sharks products.

  • Beth Batten

    I would use the g/c towards a new laptop! Mine is so old it’s running vista! Lol

  • doris henderson

    i would love to have my computer my brother took over a year ago to fix for me fixed. but everytime i ask him theres a program he has to buy for it .i even told him i would give him the money for it but he keeps saying he will get it.i have enternet and i have to use a old cell phone witch the battery in my cell hardly keeps a charge . we have a school labtop but there is only so much you can do on that and i need to give it back to the school if i win i get a tablet or at lease a battery for my old cell phone Thank You for your time

  • melissa kirk

    I would put it towards a new printer. Mine is old and work when it wants to.. my daughter could use the printer for all her school work..

  • Jalen

    Well I have an old busted HP laptop with windows XP I use for my personal use. Its sitting on its last legs (barely works) It shuts down constally. And at the moment I can’t afford a new one, so this would help me out a ton. And I wouldn’t have to spend more yhan my budget.

  • Robin Emerson

    For a long time I have had a problem with my PC running really slow and the internet is not working really well. I brought my PC to a profession and they costed a arm and a leg.

  • Marissa Lynette

    My gaming headphones broke yesterday :( Totally need a new pair!

  • Jessi Moore

    I was actually trying to get on this website with my phone but ended up having to use my boyfriends phone to get on here so Ide use it to buy a new phone!

  • April Pullins

    If I received a $100 gift card from Radio Shack I would like to purchase a new photo printer or a few items to help upgrade my home entertain system.

  • Cherilynn Enoch

    I have a wireless printer and a old computer and i would use the gift card to upgrade my computer or toward the purchase of a new one

  • Marcos Zavala

    I would most likely use it to solve my air printer.

  • judith buxbaum

    I bought the new Samsung s5. I cant get on the Internet. I have no connection. I have wi-fi at home. Please help.

  • Mary Erdley

    I need an external hard drive to back up my old computer before I loose all my pictures and family information.

  • Shatona Baker

    I an old computer that has windows 2000 on it my mother gave me this computer and it is the only computer we have in the house my husband I was able to get us a HP deskjet 1000 printer for our anniversary the printer works pretty good although it uses a lot of ink and rest assure our computer is very old but I’m happy with having some kind of technology in order to do my day to day work and to print out documents for the children. I run a in home daycare where I print out activities for the children to color and to play but the printing is quite expensive. I live on a budget so I will use the Radio Shack gift card to buy ink for my printer or to even upgrade my printer to something much better that is less comsuming on ink perhaps some more RAM for my computer since it is low in memory I will also need a new Mouser for the one we have seem not to work quite right

  • rita patterson

    I would use it to upgrade mycomputer it is really slow and don’t know why, and I have a lot of pictures I would like to save on it would really be nice

  • Gary

    My LCD screen on my T400 Lenovo laptop was broken on the right side on Easter by a child on that day. I would use this money to buy a laptop or an external hard drive to back it up. I’m retired and don’t have a lot of money for this. I’m putting one daughter through college and another in private school and a son who is handicapped I’m taking care of.

  • Venice Gardner

    My computer’s drive will not open. As a result we can’t use it because we are not able to install virus protector or other programs. So our computer has been sitting there for months. The kids can’t wait till we fix it so they can get back to their games. So that’s what we would use our $100 on. Thanks.

  • crystal allen

    i have an old emachine & my computer is super slow especially when i am on facebook. can you help me to speed it up?

  • crystal allen

    i would use the $100 RadioShack gift card to help speed up my emachine. thanks

  • Terry Jones

    I would use the $100 to buy an external drive to back up my devices and to store and organize my pictures. I have pics on a desktop, a laptop, an iPad, iPhone, and 5 or 6 SD memory cards that came out of our camera. Please help!

  • Judith Oziminski

    I am a 73 yr old & not real computer literate. I have an 8 yr old tower (Dell) and am running Windows XP. My computer has started freezing up and running really slow. I use it for Facebook (I am sort of a lurker), I check my bank account, use Ebay occasionally and some email. I don’t know how to erase Cookies or how to clean up my system. HELP PLEASE!

  • Jerome clayton

    hi im paralized and dont have tech support id use it for home base storage device instead of flash drive

  • Su Gustafson

    I’m also a musician and could really use this for a new microphone, wind screen, gooseneck…and on and on.

  • Tracy brewer

    I have 5 family members. Videos &’music taking up space on all. I’d really love to get a server set up with that data on it. So we can all free up space on our iPads and computers.

  • Quiana Turnage

    I would use my gift card to replace my battery for my laptop as well as the laptop cord that plugs into the wall because it no longer works. Or my best bet is to buy an $80 tablet. Thank you radio shack, you’re the greatest!!!!! Now I can stop paying overage charges for using my internet on my phone. Thanks again :-)

  • Bik Q Ng

    My laptop keeps shutting down on me and it pops up a warning about hard drive problems. I never experienced this before, I would use the $100 RadioShack to buy a new internal hard drive.

  • Kat

    I am having trouble with Cloud print. Time for a new printer I guess.

  • shay

    I would use the $100 towards updated software for my lap top. Like Norton and editing for when I start up my YouTube channel

  • Quintin Lumpkins

    Hello, my name is Quintin L. My wife & I bought our 1st computer back in 2004(I think). & of course it’s very old an has stopped running as we would like. As w/ everyone, times are hard so we haven’t been able to upgrade it. We now have an 10yr. old daughter who’s starting to do more homework on the computer. So if we did win, I would put it towards a new computer.
    Thanks Q.

  • patricia vollmer

    I have a very, very old Vz Premier hard drive that has Windows XP and is very slow. I haven’t been able to do Microsoft updates for a few years and now that Microsoft support has terminated, I don’t wan’t to use the computer. Really could use a new laptop with lots of downloads!

  • Nupur kesarwani

    Radio Shack guess what i put the charging on and forgot to remove it now the battery dead and cursor not moving :( #fixitfriday Need to take my Laptop to Radio Shack.

