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How to Find your Phone with Android Device Manager

Misplacing your phone is easy to do. All it takes is plopping down on the couch for your phone to slide out of your pocket and fall into the abyss that exists between the couch cushions. So, what do you do once you’ve realized it’s been misplaced? If you’re like me, you’ll panic and wreck your whole apartment searching for it: emptying every drawer, looking under every piece of furniture, and finally flipping over every cushion before actually finding it.

Fortunately, those days are behind us with the added feature of the Android Device Manager. The Android Device Manager is a device locating service released by Google, allowing Android users (running 2.2 and above) to locate, ring, and remotely reset their device from any phone, tablet, or computer. This feature can be used for simply locating a misplaced device or can be used in more dire situations such as for locating and wiping a device that has been stolen.

A tool like Android Device Manager has long been overdue for Android devices. It’s true that similar services have been available for some time, but only through 3rd party applications. These 3rd party apps required Android users to download the app, subscribe to use its services, and in some cases to pay for more advanced security options. Now, Android users can enjoy a free locator and security service that is already integrated into their device.

So how do you set up and use the Android Device Manager?

To do so, you’ll need to enable some settings beforehand. Simply, go to your Application launcher and open the ‘Google Settings’ Application. Once opened, tap on Android Device Manager and verify that ‘Remotely locate this device’ and ‘Allow Factory reset’ are checked. After these options are enabled, you can then log into your Google Account on the Android Device Manager website: Upon logging in, you will be able to locate as well as access security features such as ringing your device (even when set to silent) and performing a remote wipe.

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If you own an Android phone, I highly recommend taking advantage of this free security feature.  It makes locating your phone much easier to do and gives you peace of mind knowing that you still have some control over your lost or stolen device.

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