Top 5 Streaming Music Apps

So you just got this really awesome phone and now you need to find the right apps to make it really your own. Nothing is more important then finding that right music streaming app that allows you to rock out to awesome music the way YOU want to. We have made a list of a few of the best ones that are available. Be sure to tell us which one you like to use the most.



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Sometimes paying for each individual song can be a drag. Then on top of that you have to spend time waiting for songs to download. Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs on your mobile device as well as your computer. As a user you have the option to choose to listen for free, or subscribe to Spotify Premium. Premium is a great option if you like to make your own playlists. You can sync all your favorite playlists to your phone and listen offline or go online and stream anything  you like from the Spotify library. One other cool feature is you can then share those playlists with your freinds!



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For the most part, most of you have already heard of Pandora. It was one of the first personalized radio that only played music you love. How it works is, you type in the name of one of your favorite artists, songs and Pandora will create a custom “station” that plays music that is similar. Pandora is available on your computer or your mobile device. The nicest part is it is fully integrated, so no matter where you log in from you will have your stations available to you!


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Another great music streaming app that is available on iTunes and in the Google Play store is Slacker. This music service has millions of songs available and hundreds of expert-programmed stations. It is available for free or for subscribers. If you choose to subscribe you will be able to enjoy a commercial free experience to millions of songs and albums.


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A great playlist can make or break a party. We recommend you check out the app Songza which is available on iTunes and Google Play. This app serves as your very own music concierge. Depending on what mood you are in or what kind of party you are having, Songza has the right playlist, already created for you. They have several playlists that are perfect for entertaining, and best of all, it’s FREE!


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Grooveshark is an online music streaming service that allows users to stream and upload music that can be played immediately. You can find bands you love and listen to an individual song or to an entire album. If you cannot think of a certain band or artist you love, you can find a radio station based on songs you have already loved.

Which music streaming app do you use?



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  • Jocelyn

    My favorite is definitely Pandora!! Great for finding new music! But I use another one that isn’t as well known called Torch music. It lets you build video playlists and attach everything to social media sites.

  • Jerry Wayne Beal

    I use Pandora primarily but I’m going to check out some of the other ones.

  • Sam

    I used Pandora for a while and I got sick of it being too repetitive. I found this new app for my iPhone called “Ourtunez” and I am really impressed with it. The user face is easy to use and the music selection is really good.