  • Christopher Monday

    I would use the 100.00 to put towards a new phone, I am still using the original Iphone 4, I could really use an updated phone

  • Brandy

    I would use the money towards a new tablet, I finally was able to get one about 6 months ago and one day little yorkie jumped off my bed onto my nightstand and she landed on my google nexus I had and shattered the screen. I think I would really like to replace it. I loved being able to lay in bed at night and mess around with the tablet.

  • Greg Philippe

    The gift card would go towards a surveillance system

  • LaTanya Coleman

    I would use the $100 RadioShack gift card to buy a wireless router for the house. It would make sharing the printer, etc easier.

  • Alicia

    If i win the $100 gift card i would use the money to buy a video camera to record myself to see just how much time i spend on the couch, or surfing social networks when i could be at the gym, spending quality time with my kids or doing homework! Or recording my son…he’s 5 going on 15, memories last a life time!

  • Elizabeth B

    I have to literally BEG my iPhone to charge! Every 3% increase in power results in a “this accessory is not supported” message so I have to finesse my VERY genuine iPhone charger just to get a few more percentage points in battery power. Yes, this started just after a year of ownership. In short, I need help with getting a new phone!

  • Ursala McDonald

    I have a desk top and I need to have a back up, but I don’t know the first thing about getting a hard dive to have an back up. please help. I will use the gift card to buy a back up device.

  • Irene Lee.

    Im 52 yrs it would b nice to have a giftcard or a free reburbised laptop for mothers day iwrk hard EVERYDAY but cant affoord b able to email family look at movies..things i c ppl do on tv i would it wit my daughter an my grandchild.plz bless me wit one even a good used one .we will b grateful.. thank u..

  • Stan Little

    hey brand new hard drive for more storage space

  • Ron Morrow

    I would use it to help with an upgrade for my phone! I’m already 2 generations behind and somehow my phone knows it and seems to keep attempting suicide. I try to be considerate and not talk crap about how terrible it runs these days and how it used to be slick and shiny and non-bloated when we first met but it’s hard when I get caught staring at the new models…my phone may be old but it still has two cameras and catches me all the time. It’s probably watching me type this now! If so, don’t take this personal, I still love you and enjoy all the times we had together even if you got upset and deleted all my saved pictures off my SD card or keep denying me access to some of my favorite apps. I just want you to be happy and comfortable and I think you would be better off in the big refurb in the sky.

  • Suzi

    I would like to organize my photo files, as I saw you do for Alana on the April 25 segment of Fix it Friday. To do so, I would use my Radio Shack gift card to purchase a Toshiba Canvio 1 TB hard drive.

  • Denair Harris

    I would use it to go towards my PS VITA game collection or headphones for my wife.

  • Dustin

    The $100 RadioShack gift card would go towards a printer/scanner. My old, outdated one broke two months ago and I have been mooching off my brother. I don’t know who’d be happier if I won, my brother or me. LOL

  • Andrea Marino

    I love to use lots of tabs at once, and no matter how much memory or fast my CPU is, it always runs slow, what so you suggest?

  • will Montgomery

    Really could use it for a new dual band router from the shack!

  • Michael Orick

    I’d get a Modem & wireless router. I think that’s what I need to get on-line…

  • Iva Farhani

    I will use the $ 100 Radioshack gift card for buying Microsoft Office software for installing to my laptop. I really need it microsoft word and Excel.

  • Damian Solorzano

    I will use it to help my mom fix her computer and buy extra material for the printer such as ink and paper and also if I still got anything left ill buy my mom some headphones so she can watch her videos with out waking up my baby sis

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    I want to fix my laptop screen because my son stepped on it and it shattered

  • jamarius

    I would us the money to Update my pc drivers so that I can run applications that will make my work life alote easier.
    Or I will use it to add money to it and just finaly buy a new pc. My family has been beging me to get ride of my old pc and upgrade to a new one.

  • Joe Garcia

    Awesome Segment! I’ve been needing a laser printer that I can setup wireless with mine and my wife’s computer, i would use the card to get that done.

  • Joe Garcia

    I would use the card to get a new printer that I can setup wireless with mine and my wife’s computer.

  • jim michalsky

    I have a Samsung Dart phone and a Dell desktop (Demension 4600) The phone is the only thing that works sowould use the gift cert. as a down payment on something. I just turned 69 (4-23) and with only Social sec. and a small VA check could use anything.

  • Danny Garza

    I need a like a range extender to get a better WiFi signal through out my house.

  • Steven Aderman

    I’m in a long distance relationship so I’d use it for a headset and camera to video chat with my girlfriend ^_^

  • Alex John

    I am ready to move to a Laser printer because the inkjet printer we share with my two kids and for the whole house, we are always running out of ink or if we don’t use it much, the ink dries up

  • Rose Staley

    I would use it toward the purchase of a laptop. My current laptop is 6 years old and very slow.


  • rishi

    Will use the money to buy an AirPrint enabled printer plus a blue tooth speaker

  • robert warren

    Love the segment….i would use the gift card to up grade my cell phone the one i have is 5yrs. old and i seriously

  • Natalie Vasquez

    If I won a 100$ gift card I would for sure upgrade my laptop. I constantly struggle with connection and virus issues. Every time I try to take an online test or course my laptop freezes! Uggh so frustrating. I haven’t upgraded due to not wanting to spend out of my budget. So please help!

  • Natalie Vasquez

    I would use a gift card to upgrade my phone! I am constantly made fun of because my phone is so outdated!

  • Traci Crawford

    I would use the $100 gift card to help purchase a new phone, mine is almost toast.. I’ve had “cheap” fixes done to it numerous times but I think it’s at the end of the line. And it’s hard not having a trustworthy phone you can rely on. And it would make it easier to keep in touch with family.

  • Bryan Woodson

    I would use thenradio shack gift card to buy a digital converter box or a streaming device. I just moved into a new house in January after being robbed and right now all I have is a box ancient box tv! So I have been without tv for several months!!! Help me out Radio Shack! Pick me!

  • Teena Christmas

    Would love to win radio shack gift card.

  • Jocelin Knight

    I would use it towards replacing my broken iPOD. Please & thanks

  • Cindy Hancock

    I would use the gift card to buy a weather radio to keep up with this unpredictable Indiana weather, THANKS!

