25 Places To Buy A PlayStation 4 Bundle If You Didn’t Pre-Order

Have you been looking to get your hands on the new Sony PlayStation 4? Well you are in luck, we saved a few, and select RadioShack stores will have limited PlayStation 4 Bundles starting November 21, when stores open. This EXCLUSIVE bundle includes the Sony PlayStation 4 system, 1 additional Dual Shock 4 controller, PS4 Call of Duty Ghosts and PS4 Killzone. Be sure to visit one of the below 25 RadioShack locations to pick one up while supplies last.

CAMBRIDGE – 15 WHITE ST. CAMBRIDGE , MA 02140 – (617)492-3170
TIMES SQUARE – 575 7TH AVE NEW YORK, NY 10018 – (212)575-5392
BRONX – 3544 JOHNSON AVENUE BRONX, NY 10463 – (718)432-3041
NEW YORK – 50 E 42ND ST NEW YORK , NY 10017 – (212)953-6050
NEW YORK – 205 WEST 23RD ST. NEW YORK, NY 10011 – (212)924-3054
NEW YORK – 240 WEST 72ND ST. NEW YORK, NY 10023 – (212)787-1413
NEW YORK – 781 BROADWAY NEW YORK , NY 10003 – (212)228-6810
TIMES SQUARE – 1565 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10036 – (212)398-2682
NEW YORK – 2812 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10025 – (212)662-7332
NEW YORK – 620 W 181ST ST NEW YORK, NY 10033 – (212)568-2445
NEWPORT CENTER MALL – 30 MALL DR W JERSEY CITY, NJ 07310 – (201)217-0550
NEW JERSEY – 68 MAIN ST SOUTHAMPTON, NY 11968 – (631)287-5179
NEW YORK – 356 7TH AVE NEW YORK , NY 10001 – (212)244-0567
NEW YORK – 2505 BROADWAY NEW YORK , NY 10025 – (212)665-8307
NEW YORK – 1668 1ST AVE NEW YORK, NY 10128 – (212)426-2160
GOTHAM PLAZA – 161 E 125TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10035 – (212)369-4567
NEW YORK – 319 WEST 125TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10027 – (917)493-7973
NEW YORK – 940 3RD AVE NEW YORK , NY 10022 – (212)750-8409
NEW YORK – 36 EAST 23RD ST NEW YORK, NY 10010 -(212)673-3670
NEW YORK – 180 DYCKMAN ST #182 NEW YORK, NY 10040 – (212)304-0364
NEW YORK – 2268 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10024 – (917)441-3931
NEW YORK – 3806 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10032 – (212)543-3411
NEW YORK – 3547 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10031 – (212)283-2708

SUNDANCE SQUARE – 400 COMMERCE ST FORT WORTH, TX 76102 – (817)820-0741  

 HOUSTON – 6377 WESTHEIMER RD HOUSTON, TX 77057 – (713)781-4042

While you’re there be sure to take a look around, because you will be standing in one of our newly redesigned concept stores! These stores have taken on a new look for what you are used to seeing while it a RadioShack store. Hopefully you will find it more customer friendly and easier to find the products you are looking for.

Also, if you are looking to get your hands on other great games and gaming accessories, be sure to visit us online for all your gaming needs.

*Limit one per customer. Must be 17 years and older to purchase. 


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  • Randell

    Does the online package also include what’s in the in-store bundles (meaning the system, two games, and the extra controller)?

  • Jeff Galen

    I would strongly reccomend against buying a PS4 from RadioShack’s online division. I purchased the “PlayStation 4 Online Bundle w/ Call of Duty Ghost, Killzone” bundle on the 21st at 9:52 and they sold out with in minutes but I recieved confirmation that they recieved my order. I then recieved an additional confirmation of my order a little more than 2 hours later, so my assumption was that I would be seeing my son’s playstaytion in time to have it ready for Christmas. Having neither seen the console nor recieved any updates from RadioShack concerning the delivery, I went to their website to check my order status and it had been cancelled without any notifications being sent to me. I called the support number to find out what was going on and was informed that the warehouse had run out so they cancelled my order. I asked why they didn’t just put the item on backorder and then deliver when the next shipment came in, and I was told that this wasn’t the policy. But great news (said with great sarcasm)…they sent me my notification of my canceelled order after their customer finished my call. I’ve had to scramble to try and find a console so I can have one in time for Christmas, and had I not checked on the order for another week, I would have been out of luck.