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Get #GreatGear2Go With RadioShack And Logitech!

Alright college kids – it’s time to road trip back to college, and you’re excited. That’s awesome – we’re excited with you! Now, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when you get back to campus, you’re going to have to do actual schoolwork – we know, not fun. However, RadioShack and Logitech can help make that schoolwork easier with some great accessories for your computer.

We know, you’d rather not think about keyboards, mice, and webcams at a time like this, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re Skyping your study group in HD, with crystal-clear audio on your USB headset, while typing comfortably on your new keyboard and mouse. You’ll be even more thankful when the study session ends and you can crank up the dance party with Spotify on your laptop and a pair of Logitech speakers pumping the jams.

The point is, we want to be a part of your trip back to school, so share it with us and win cool gear in the process!

How To Play:

1. Follow @RadioShack and @Logitech on Twitter (hint: you’ll need a Twitter account – get one here).

2. Tweet us the best parts of your trip back to campus with @RadioShack, @Logitech, and #GreatGear2Go. (hint: this could be a cool truck stop, crossing state lines, or just being holed up in the airport with flight delays)

That’s it! You can tweet all day long, but only your first tweet per day will be an official entry in the daily drawing for cool Logitech gear from RadioShack! There’s also a grand prize, which includes a full setup of awesome Logitech gear!

You can read the full Terms and Conditions here.


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