  • michelle oakley warner

    i would use gift card towards a new laptop, my laptop is an old acer and i so need a new faster computer to help with my technology needs

  • jesus a

    My asus laptop has a broken screen and I was trying to put it on ny tv screen but can see noting now I cant go jod hunting if I win I wiuld like to update my laptop thank you for this opportunity to win

  • Dena Campbell

    I REALLY need a decent modem. I sit in the same room with the modem from my cable company and am constantly getting a “your internet connection is unstable” message both on my phone and my computer. I lose my internet multiple times a day and have to unplug it, reset it, etc… The company has checked everything and can’t find anything wrong. However, it was suggested to me that a better modem would solve my issues. Please help!

  • leslie pryor

    I’m trying to setup a baby room surveillance and audio system for our newborn, but need alittle financial help.

  • Lorraine Mumaw

    I need an external hard drive to back up my information but because I’m unemployed I cannot afford anything good. I would use my gift card to buy one.

  • Lorraine Mumaw

    Other folks have the same issue I gave. But I am unemployed and need an external hard drive. I would use the gift card to purchase one. It maybe an easily solved issue but not if I don’t have the funds.

  • Tony Lombardo

    I would use the gift card to buy everything I need to fix my wireless problem I’m having in my house. That probably won’t be enough so I would be more than happy to shell out what ever it takes to have my house be wireless with plenty of reception.

  • Alana

    I can’t seem to handle the sound of the headphone cord bouncing while I work out so I don’t go to the gym since I can’t work out without music. If I had the $100 gift card I would buy wireless headphone or earbuds so I could work out again!

  • Veronnica Perez

    I want to fine battery or memory for laptop

  • Veronnica Perez

    My computer is running slow can’t afford a new one

  • Stephanie

    I cannot keep track of all my contact information and things to do. I recently missed my mom in law’s birthday because I forgot to check my google calendar and somehow didn’t get the reminder – big no no on the in law front ! Husband is no help. Can technology save me?

  • stephen radford

    I would use it to boost my WIFI strength to cover my front and back yard including all over the house

  • Veronnica

    How do you know if you have a virus my computer very slow lot of the time I can’t use it. Please help me

  • Lucas Iraheta

    Hello, I have a 4-5 year old HP Laptop that freezes and at times doesn’t allow me to get online. The scroll pad is chipping and it does weird things when im typing or navigating. I’m currently unemployed and need to use a computer to search and apply for jobs. I been having to use my phone and it takes me much, much longer to apply and upload Resumes and cover letters. If I win, I will fix my Laptop.

    Please help me,

    Lucas Iraheta

  • Hubert

    I like to collect old broken electric toys especially remote controlled cars or planes. I do my best to fix them up and I donate them to local orphanages. The happiness that crosses their faces is priceless so it doesn’t really matter how much money I spend with these repairs.

  • Helen Hines

    A Tablet For My Daugther

  • samuel smith

    Need wi-fi in our house can’t afford it on a set income

  • Dawn Luko

    My granddaughters would really appreciate one if those wifi extenders for our house. They live with me and always complain about NO SERVICE! Idk….IM OLD SCHOOL! HELP US

  • Dibble

    I am not sure how I would spend the gift card. I am watching “Fix It Friday” for the first time. I went onto the website to see other fix its. I want to get a WiFi range extender, a new way to back up my photos from every gadget I have and I want a Samsung Galaxy phone, since I am not do for an upgrade on my phone and my phone doesn’t ring. I have to keep it on vibrate all the time. How pathetic. Thanks for all the new tech ideas. My husband may take the credit card away though.

  • Sara-Rae

    I would use the prize money for a few wi-fi range extenders!

  • Brian Richardson

    I would use the 100 dollars to get WiFi extender

  • Steve Dadolf

    I would use the $100 Radio Shack gift card to get a wireless wi-fi camera to be used to remotely monitor my front step for packages when I am not at home to receive them.

  • Ramona

    If I won the gift card I would also work buying the right equipment to store all of my pictures. I have pictures since my son was born. I would hate to lose them as well.

  • Jahmel

    I would use it towards an HTC ONE (m8) best phone on the market right now!

  • Pete

    Totally boosting the wifi signal with a repeater.

  • clara guerrero

    Would purchase a wifi extender

  • Janice Alvizu

    I would purchase the extender

  • Danielle L.

    Put it towards a new Virgin Mobile cell phone.
    My husband had to give his iPhone back to his workplace so I gave him my old Android phone.
    He can’t stand it or figure out how to make it work.

    We can’t afford to buy a new iPhone for either of us, but I’m sick of hearing him complain and bang on the phone like a caveman.

  • Susan Snow

    I would use the $100 to purchase the extender, we are having a lot of problems with wifi strength and with17 items trying to access the wireless we are having problems.

  • Debrah Lauritzen

    Watched WGN and I have wireless issues ! I looked up the Amped Wireless extender and I really need help! This would be used for this item!

  • William Baber

    I would use the gift card to help buy a range extender so I can install it at my church. We are having problems with the wireless signal. We need to get the signal up for all the members of the church to be able to get internet access.

  • Rosaura Gamero

    I would use it to buy a wifi range extender.

  • Anthony Bianes

    I’m so glad Rich from Fox5 shared today’s tech fix-it. We are currently having the same problem with our Wi-FI. I’d like to use the $100 RadioShack gift card to purchase the Wi-Fi Extender to solve our problem. Hope I win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Laura Robison

    Put it towards a new tablet my laptop is on its last leg. I use my laptop daily.

  • Donna

    I would definitely use it to purchase a Wi-Fi extender. I just saw Fix it Fridays for the first time today and it was so informative and entertaining. I recently moved into a bigger house and I am sick of dropped calls and slow internet. I didn’t know that such a device existed! Thank you!

  • peggy ostrander

    I have a Toshiba thrive 10 in. Tablet. My grandson dropped it and cracked the screen, it still works and its really slow. Thanks

  • Nora Moreno

    I have never been able to connect our printer to the computer. We lost the CD. Friends have made me copies but it hasn’t worked. I have a daughter in high school and a son in college and they either go to the library to print their work or write it themselves. Help!!!

