Galaxy S 4 Active

Testing The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S 4, I was, quite frankly, somewhat surprised that it didn’t have a water resistant nanocoating, like some flagship smartphones have these days. However, a few weeks later, I was pleased to see the rumors emerge of a ‘Galaxy S 4 Active’, which would be a more ruggedized version of the original Galaxy S 4. It wasn’t long before the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active landed on my desk, and I knew we needed to test out Samsung’s claims that this phone was water resistant. Obviously the best place to test this is at a pool, so we loaded up the video gear and headed off to dive in.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active took on the swimming pool like a champ, both with my ‘accidental’ fall, and while I was swimming around capturing videos underwater. The touchscreen doesn’t work underwater – it’s actually pretty much disabled, but the Galaxy S 4 Active allows you to use the volume rocker as a camera button, so you can start and stop the capture while you’re swimming. This is seriously going to be the perfect summer phone, especially if you’re prone to hang out at the lake, river, pool, or anywhere there’s water around. The phone can withstand being immersed in up to 3.28 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, so you can’t take it SCUBA diving, but you could probably take it snorkeling without concern.

We also recommend that you snag an Enercell Portable Power bank, so you can keep going without having to hunt down an outlet, as well as a pair of these water-resistant Philips ActionFit Earhook earbuds. You can also use RadioShack’s Trade & Save program to get INSTANT savings when you trade in your old phone. We do this right there in the store – none of the mail-in nonsense.

Leave a comment below and let us know where YOU would use the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active!


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  • Lorrie Tidwell

    Excellent video with all important details covered. Makes me want one!

  • zacara duncan

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!

  • d

    Did not see him power up the phone after it hit the water.

  • keith white

    Can the enercell power bank be use for galaxy note 2

  • Alan

    The phone says water-resistant and the says water-proof. There is a big difference.

    I saw a blog post today where a consumer bemoaned the fact that Samsung wouldn’t honor the warranty because they said it was resistant not proof, and the damage showed it was used beyond what the phone was designed for.

    So, be aware and be careful, and maybe invest in a truly waterproof case.

    • Alan

      IN my original comment is should be the phone manufacturer says water resistant and the ad from Radio Shack says water proof.


  • Shareen

    You just ruined your shirt dude! But not your phone. Awesome! I want the blue one

  • Montgomery Smith

    Would like to trade in GS3 Red

  • sophie

    i just upgraded to the samsung 4 active from and Iphone 4. I am so nervous about using it. Will it be more complicated to use. Will I be happy with it? Im having anxieties over the thought I might not like it much. I was reading some reviews and now having second thoughts maybe i shouldve gotten an HTC one.

  • Wade Phillips

    How do you change your Samsung Galaxy S4 from swipe to regular keypad?

  • Momo

    I took this phone underwater for a light snorkle in mexico and yes it did break. i got two photos before the screen went out i had it in the water for less then 10 min before i got lines on the screen and it went completely dark. i never tried it in the pool but when i get the replacement i probably wont be taking it underwater again. kinda a bummer because i really thought it was a cool feature but oh well. But everything was fine with the water indicators still white just happy i brought another camera with me or i would be out pictures of my beautiful vacation which would have been disappointing.