New FIX IT NOW Mobile Device Repair Program

We are thrilled to announce that RadioShack is launching a new in-store mobile device repair program at select stores throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and several stores across the country.  We want to conveniently and expeditiously fix common mobile device concerns. This includes shattered screens, port and battery issues, water treatment and additional physical damage.

We are calling it Fix It Now, and it is launching on November 18 in 16 stores throughout the DFW area and 5 more stores across the country on November 25. It will include general fixes to Apple and Samsung products including iPad, iPhone and Galaxy products. Here is a list of those stores that will be participating in the program:

The Parks at Arlington – 3811 S. Cooper Street – 817.468.4463
Dallas Lovers Lane  – 5525 W. Lovers Lane  – 214.358.3892
East Dallas – 5618 E. Mockingbird Lane – 214.826.0180
Oak Lawn – 4402 Lemmon Ave. – 214.526.1741
Richardson – 206 W. Campbell Rd. –  972.669.1210
North Dallas – 6025 Royal Lane – 214.369.8616
South Plano – 3102 W. Parker Rd. – 972.867.1729
North Plano – 6940 Coit Rd. – 972.208.6631
West Plano – 3305 Dallas Pkwy. – 972.378.5251
Frisco – 4710 Preston Rd. – 972.712.2964
Downtown Fort Worth – 400 Commerce St. – 817.820.0741
Fort Worth – 2600 W. 7th St. – 817.885.8658
Irving – 1503 N. Story Rd. – 972.986.6811
Iriving Mall – 3623 Irving Mall – 972.659.1765
Southlake – 2140 E. Southlake Blvd. –  817.329.4533
Denton –  41 W. Universtiy Dr. – 940.381.0117
Design Electronics – 1614 1st Ave NE, Little Falls, MN 56345 – 320.632.1780
Design Electronics – 117 NW 2nd Street Ortonville, MN 56278 – 320.839.3264
Design Electronics – 513 Atlantic Ave. Morris, MN 56267 – 320.585.1923
Perryton Office Supply – 123 S Main Street Perryton, TX 79070 – 806.435.4812
Elem Electronics – 1114 Village Plaza – Columbiana, OH 44408 – 330.482.4859

So, now that you know that you can get your mobile device repaired at RadioShack, be sure to stop by one of the above RadioShack locations.

What is your favorite part of the new FIX IT NOW Mobile Device Repair Program?


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  • JOn

    I love the part where you don’t proofread your blog entries :)

  • Lydia Iniguez

    Are y’all able to repair Sony Xperia Z shattered screen?? If so how much and long will it take??

  • Amanda

    I’d be interested in this… however I can’t seem to get anyone at the Arlington, TX location to answer the phone. Guess my neighborhood local repair business will continue to get my money.

  • Amanda

    I got ahold of your Irving location. Your price is twice that of the local repair shop too.

    • Max

      Amanda, i agree…where did you end up going? Also, there was no “Now” in Fix it….took days.

      • Sam

        Don’t give up on them. I had 3 phones fixed at different times. Each one was fixed in a couple of hours or less. The battery replacement only took that long because the manager was late, and the tech couldn’t leave the store floor until she got there.

    • Matthew Reed

      But these “local” shops usually don’t have a warranty. RadioShack has a 7 month warranty!

  • Elijah Bergton

    Typo: What’s your favorite part of the FIT IT NOW program?

  • Keith Miller Eckert

    I bought a scanner from your Clovis store.No one there know’s how to program it! Please tell me where I can get it programed in either Fresno Calif,or Clovis Calif. I bought thinking you guy’s knew your scanners but I guess not!!!!

    • Sam

      Try googling the name and model number of your scanner. There is probably an online manual for your scanner if you didn’t get one, or lost it or something. Shouldn’t be difficult to figure out.

  • distintsalutir

    How much for 50pcs iphone4g/4s screens?

  • Deborah Montano

    I have a windows phone and I need the screen fixed can I fix it in Pennsylvania?

  • Hector Torres

    Where can I fill out an application to become a repair tech. At Radio Shack? I was talking to an employee at my local store and was told it was coming to my area and I have experience so I would like to apply. Thank you.

  • Steve Richards

    FIX IT NOW Mobile Device Repair Program is now in Eastern Massachusetts in Boston, Gloucester at 4 locations so far here is 2 of them

    Store #01-1101 730 COMMONWEALTH AVE #2 BOSTON, MA 02215
    Phone: (617) 734-5855

    Phone: (978) 283-3040

  • Paul

    I have a radio shack cat no 12-802 pocket radio. How to I program it

  • Sam

    Price was great. It didn’t take too long. I’ve had 3 iphones repaired at the Burleson store in the last 2 weeks, including a shattered screen replacement, broken top button, a battery replacement, and repair for another phone that was dropped and stopped working. All are now working great.

    There is no link to the Fix It service on the main web site

    I had to type “fix it” into the search bar to find it. The “Find a particpating store” feature didn’t work with Windows Explorer, “error on page”.

    It DID work with Firefox. It used to not give you anything if there wasn’t a store in your zip code. Now it gives you all the stores anywhere near you. That’s an improvement. The Apple store is not in my zip code either.

    This is the best thing you’ve done lately. Let people know about it.

  • jerr

    Need to know when you are opening a Fix It store in Fort Lauderdale, Fla ?

  • Richard Powell

    I have a iphone that wont take a charge or boot up. Can it be fixed?

    • Matthew Reed

      Yes it can! Sounds like the charging port. Pricing depends on which version of the iPhone you have. Should be around $50 or less!

  • christian

    what is the price of a I phone 4 repair for the front screen only

    • Lizzie Maldonado

      Hey Christian, pricing varies, so your best bet is to give your local Fix It Here store a call here. Best of luck, thanks for your interest in our Fix It Here program, our expert technicians are excellent! -LM

    • Matthew Reed

      The front screen (digitizer and lcd) is only $79.99 and comes with a 7 month warranty! Can be done in a hour or two! Quick service, great price, and awesome warranty!

  • Deborah Sokoloski

    Great service in New York City with Andre the tech and Carlos the store manager!
    Loved the service!
    Quick and easy!

  • Aj Moudgil

    loved the services. Thanks for sharing the information.