  • Julio Zepeda

    I live in a back house where I have a smart TV but the wifi signal is so week often times my Netflix will not load. I will use the gift card to buy a High power wifi range Extender and Rich demonstrated on today’s segment.

  • JoAnn Ackley

    I would use it for the WI-FI extender or a wireless printer for our home business.

  • Donna Campione

    I could use that $100 to Put towards upgrading my very old laptop which is helping me to find a new job. Don’t go on me now dear computer, I need you!

  • Robert Stokes

    I would get my back up external hard drive fixed. I have a lot of information on it that I really need to access. I had it looked at and was told it would cost alot to retreave my info off of it

  • juan Ramirez

    I have a big problem with the wifi. I go into different rooms and I get no internet .I have this problem for 1 year and 1/2. I need a wifi amplifier, I cant afford it right now . hurt my back at work so money is pretty tight. Thanks

  • Maria Cervantes

    I would spend it on a wi-fi transport for fast internet that I do need this one.or get a new desk computer.

  • Andy Bernal

    I want wifi extenders!

  • Edward J. Fleury

    I’d use my gift card to. Get a new tablet, my Lenovo is so beat up the keys stick on the on screen keyboard, and the Lenovo people can’t seem to fix it. The screen flashes and flutters whenever I try t fill in a form, it’s getting too hard to keep up. Help!

  • xochitl

    I would use the gift card to get my mom a new laptop for mothers day because hers is brocken.

  • Lisa kettelkamp

    My family fights over internet connection. We have tried several different providers but we live in the antelope valley so signal strength in an issue. We were told we need a signal booster. Thanks the Kettelkamp family.

  • Patricia Scott

    I need serious help. My U-verse Internet service is wacky-wack-wack. It is slow and frustrating. I don’t complain to my Internet provider anymore because I was told that I’m so far away from the tower is part of the major part of the problem and my WiFi is horrible most time it looses connection. I really need it to work no matter where I am in my home. My desk top computer has a DVD Reader/writer but it keeps telling me that something is missing that won’t allow me watch or burn a DVD. I started writing on a book that I want to get restarted on but my small work space is drowning me at this point……I can’t BREATHE. Will someone please throw me a life preserver…….I’m dog-paddling & back-stroking cause my legs has lost their ability to kick…….HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • chris eckenrodt

    my ancient desktop monitor AND my year old samsung gs2 cell r both on the fritz! I can barely see what’s on my monitor. Maybe a tablet with Office instead? But my phone is a whole nother kind of nightmare as I had to warranty out the first lemon ( just cudn’t take it any more!) just prior to end of warranty. Not before the recommended MASTER RESETS! u lose so much stuff! What a mess! It only made things worse! I will LIE and BEG if need b in order to never do that again. Now It rings n logs calls when it wants! I cannot trust it! It will change screens without being asked. I am not tech savvy ( can u tell?). A simple transfer of cell phone photos, to my desktop, will always include another 1000 web images my phone managed to suck up along the way! I can’t possibly b the only one with these issues! Can I? RICH! RADIO SHACK!! SOMEBODY!! PLEZ HELP!!

  • anwlaw

    After having to live in a hotel for months I really could use this gift card as the internet is my main outlet to the outside world. I tend to be a hermit because I just don’t have the money to spend after the hotel rooms.This gift card would be so helpful to replace a cell phone that has not worked right from the beginning but could not return it or buy something different.

    Love your segments Rich!

  • Marion Schack

    I really need HELP I have lost my homepage need to backup and to add to all this I have low vision so I need someone to help me. I may need several things but with low vision for me it is impossible to seePLEASE PLEASE RICH COME AND HELP ME AND OTHERS WITH LOW VISION WILL ALSO BENEFIT

  • Patrick Duvall

    Thank you for a great segment on KTLA. I have poor wireless and would use it to extend my range.

  • Sandra Jenkins

    I would use the gift card to fix my WiFi range with the extender you sub-just and get a new antenna for my TV since my family stream a lot. We have the Chrome, Amazon TV, Roku, Kindle and my Sony Blue-Ray and since we don’t have cable anymore we need the up grade. With my grandson coming over to visit a lot i need something that entertains without it getting stuck when he’s here with me. Please help!!!!!!!!…….

  • Novella Murrell

    I would use the gift card to buy the largest cell phone to see better because my windows phone my daughter bought me is broken my health isn’t good and my large phone was stolen it would be nice to reach out and talk to my relatives in Chas SC

  • sonia bartee

    I am using to routers in my house because internet keeps dropping per charter you can go buy a router for 200 dollars. but they stated you can have to routers in the house and it may have we have 2 routers so i have 5 on on router and 4 on another and single is still no good. I will try a range extender. I am paying to internet bills.

  • Max Johnson

    We have really bad wiFi signal issues, so I would use a Giftcard to buy a WiFi extender, which would hopefully help to fix the problem!

  • Novella Murrell

    I would buy the largest cell phone available that was stolen from me so I can get back in touch with my only relatives in Chas SC that I miss right now the phone that I am using cuts off on me cant receive all calls my grandson dropped it and this is what I would do to reach out and talk again


    I like so much to watch your news about
    technical problems and how to solve it.
    Very interesting and a lot of knowledge
    and fun. Thanks Rich.

  • Eugene Jeff. Jr

    As a former homeless(recently) U.S. Veteran having newly acquired residence where I possess no Tech, I’d like to have the means & opportunity to bridge the digital divide between myself & the balance of humanity by owning a Samsung Tablet,or ASUS Laptop,or even a Samsung Galaxy Series Smart Phone.

  • jennifer jansen

    I would like help cutting the tv cable. I would like to use something like RokuStreaming or FireTV.
    I have older analog television set.

  • Taylor mische

    I would give it to my mother for Mother’s day and help her get a new router in her house hers is broken and doesn’t have the money for a new one

  • jeff campbell

    I would love to extend my WiFi to stream music everywhere.

  • Dan

    We are the last house on the link that feeds our DSL. THe company tells us that the signal can be pushed only 18,000 feet, we are just over that distance. We can’t even get 1 m signal. There’s got to be something out there that can help this problem.

