Five Hacky Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Halloween is coming soon, and who wants to buy an ‘off-the-rack’ costume? It’s way cooler, and more fun, to build your own costume. When you build your own, you can customize it, and you can also use some inexpensive parts and pieces from your local RadioShack store to add cool lights to really take your costume to the next level. To help you get started, we’ve put together five easy-to-make Halloween costumes below – complete with do-it-yourself instructions.

1. Light Up Hoodie

Light Up Hoodie

We’ll start with a project from our friends at Make – add some light to the night with RadioShack’s new EL Tape. Not only does it look cool, but it also makes your costume easier to spot, so you’ll be more safe when trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. To light up your hoodie with EL tape, simply sew a strip of velcro along the inside edge of your hood, and then attach the other side of the velcro to the back of the EL tape. Add some AA batteries and you’re good to go.

Light Up Hoodie Full Instructions

2. Light Up Fairy Wings

Light Up Fairy Wings

Just because you’re girly, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little nerdy, too. Our Light Up Fairy Wings project is perfect to spice up any costume with wings, be it a fairy, ladybug, or even TinkerBell. You’ll need to pick up some EL Wire from your local RadioShack store, along with AA batteries. You will need a hot glue gun, so be extra careful! With the RadioShack Battery-Powered Inverter, you can even make the lights flash, so it looks like they’re flapping in the night.

Light Up Fairy Wings Full Instructions

3. Magic Wand

Magic Wand

Getting slightly more complex, any costume is instantly made better with a light-up magic wand. This one’s easy to create, but will require a little more creativity. You’ll create a simple circuit by attaching hookup wire to the leads on an LED, and then run that through a regular drinking straw. Use a hot glue gun to attach the LED to the top of the straw, and then use thick craft paper to wrap the straw. If you want to get really crazy, you can decorate the craft paper to look like a glittery glass wand or a gnarled wooden wand.

Magic Wand Full Instructions

4.  Superhero Cuffs

Superhero Cuffs

As cool as Superman, Wonder Woman, or The Flash are, their costumes don’t light up, which is a bit of a miss, if you ask me. You can easily make your superhero costume even more super by adding these easy light-up superhero cuffs. You’ll need some felt and velcro strips for the actual cuffs, as well as a RadioShack LED and a button battery to light it up with. Once you create your awesome cuffs, simply cut some slits to add the LEDs, and then use electrical tape to attach the battery, and BOOM. Instant cool.

Superhero Cuffs Full Instructions

5. Robot Costume

Robot Costume

Alright, we get it – these have been really easy projects that you could do in your sleep. Challenge accepted. We’ve also put together instructions to build your own ROBOT COSTUME! Challenge extended: Can you build it? You’ll need a few cardboard boxes, some plastic cups, an aluminum dryer duct, and a hot glue gun. Oh yes, and of course, LIGHTS. We recommend the RadioShack EL wire and various LEDs, along with a battery pack, a 9V Recording Module, and some switches, knobs, and wire. Download the instructions below to see how it all comes together.

Robot Costume Full Instructions

There you go – five awesome “Hacky Halloween” costumes that you can make yourself, with some help from your local RadioShack store. If you need more ideas, you can head over to our friends at Make or Instructables – they’re even hosting a contest!

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UPDATE: Congrats to our winners! Soopermareo, Freakstorm, and Fotomom_maryann!


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  • Gloria Gardner

    Thanks so much for your exhibit at the NYC MakerFaire. I’m in my 50s and I always wanted to learn to solder! I stood on line with a bunch of kids but I did not let this deter me and I proudly made my little pendant.
    I’ve recently started to play with an arduino which I bought from you this year. I’m glad that Radio Shack is near me so that I can go to the store and quickly pick up items for my new found hobby.
    I’m hoping that the new maker movement does well for the USA STEM initiative and bring more technology opportunities back to the US.

    Thanks again, Gloria

  • tiffany cheung

    Just entered, fab contest and great ideas!