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Improving Battery Life on your iPhone Running iOS 7

Apple iPhone fans everywhere are excited about all the new features that come with iOS 7, but some have experienced reduced battery life after performing the update. This is because many of the new features, if enabled, do require extra use of your battery. So, if you feel like your iPhone’s battery just isn’t lasting as long as you’d like, take a look below at some of the iOS features that you can disable for prolonging its life.

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Turn off AirDrop

AirDrop is a new feature added to iOS 7 devices, which allows you to share files with other iOS users on the same network.  AirDrop is useful, but can lower your battery life if left enabled. AirDrop, along with other radios such as Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, can be disabled via the Control Centre, which you can access by swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen.

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Background App Refresh

With iOS 7, Apple introduced Background App Refresh to iOS devices, which automatically refreshes content for apps without you having to open the applications. This is another great feature; however, having multiple applications refreshing in the background can cause your battery life to drain quickly. Luckily, Apple provided us with a way to disable the feature on an app-by-app basis. To do that, simply go to Settings, General, and Background App Refresh. From there you will see a list of your apps and have the choice to either enable or disable Background Refresh.

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Automatic Updates

Prior to iOS 7, users that wanted to update applications would have to open up the App store, go into updates and then press ‘Update all’. Now, applications can be set to automatically update. This saves us from the hassle of having to manually begin the process. Although the Automatic Update feature is convenient, having multiple applications automatically updating throughout the day can also cause your battery life to drain. So, to turn it off, go into settings, iTunes & App Stores, and toggle the ‘Updates’ option to off.

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The parallax view is a really cool feature that causes your application icons on your homescreen to have a three dimensional-like view. The Parallax view looks nice, but also requires more use of your battery. To disable the feature, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, and tap on ‘Reduce Motion’.

Other steps…

Those are the key features in iOS 7 that can cause your battery life to drain at a quicker pace, but there are other general battery saving steps that you can take to better improve your battery life, such as closing out running applications via Multi-Task, lowering your phone’s brightness through the Control Centre, and Turning off Location Services under your privacy settings.

What steps do you take to save your battery life? 


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