  • Simon Sioni

    I would use the gift card on audio equipment for my TV and computer system. I would like an improvement since I am an audiophile.

  • Darnell M. Davis

    Today’s segment ‘Fix it Fridays’ helped my household. We have an office area where our garage used to be. This is where the desktop computer, printer and modem is located. My son and I both have laptops and phones that need WiFi connections. If I win the $100 Radio Shack gift card, a WiFi Range Extender!

  • Nancy Reimer

    I have weak and slow internet and it does not reach my bedroom of a less than 1200square foot house. I would like to get a wireless extender to boost or extend the internet just like Rich Demuro showed on Ktla Thanks

  • Brigette Barron

    How do you get all the wireless devices to receive a good signal from our router. Most of the time they do not receive full bars so apps will not load fully. Even when when I’m in the same room as the router.
    Very frustrated in Brea
    Help please!

  • Elisia - Pasadena, CA

    OMG…our 1962 house is lathe & plaster. It is “L” shaped with the most rooms being on one side of the house in a row. The cable signal can barely travel through the walls. Most times it doesn’t. Sometimes we get better reception if we put the wireless thing up to the windows, lol. We have tried various cable services to no avail. They tell us to do this, and to buy that, unplug for x seconds, turn off (count to x) blah blah blah. We have to take our laptops and phones closer to the room with the modem to try to catch a wave. A wifi extender would be greatly appreciated. I am disabled, my mother is almost 80 y/o, and my daughter is working on her law degree. The signal doesn’t even reach my grand daughters room. We would like to actually use the internet signals that we pay for. The Radio Shack gift card would be used to buy a wifi extender.
    Thank you

  • Patrick

    Having just ONE backup is not enough. There should be another harddrive as well, one that only gets connected when new backups need to be added. Have a full collection of past picture treasures on DVD is also a wise move. Better would be, multiple full collections on DVD and distributed between family members.

  • Jacque Benjamin

    We have the worst reception in our appointment. I would get a better tv antenna and a wifi transponder.

  • Clara Z.

    I live close to hills and reception at my house is bad for phones and Wi-Fi. We start going into the kitchen and we start losing bars from the WiFi. And from or phones, my husband and I have a boost Mobile Warp and don’t have any signal for calls. If we won the $100 dollar gift card, we would buy an amplifier for but our WiFi and phone as well.

  • ChristyWard

    I would definitely purchase the wifi range extender

  • Kelli Hogan-Flowers

    Hi Rich! We recently moved to Oak Hills (right at the top of Cajon Pass) and discovered after we moved in that there is NO fiber optic. We are coming from a house that had lightning fast FIOS and now live where the only internet options we’ve found are phone line or satellite based. We tried internet through our satellite provider, but it doesn’t support streaming, online gaming, or downloading much of anything.

    Right now we’re using our cellphones for everything, but that’s no way to live.

    Rich, we need your help!! My husband and I are both teachers and we need to be able to work and take classes from home. OK. Let’s be honest… I need Netflix and my husband needs to blow stuff up in Call of Duty! Help!!

    Kelli Hogan-Flowers

  • Lynette Kain

    My family and I desperately need a wifi extender to boost the signal in our house. I am currently bed ridden due to a foot injury and the signal from our wireless router does not always reach the master bedroom. Plus when more than one of us in the family use the internet, especially in the evening the signal seems to become weaker and weaker. If my family and I were to win the $100 gift card we would use it to buy the wifi extender so my husband, daughter’s, and I could use the internet no matter what room we are in.

  • Rich Gasperi

    I need to replace my graphics card in my PC which died on me months ago. And to upgrade my Fathers PC which is uotdated & barly working.

  • Jeremy

    With a $100 Radio Shack gift card, I would surely buy a new wireless router that would actually transmit my wireless signal at home more than 15 ft. I’ve wasted money on a series of wi-fi extenders that seem to do nothing but transmit empty ghost signals that won’t allow even a simple e-mail to load. The plug-in wi-fi extenders might as well act as dummy transmitters to deter bugs and critters from coming into my house. So, ok, yeah, they do serve a nice purpose: faint night lights. Please bestow upon me a gift card so I can make my wi-fi life right again.


    I’d use a RadioShack giftcard to add time to my ATT Go Phone.

  • david

    my son and I love watching you rich on tech my son is going to be 14 and loves the way you explain the new technology

  • Angela Vazquez

    I could really use a wifi and cell phone extender. Our house is made of concrete with a lot of rebar and our signals get lost throughout the house.

  • Melissa Weist

    Iphone wi-fi broke a year ago. Been getting along just fine, but it’s time for a new iphone. However, I have to be able to download my text messages first. There are treasured conversations that I just cannot part with. I heard there is an app that will help get iphone texts downloaded, but I have no idea where to start. I would use the $100 to update my laptop from Vista and add in Word and Excel. If I can download the text messages off the ipone, I would probably need Word too. Please chose this pregnant mommy of a 3-1/2 year old!!

  • Li

    I need better WiFi connection in the house. Not sure if I need a WiFi extender or a better router

  • Julia Bradley

    My laptop needs a new battery. I am not sure which one to get and where I can find the best prices for one.

  • jenay

    I would use the gift card to replace my tablet that is currently broken.

  • Habiba

    Family would use the winnings toward iPad purchase for my niece who’s having heart surgery soon and be in recovery for a few months.

  • Donnell Jones-Craven

    Help! We need i phone 5c covers. We’ve had searched online only to be sent the wrong cover that only fits the 5 and 5 s. We’ve tried our local Wal-Mart which is always out of stock. We would like to find something sturdy especially for our 13 year old daughter.

  • Joe Palomino

    Would use to get a WiFi extender to stop my devices from constantly dropping from the WiFi even after the security encryption changed for speed. Or just get a new WiFi router

  • Trelon Scott

    my mom just got the Galaxy s5 and i would use the money to buy her a new case for her phone so she dose not break it and what ever is left i would buy me a case for my iphone 5s…fingers crossed

  • Kim Shultz-Rainford

    If I won a $100 gift card, I would replace our aging Radio Shack headphones (we have 2 sets that have been repaired by duct-taped) with an item I saw on the Tech Report: a new remote that we can hook earbuds directly into – so the TV will not bother the kids while they are sleeping!

