Top 5 Apps for Fall

Some people call it ‘autumn’, while others say ‘fall’ – either way, it’s MY favorite time of the year, for so many reasons. Mainly, it’s when the weather in Texas cools off finally, and all the leaves start changing colors. You also typically get that great ‘fall’ smell in the air. Fall is also a great time to add some new apps to your phone that are especially useful this time of year. Here’s my Top 5 Apps for Fall, in no particular order:

ESPN Fantasy Football

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Fall = Football for sports nuts across the country, and you’re going to want to keep up with your Fantasy team as much as possible. The ESPN Fantasy Football app is great for this, so you can always know the latest stats for your team, and how the season is going.

Available for iOS or Android



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As fall comes, so does the big eating season, from Thanksgiving to Kwanzaa to Hannukah and more. It seems like for the last 3 months of the year, there’s ALWAYS a reason to have a feast with friends and family, and you’re going to want to store all the recipes that you get in one easy place. Evernote is perfect for keeping tabs on things, and can also help you organize your holiday shopping lists, too. Best of all, it syncs across platforms, so you can create your lists on your computer, and then pull them up on your phone or tablet in the store, if you wanted.

Available for iOS or Android 


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Ok, ok, so Spotify is awesome all year round, but it still deserves a spot on our list. For $10/month, you get UNLIMITED access to their massive library of music, which you can organize into playlists or share with your friends. The offline mode is also great to be able to listen to your music when you don’t have a data connection, like sitting in the hunting blind realizing that you’re probably going home empty-handed anyways.

Available for iOS or Android




In Texas, grilling season actually starts later in the year, when it begins cooling off. It makes sense – the grill is already hot enough, who wants to sweat while you’re cooking, too? As you start thinking up more meats to throw on the coals, the Grill-It app can help you put together an actual plan, instead of, you know, just throwing meat on the coals.

Available for iOS or Android




As the temperature outside drops, you’re more likely to want to go outside and enjoy it. With Fitocracy, you get an extra little bit of motivation to do some exercise, with access to a knowledge base of coaches and experts, along with tracking and a fun badge system so you can compete against your friends (or just random strangers on the Internet….)

Available for iOS or Android

What’s your favorite app to load up when the weather cools off and the leaves start changing?


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  • Carolina Dhabolt

    My husband’s obsessed with fantasy football so you can imagine he has that app. About Spotify, do you get unlimited skips? Pandora does not allow you unlimited skips, not even with their paid subscription.

    • John Greeley

      If I were your husband I wouldn’t be fantasizing about football!!!

  • George R. Cuervos

    Your article has an error. Evernote is not only available on Android and iOS but is also available on BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10. You should mention it. Some of us loyal Radio Shack customers are also loyal BlackBerry users. Don’t exclude us.

  • Scott Smith

    You didn’t include links for Windows Phones. I use Evernote and it is available for Windows Phone 8.

  • w b

    You can say Kwanaza. And you can Chanukah.
    But you can’t say Christmas. Says a lot about where
    your coming from.

  • Judy Darting

    When it cools down, we ride our quads.

  • peter

    Looks nice sounds nice. I noticed u didn’t mention available for Sprint. Is it? If not when?