The Perks Of HDTV Antennas

You may think that HDTV antennas are a thing of the past, before we had big fat cords bringing cable TV into our homes, but you’d be wrong. Today, plenty of people are beginning to use HDTV antennas to reduce the cost of their monthly cable/satellite TV bills, or even possibly eliminating that bill entirely! The truth is, many people are also affected by cable channel  blackouts, which can happen when a specific channel disagrees with the cable provider on various terms. If that’s you, then an HDTV antenna would allow you to have access to these channels without having to wait for the network and cable provider to come to an agreement.

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There are a number of other great reasons to use an HDTV antenna

  1. Low Cost – The only cost that plays into a HDTV antenna is the cost to purchase and install it. Most of these antennas are around $50, depending on features/range, and once you have purchased and installed the antenna, you’ll get over-the-air channels for free.
  2. Access Anywhere – you can access your local digital TV broadcasts from everywhere. The widest selection does come from the bigger cities, however over 99% of U.S. households have access to at least one local digital station.
  3. Access to Local Channels – Like we said before  many people are being affected by cable channel blackouts or cable providers might not offer high definition. If this is the case, then an antenna would give you access to all your local channels.
  4. Better Picture Quality – HDTV antennas are the best way to enjoy TV programs at the full resolution that the TV networks intended it to be seen. When you get ‘HD’ from the cable or satellite provider, it is usually compressed, and not the full 1080p signal.
  5. Access to More Channels – Some people may even be able to receive out-of-town channels. This could be additional sports programs that might usually be blacked out.

These are just a few of the perks of using a HDTV antenna. You can check out our extensive line of antennas on or visit your local RadioShack store to compare the different models.

What’s YOUR reason for picking up an HDTV antenna?



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  • Lela. Fox

    Are you saying that I would not need the use of a cable company at all and how and who has to hook this up

    • Ricky Cadden

      Lela – that’s correct. With an HDTV antenna, to get your local stations, you wouldn’t need a plan with your cable company. It’s REALLY easy to hook up yourself, too.

  • Chris

    Been looking for a way to get some channels for cheap. Looked into using the clear QAM method, but this seems a lot more legit. Saw these at RadioShack just this past week and wondered about their effectiveness. I definitely going to go this route, and coupled with Hulu Plus, there’s no need to get cable. I’m seriously foreseeing a big change about to hit cable companies since me and an awful lot of my generation aren’t going to pay such astronomical prices for a bunch of channels we will never ever watch like our parents did. :/

  • Cindy

    The picture with the HD antenna is amazingly better than with my HD satellite. We always watch local channels with the antenna. Sports are spectacular.