  • Shelia bell

    I need a remote control that I can use for the living room, bedroom, DVD player, dvr. Instead of three or four different remotes

  • Gayle Ferona

    I need an all in one remote. Our directv remote is being held together with duct tape on the back. The other two remotes, we keep losing in the couch cushions and my husband keeps threatening to tape a large paint stick to each one so they don’t get lost. Thank you

  • Kenneth Bruce

    I am in need of a new laptop. I would use the $100 gift card towards a new laptop.

  • Shelia bell

    I need a remote control that I can use for the living room, bedroom, DVD player, dvr. Instead of three or four different remotes.

  • Michelle Smith

    Increase my Wi-Fi range.

  • Desiree Hartman

    I would use the $100 to get back yard speakers to listen to quiet music in the morning before work

  • Darryl Fletcher

    I would use the gift card to buy the much needed wifi extender to boost the signal in my home as well as a couple of hdmi cables.

  • Jessica

    I would use the gift card to probably buy better headphones that can drown out my annoying roommate. They could’ve come in handy this past semester. So then I won’t be faking when I act like I can’t hear her.

  • Melissa Cowans

    $100 could help me fix a tablet that I have for my little one. cracked screen and now the charger is broken so I cannot charge it anymore. with him switching between my husband and my cell phone, it is hard at times.

  • Nathan A. Dixon

    In our household we would use the $100 gift card to make our wifi stronger and do something for our kids after 18 months of unemployment.

  • Mike

    I need a new camcorder for my church for recording and posting online the sermons.

  • Shelia bell

    I need help with my wifi. My bedroom laptop, tv, iPad have a problems staying on my wifi.

  • lisa miller

    I have trouble getting good tv reception without having cable service.

  • Sharon Goodwin

    Wireless hp photosmart wont print, maybe a router problem? Connect my phone to tv so I can hear tv better without disturbing others. I have hearing loss.

  • Steve Taylor

    My phone contract is up in November. The phone I have now is on its last ring when it rings. Nothing works on this phone and it is hurting my business. It would be wonderful to own a dependable phone!! Thank you
    P.S. Radio Shack is like a toy store for grown ups.

  • adelle vandervelde

    We live in a rural community. We are trying to turn off satellite and go with hulu and Netflix or something like that to get our t.v. from. Not sure what all we need as we would like to be able to get a local tv station for news. So……this could really come in handy to free us from our Direct tv bill :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Oscar murillo

    Our house is running slow on wi-fi,and we need a good wi-fi router to fix that.I’m getting tired of my laptop saying lost connection on steam and my phone not allowing me to use google play because of connection timef out.

  • Scott

    Always needing extra storage, flash drives for files to move and save files for students at school. I am a high school English teacher and many students simply cannot afford the most basic computer needs.

  • Robert

    I do have some out dated technology that I would like to update. Watching these shows lets me see how I can advance easier. I like the WiFi extendor as we have a big house and the sgnal gets weak out in the main room. I also would like to get a better all in one remote. There are a lot of things I could do with this, the hardest part would be deciding which one to go with.


  • Bianca

    I would use the $100.00 to get new controllers since I have the same problems as the lady on tv and I will also upgrade my old wifi box since it only works if literally your right next to it on the floor lol

  • darryl robinson

    Would like to find out how to learn more about hand free devices.tired of holding phone to my ears.

  • Cheryl

    With a $100 gift card, I’d replace my husband’s very obsolete Logitech Revue with something newer. Watching him try to use it is just sad.

  • Raul Rodriguez

    I want to change from cable TV to “free tv” by installing an antenna based system. I would use the gift card towards the cost of an antenna, TIVO system to record programs and a new Roku box to access movies.

  • Yuliana Espinoza

    I am having issues with my laptop. It over heats that causes the fan to make a loud noise and the screen is giving out as well. I get a glare once in a while on my screen that does not allow me to view my whole screen it gets pixelated. I need to fix my laptop as soon as possible I use it regularly for my school work.

  • Sheila Clark

    Need hands free device.

  • Lyle Larson

    I would use gift by a entertainment center

  • jonathan flores

    My Xbox Wireless Adapter Broke. I Am Forced To Play Offline Since There Is No Available Ethernet Cable Long Enough. Either Or Would Solve My Problem. Xbox Without Internet? Might As Well Cal Me The Caveman.

  • Raul Rodriguez

    As a retiree, I want to save costs by moving away from cable TV to an antenna based system, like in olden days. Would use the gift card to purchase an antenna, a TIVO digital recorder and a new Roku box to stream movies.

  • Steve Holzhauer

    Hi, I am having a tech issues with multiple remotes I could help with. I thought I was giving a great Christmas gift to the family with new t.v. and sound bar, until we started using them. The three remotes needed don’t work together and are a pain daily. Help! LoL Thank You!!

  • Carmen Mendia

    I would use a $100 gift card from radio shack to get my dad & mom in order. They got pictures on a 8 year old lap top and two other hard drives but so many of them are doubled and tripled. So I need to sort and store and learn to get them off the old hard drives.

  • Matthew Dickerman

    Everyone at Radio Shack have always been very helpful when I have “sticky tech” issues but this request is not for me but for my wonderful and loving girlfriend…With the gift card I’m hoping I can finally fix one of the issues she has been putting off due to lack of funds…She has a land-line telephone that for some strange reason does not keep a charge and/or will drop a call because of faulty wires!! She uses it for work and more often than not POOF the call drops…If you can help me help her It would be a huge stress relief for her and would score me some points ;) I normally would just go buy one for her myself but I have been out work for the past several months. She has been completely supporting me financially (and emotionally) so this card would mean more than just a more reliable phone for someone but it will bring a little sunshine to the most amazing woman I have even known…No worries if we do not get selected I’m sure the others deserve it just the same and thank you for even having this giveaway!!

