Top 5 Tech For Your Next Party

Summer is starting to come to an end, but before the winter months our upon us, we want to help you power up one last party. Party’s are all about good times with great friends and adding a little bit of cool tech can turn it into an epic get-together. All you need are a few of the latest gadgets to make sure you next bash is off the hook.

Here is our top 5 tech that is a must-have for your next party:









Music is the key ingredient to a great party and having something great to play it from is a must! The Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker will allow your guests to listen to music without being tied to an outlet. It plays up to 6 hours of music on a single charge, plus it doubles as a speakerphone to take calls handsfree.  It allows the music to go wherever the party goes!

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A great playlist can make or break a party. We recommend you check out the app Songza which is available on iTunes and Google Play. This app serves as your very own music concierge. Depending on what mood you are in or what kind of party you are having, Songza has the right playlist, already created for you. They have several playlists that are perfect for entertaining, and best of all, it’s FREE!









If you don’t have a way to play music at the party, check out the Apple 16GB iPod touch! This device give you plenty of room to store all your favorite songs as well as games and apps! You can also use it to snap picture of all your family and friends that are at the party!










Capturing the moment at ya gathering is an essential part of making a great party. The Polaroid 300 Instant Camera is perfect for that and give anyone a  fun activity for the day. There’s still something exciting about getting an instant print of your photo. If you are feeling really crazy give a camera to several of your party goers and see what they are able to capture by the end of the night.









If karaoke is your thing then the Karaoke USA Portable System is the best it gets. There will never be any down time at  your party when this thing is around. It has an easy to read screen and comes with 300 MP3G songs on disc, but will play any normal karaoke CDG, DVD Karaoke or watch a DVD movie. If you are working to be a professional singer you can sing and record music and your voice onto an SD Card in MP3 format.


What is your ONE must-have party tech?


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