Hands-On With The LG Optimus F7

Years ago, there was a stigma around ‘prepaid’ phones only being used by folks who were….well…..up to no good. However, today, that’s completely changed. Prepaid (or ‘no-contract’) phones are becoming the norm, especially as phone prices get lower and the monthly service plans get better, with most of them including unlimited minutes, messaging, and even data! One of these new no-contract smartphones to make its way to your local RadioShack store is the LG Optimus F7 for Boost Mobile. Daniel Silva, Assistant Marketing Manager for Mobility at RadioShack, took the phone to the whiteboard to check out some of the top features:

As you can see, the LG Optimus F7 is no slouch when it comes to features – it has a large screen, fast processor, and great camera. The quick memo feature is really cool, too! Of course, if you want to get the most out of the phone, we recommend the Enercell Portable Power bank, so you can get more power without being stuck at an outlet, as well as the AUVIO In-Ear Headphones for Android, so you can jam out to your favorite songs.

Don’t forget to bring in your old phone so that you can get INSTANT savings with RadioShack’s Trade & Save Program! When you get your LG Optimus F7 at RadioShack, you’ll also get FREE access to our exclusive Mobile Product Support team – this service is only available to RadioShack customers and can help you learn how to use the various features of your new smartphone.

What’s your favorite feature of the new LG Optimus F7 for Boost Mobile at RadioShack?


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  • Kimberly Silva

    The feature I like is when you can write on the screen of the phone. Especially when someone writes “Hi Mom”.

  • Jesus

    Can it tether or become a hotspot?

  • Peggy

    13 hours of talk time is a great feature. How much a month does it cost?

  • Toni

    I love the 13 hour talk-time battery and the 4.7″ Gorilla Glass screen! May have to trade my Samsung Galaxy Rush in for this one (if they’ll take it).

  • Eli

    My most favorite feature is that you can beat it with a hammer and get rid of it. The specs are great but the biggest caveat is that it is LG, which is a terrible company for phones.

  • crystal

    I want to win please.