  • Cece

    I need to organize my school work and a pastry chef student which includes recipes, power points, pictures, term papers. Between laptop, iPhone and camera

  • Keith yancey

    I would use the money to get a faster computer and fix the spoty wifi

  • cynthia graham

    what I would do with the $100 dollars gift card would use it to purchase a much better phone from radio shack., The telephone I purchased from virgin mobile is not the phone I really wanted this phone I have has given me so many problem drop call . lost text , I can not use certain apps, I cant get utube.,, I am so so limited using this phone I bought from virgin mobile. I would walk into RADIO SHACK WITH A SMILE AND EXACTUALLY PUCHASE THE PHONE THAT I REALLY WANT. A better phone from radio shack..

  • sue

    Would get batteries for our remotes that tend to die and we never have back up. Get up to date software for our laptop. :-)

  • Angela Delaney

    I would LOVE to be able to watch my own cable from anywhere with a new slingbox! I hate when I’m away from home, especially out of town and can’t watch my own T.V. while away. There’s nothing like watching your own programming!


  • Howard Johnson

    Is there a bluray players that I can record stuff off the internet and place it on a bluray disc. How much are wireless router and I’m looking for one that I can connect it to my cable provider

  • Steve Livings

    I enjoy watching Rich help everyone with their tech problems and I would love to win a gift card at Radio Shack!

  • Joseph lugo

    I wish i could get rid of all my cords evrywhere and i always have a dying battery on my laptop

  • Celyn

    I love all the info you give! Bought a Lexmark printer because of the super inexpensive black ink cart but it is an awful machine! Customer service is terrible! :) Wish I could afford to get another printer.

  • Cat S

    I would use the gift card for a smart phone upgrade :)

  • Kenny Shijo

    I would get a new cell phone. I have an ancient flip phone but I’m too cheap to replace it because it still works…barely.

  • Efren Corral

    My WiFi is horrible, I need Rick to fix it for me. I need one of those transponders.

    Efren Corral.

  • KarenJarrell

    My I-phone doesn’t shut off with button all the time only when I drop it will it shut off with button. It is one of the originals, I like it but sure could use an update.

  • Bernadette manalo

    My google tablet not charging at all

  • Diana

    ALL of my equipment is OLD….my Mom just died, I got laid off late last year and cannot afford to update any equipment. ANYTHING would help….and a $100 giftcard from RadioShack would be a great first step!

  • Karen

    I’d buy a sound bar as I’ve a cheap tv and the sound is tinny.
    Thanks for all the great info that you provide..

  • deborah reed

    I would use the $ to help with replacing an old dvd player

  • Jon gardner

    I would use it to replace our families tablet. A few weeks ago our home was broken into. The burglars stole our flat screens. The kids PS3 & WII….. but worse then anything…… Our tablet. It wasn’t the best on the market, but it meant THE WORLD TO OUR 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHO WAS CRYING FOR 2 DAYS CONFUSED WHY SOME INCONSIDERATE PERSON WOULD STEAL THE ONE THING THAT MADE HER HAPPY….. THAT SHE EAENED FOR HER STRAIGHT A’S!!!!! :'( She would take it to school and allowed her to fit in and feel accepted with the kids who are more fortunate then us. I recently lost my job and haven’t been able to replace any of the items….. But worst of all that tablet is all I’d use the $100 for. To put a smile on my daughters face after watching her cry and continuously ask WHY SOMEONE TOOK SOMETHING SHE EARNED! This isn’t meant to be a sob story….. But we had no insurance for our belongings. So it was a complete loss! It would truly be a miracle to replace the one thing that made a hard working, beautiful girl I’m lucky enough to call my daughter happy!!!!!!



    • Julie Messenger

      That TRULY is a sad story! No child should have to deal with that and you truly do sound like a father who cares and loves his child! I really hope RadioShack reads and considers comments such as yours that is so heartwarming as a father wanting to do for his child. AMAZING!


      God bless!

      Julie M

  • marnetta bante

    my daughter is always losing all the remotes and then we have to spend time hunting for the dvd, vcr, tv before we can watch anything. next you can be watching tv and the picture goes haywire. you spend time moving the tv antenna around and nothing works so you have to change the channel. what more can i say

  • Barb McShane

    I would use the money towards a laptop or tablet so I can trash my twenty plus old computer that runs on window platform so old it’s not even recognized more!

  • Edward Harrison

    It takes two remotes to watch a movie in my bedroom. I got two remotes and a button box for my kids to watch television and play games in our living room. Most days it takes a little while to find one of the remotes to play the game,watch a movie,or even turn the channel. I would use the gift card to possibly get two of those universal remotes.

  • Kevin Hall

    I’m trying to figure out my wi-fi. It does not work through out the house very well. My wife likes to play on her iPad and some how messes it up. I need a booster I think like I saw in your show.

  • Jacque

    I would use the gift card to get a new laptop for my twin boys who are now freshman in Highschool. They are both in advanced classes and need to have a way to access websites and the schools online courses.

  • Harold Wyrick

    I work swing shift and need to have a way to watch tv when I get home early in morning

  • kelly

    I would use the gift card towards a new laptop computer!

  • Tod Riebow

    My son and I have a rare form of muscular dystrophy. At times we have problems typing, so we would use the gift card to help finance some voice command software to make working on the computer easier.
    My son is a junior in high school. He works very hard on his studies and is an outstanding student. He plans on attending college to earn an engineering degree in electronics with an emphasis in robotics and animatronics. It is very difficult to provide for my family while struggling with a neuromuscular disease. The cost of technology updates at times are unreachable for us. I look forward to opportunities to apply for grants, scholarships, and contests to help supply some of our needs. Thank you for the chance to apply for this gift card giveaway.

  • Jacque

    I would use the gift card to get a new laptop for my twin boys who are now freshman in Highschool. They are both in advanced classes and need to have a way to access websites and the schools online courses. One is taking engineering and the other is focused on broadcasting and was chosen as the Anchor for his schools TV announcements at his school. It would be awesome if they could have their own laptop.

  • kelly

    I would use the gift card towards a lap top computer!

  • kevin bright

    I need to trade in my astronomically high cable bill for a roku or similar set……..

