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Top 5 Nerdy Uses For The Big Bang Theory USB Drives

The Big Bang Theory is regarded as one of those TV shows that has made geeks just a little bit cooler than they already were. We know this at RadioShack, and we also know how important it is for toys to be multifunctional. That’s why we’ve just launched The Big Bang Theory USB drives at your local RadioShack store. Now you can have Leonard, Sheldon, or Howard in your pocket or backpack, keeping you happy and storing your files at the same time.

We also know that USB drives aren’t just good for storing a few episodes of your favorite show – there’s a host of much more nerdy things that you could do with these drives. It might also justify needing to have the whole bunch, instead of having to make that painful decision of which character is the coolest.

Here are the top 5 nerdy uses for The Big Bang Theory USB drives, which are available EXCLUSIVELY at RadioShack for a limited time.

1. Boot to Linux

Battle of the Thumb Drive Linux Systems

That’s right – The Big Bang Theory USB drives are 8GB, which is plenty of room to store a Linux installation or three. This is not only a great, safe way to check out Linux for the first time, but it’s also handy if your laptop is giving you a BSOD. Booting into a different OS from a thumb drive can give you access to your computer’s hard drive unencumbered, so you can retrieve important files safely. If you’re new to Linux, LifeHacker has put together a list of the top contenders.

2. Run portable apps

If you haven’t discovered, now you have. You’re welcome. This is a great resource if you just need an app quickly and don’t want to install it on your actual computer. It’s also handy if you use public computers at the library or school, and want to use your own browser and other apps. You can either install the launcher on your USB stick, or you can just ‘install’ the various apps to a folder on your thumbdrive. This solution will also store all of your preferences and private data on the USB stick, and not on the computer you’re using, for extra security.

3. Give your drive a custom icon

Custom USB Icon





This may not save you any time or protect your data, but it’s pretty cool, nonetheless. Here’s the full instructions, but basically, you’re putting an .ico file in the root of your drive for your computer to see. We recommend using ConvertIcon to make an icon out of your favorite The Big Bang Theory character, naturally.

4. Lock/Unlock your computer

If you’re really security-conscious, and don’t want anyone to have access to your computer, you can use an app like Predator to turn your USB drive into a key for your computer. Just plug your USB stick into the computer to unlock it and begin working, and then remove it to lock the computer.

5. Emergency Cleanup Kit

While we all try to be safe on the Internet, the fact is, things happen. You get a virus, or you accidentally click through the installation wizard too quickly and now you’ve got a bunch of spyware/adware. Some of these apps can be downright impossible to remove, with deep claws into your computer’s hard drive. Having some removal tools stored on a USB stick can make it easier. You should definitely have an antivirus tool, like Avira Free Antivirus 2013 (Free), as well as a spyware/adware removal tool such as Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware SE (both Free). Worst case scenario, you’ve got to wipe the hard drive and start over – that’s where Eraser could come in handy.

Bonus: If you just want to use your The Big Bang Theory USB drive to store files, at least use something like Microsoft SyncToy (Free) to make it easier.

These are all great uses for The Big Bang Theory USB thumbdrives, which are now available EXCLUSIVELY at RadioShack for a limited time.

Leave a comment below and tell us what other characters YOU would want as a USB thumb drive!

Twelve lucky commenters will receive a The Big Bang Theory prize pack, which includes a number of goodies, as well as a The Big Bang Theory USB drive of your own!


One entry per person. Contest begins at 11:00 am CST on August 9, 2013 and ends at 1:59 pm CST on August 18, 2013. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced after 2:00 pm CST on August 23, 2013 and will be contacted via email. Prize will be shipped 2-3 weeks after the winners have been selected.

No payment or purchase necessary to win. Neither a purchase nor payment will improve your chances of winning. While you’re pretty cool in our book, you are not a winner of this contest yet. Void where prohibited. Must be a resident of the 50 United States to win. Employees of RadioShack Corporation are encouraged to participate but are not eligible to win.

UPDATE: Congrats to PB, Brian, Seth, Izzy, Peggy, Laura, Jarian, Jack, Jac, Cindy, Mike, and Liz! Check your email inboxes for details on how to claim your prize.


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  • Mary Mitchem

    Where the heck is Raj?! I would totally want Raj, mostly so I would have an excuse to drink. You know, the Raj thumb drive would only work when the user is under the influence. After all, there ARE girls on the Internet ;-)

  • Darlene McNeill

    Not from the BBT but I’d definitely love to see a Sherlock Holmes usb drive!! Lol btw ya misspelled “Twelve”. :D

  • Melissa

    a doctor who usb would be cool!

  • dawn reid the Big Bang drives!! Would keeo my nerdy pics on one !

  • Lud

    I would love a Walter White USB. The whole cast would be cool! I’d store the formulas on it, just kidding!

  • Liz

    I will use it to put files, downloads, and powerpoints on it from my home computer to use on my classroom computer.

  • Mike Petty

    They should make some for Men at work. It would be cool having a Milo USB drive.

  • Darlene S.

    Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones USB drives would be awesome! Nerdy and proud to be.


    Amy fka Blossom

  • Kathy Bennetts

    I would be happy with a Sheldon drive, but PSYCH characters would be fun, too!

  • Sergei

    Love the show. Love cutting-edge technology even more. The nerdier is the better.

  • Jac


  • Jack Rosenfeld

    We need an “ED GRIMLEY” (Martin Short), lol !!

  • Jarian

    What I need is a Dwight Schrute flash drive. I would name all of the files one of the following: bears, beets, battlestar galactica. It would even complement my The Office shirt…and my limited edition Dwight bobble head!

  • Jeff

    When you’re not using them in your computer, you can use them as cake decorations…along with Darth Vader.

  • Peggy

    It would be cool to have some Dragon’s Crown or Castlevania USB Drives. :)

  • Laura

    I just watched the episode where Sheldon meets Leonard’s mother. You should so have one of her as well. Then again, You can’t forget the girls.

  • Izzy

    Wouldn’t mind having a bunch of character from How I Met Your Mother.

    It’d be awesome having a usb key for NPH

  • Hubert

    I would definitely want to see a USB drive of Penny. She’s my favorite character in BBT

  • Theresa J

    I would love some true blood characters

  • Brett H

    You have to complete the set with Raj. Or at least I want to!

  • Seth Emerson

    I would want an Archer USB drive.

  • Brian

    Gotta have Raj & Penny to complete the “original” characters, and then add in Bernadette and Amy to complete the current cast!

  • PB

    Must have Raj! Well, how could you leave out Penny? I WANT THEM ALL! LOL

  • Lukas Perez


  • Kim

    I think that Rajish Koothrapali and Penny need to have their own USB Drive. I know Penny wouldn’t really know what to do with it, I think that she would appreciate that her face was on a product that is appreciated by her “unique” friends. As far as Raj, the Sheldon USB drive is becoming very anxious without Raj but he would be perfectly happy with a Stuart USB. The dynamic of the group is completely off kilter without one or the other. Also, without Raj, you’ve completely broken up the bromance with Howard. It could get awkward either way.

  • nora

    Where are Penny and Raj? I bought Sheldon, Leonard and Howard but I NEED the other two. Maybe in the future Amy and Bernadette to complete??

  • Annette

    Is there a reason Raj and Penny weren’t created? Is this meant to be racist and sexist?

  • Joy V.

    Why was Raj not included? I have the other three, but adorable Raj is missing and I want him, too.

  • Amie Haas

    would love to see Raj, but my fiance and I are wondering where . . . Penny . . . Penny . . . Penny is!?!