Top Apps for Back to School

Starting a new school year can be hard. It is filled with new courses, new teachers and maybe even a whole new campus. It is important to be prepared before that first day is here and we want to make it easier. We will do this by making sure your phone is equipped with all the right apps to help you make it through another school year. Check our our list of top apps for going back to school and then get to downloading!

iTunes U













If you are an iPhone user then this app was probably loaded onto your phone when you got it. So no downloading needed. That is one step complete! How the iTunes U app works is it gives you access to complete courses from leading universities.  From free courses, created and taught by leading university instructors, to getting access to course materials, including audio and video textbooks. This app is perfect to give you all you need to be a successful student. It is available on iTunes.

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Going back to school can mean learning about new things – algebra, history or biology. This also means a whole new stack of words you might not have ever heard of. Do not spend any extra time scratching your head wondering what words your professor is using. Download the app and have the definition at your finger tips. It is available on iTunes and Google Play.



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A major part in being a successful student is not just brains and good teachers, but also the ability to stay organized. Evernote is an easy-to-use app that makes this possible.  It helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. You can take notes, capture photos and create voice reminders, so that no thought or idea goes undocumented. It is available of iTunes and Google Play.


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With all of the group projects and papers that come with an education, having a place to share and store these documents is very important. DropBox lets you bring all your photos, documents and videos anywhere and share them easily. You can then access all files that you have saved from any computer, iPhone or iPad. Never again can you say that your  dog ate your homework! It is available on iTunes and Google Play.














So you are finally on your own, having to be a responsible adult which means taking care of your finances. has created an app to make financial responsibility as easy as it can be. It allows you to track your budget, manage money and all in one place! You can add your bank accounts, credit, loans and retirement accounts. It is available on iTunes and Google Play. 


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To most college students, the most important app to making it a successful college experience is Facebook. It is a great way to meet new friends at your university, upload photos from events and see where the next party will be. Not only is it fun socially, but it can be a great education tool. You can set up invites for study sessions and brag to your parents about your great grades on your news feed! It is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Which app is your favorite?


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  • Harmonica Crinkleton

    Thank you for alerting us to “top apps” that have been around for 5 years. How long did it take to get approval from corporate to “feature” these apps?