  • Jan Tubbesing

    I need a new remote for my TV. Lost the one for the TV. Saw your Tech Report on channel 11 in St. Louis, MO
    You solved the customers problems with your visit to her.

  • Debra Stacy

    My daughters labtop will not work . She is lost without it.Started from factory added security and won”t accept password. Payed good money for her Labtop please help. My computer got hacked again and it affected hers due to home network…can you please help also her Mp3 is not working and need to purchase another short in connection. Shes 17 and lost without her music videos…

  • Roberta Keys

    I need to know how to back up my pictures then have the nerve to remove them from my computer. I save everything and do not know what I need and do not need.

  • Miriam Beacham

    I will use my one hundred dollars to buy a range extender like you just mentioned. They cost about one hundred dollars.

  • Albert Pryor

    I have 2 old, used desktop cpu’s(towers)[a 1998 Sony Vaio, a 2004 Dell small form factor] and one old, 2005 Acer Apsire laptop that all have been used by me over the past 8 years. They all run XP and have lots of bookmarks, links, and documents I’d like to store for future retrieval, along with photos and video. For that I’d like to get one single external hard drive to put them in one place, plus space to transfer from my current Win7 Ultimate desktop, made from some spare parts a friend of a friend put together, as its small(80GB) memory gets full. I wish I could get whatever external drive that you have that can contain all of the above. If not, then whatever you have that could be covered by your $100 gift card.

  • Michele Loper

    Working out is soooo boring! I would like something to listen to and I’m sure there are gadgets out there. I haven’t shopped for anything but that’s what I would look for, some type of headphones.

  • Brian Jones

    With a $100 gift card from RadioShack I would buy my own modem so that I will not have to be charged from the cable company anymore its a great way to save money every month & what ever is left I will buy some walkie Talkies for my 4 year old daughter she like playing with them

  • Teresa DeBoe

    Hello. This segment was terrific. The remote information was needed because I just lost mine for my tv last week after owning this tv for at least 8 years.

    I would purchase a new remote and possibly new memory for my laptop.

    Thank you for your so needed reports.


  • andrew j baran

    I need to get rid of at&t phone/dsl service, & keep My comp. How do I do that ?

  • Whitney slatter

    I would use the gift card to either buy a couple of different phones cases for different uses.. I need to find the toughest phone case because my 17 month old daughter has a habit of throwing things… Ive had to replace my phone 3 times in 2 months because the cases I had came off when she threw it. I would also try to get maybe a roku or some type WiFi or internet service since I don’t have any

  • Molly Hiller

    I would definately purchase a new remote. I never have any idea how to turn on a dvd or vhs with my old remotes. I also have seen acid from the batteries leaking out.
    I would also upgrade my wifi router. It is ancient!

  • Jackie

    I would use the gift card to replace outdated equipment, including the DVD/VCR combo player that my dog constantly plays with (he has learned which buttons to nose to make the tray go in & out!). I’d also love to get a Roku & a faster router so I could ditch my cable provider.

  • Elizabeth Poindexter

    I have cable, internet, a telephone, a CD player…I’ve got LOTS OF WIRES AND CABLES!!! I am disabled and unable to get down on the floor or up on a ladder to do ANY organization of these WIRES!! I would use the RADIO SHACK GIFT CARD and the help of all of the GREAT TECHS to organize these wires! I would be able to get rid of,”The Octopus in my outlets” that scare me CRAZY!!! I REALLY hope that I can get some HELP! I would contact Rich and ask him if he would give me some advice on how to get my devices to do more with less devices! I LOVE RICH and I LOVE RADIO SHACK! My birthday is May 26th. I think I’d be a Jazzy Great-Grandma with a new set of “Beats by DRE” headphones! That was just additional thought for a birthday gift or early Christmas gift! It did SNOW in Chicago today and HAIL here in INDIANAPOLIS! GO INDIANA PACERS!!!

  • Terry Mann

    Currently I am watching tv with a digital box and has very bad reception. I can only get a few channels, I would like to purchase something that would give me more options an more channel’s. Or
    purchase s labtop.

  • Will Spragg

    I would use the gift card to purchase a new phone or accessories!

  • Dawn Guthrie

    I would use my gift card towards a new projector for our house. We like projecting movies onto our garage outside and simulate going to the drive in. Ours is a dinosaur and our sons are coining home on leave from the Air Force and it would be great to have an old fashioned movie night with a better projector. It makes for great family time and our neighborhood get togethers. We all pitch in and bring popcorn, candy etc. In a world that is so tech driven it is nice to have family time at the driveway-drivein!

  • cynthia graham

    after my phone was hacked I had to purchase a phone that was not as good as the phone I had. I had to get a cheaper phone and all the calls are dropped and the app are not working as they should. I would love to walk into radio shack and get one of their good employees to help me choose a wonderful phone that would suite my needs …thank you

  • roxane tierney

    i could really use an adreino board kit for my 2 speed motor

  • Kenneth Kerley

    First of all I’d like to say, I love Radio Shack. We have one in our City, but I can’t enter the building because it is not handicap accessible. I have talked to the owner and he has on several occasions met me outside for my purchases. The next nearest store is about 40 minutes away. I visit when I am in that area. I would love to do a few things. The first being able to operate all my electronics with one remote. Much simpler than using four or five different ones. Second I would love to organize and hide all of my electronic cords. Recently placed my television on the wall and I am now the proud owner of the biggest mess of cords you have ever seen. Lastly I would like to be able to plug everything I have in my television without having to take something off to plug in something else. It is very hard to get to and I am scared to death that one day while messing with the television, it will fall off the wall. So if I was picked, one or more of these issues would get addressed. Thank you for reading and for this opportunity.

  • Gloria

    I would use the $100 RadioShack gift card towards the purchase of a new laptop! My current laptop is old. . . I’ve already increased the RAM and the hard drive to the max. Now I understand that Microsoft will not be sending out any new fixes for my Windows XP operating system. I know it is time to move on to a newer laptop even though I’m kicking and screaming to the end ;-).


    I would use the $100.00 to buy my parents a universal remote. I like the one they showed on good morning America. with a touch of a button on the tv remote. a tech comes and helps. something my parents would appreciate when im not around.