Top Music Apps for Summer

Summer is in full swing! The temperatures are rising,  family vacation have commenced and great summer music fills the air.  We all have our favorite songs that we love listening to during the summer months. They bring back memories of simpler times and allow us to kick back and relax.

Since music is important to any barbecue, road trip or lying by the pool, we have compiled our top apps to help you take advantage of whatever music comes your way. Take a look at some of our top music apps for summer:













Have you ever been at a restaurant or bar and hear a song and want to know who sings it? There is nothing worse then racking your brain trying to remember the artist and title and having absolutely no idea! This is where Shazam’s genius comes to save the day. The Shazam app allows you to discover, share and explore more music. Here is how it works – when you hear your favorite song on the radio, at a restaurant or anywhere you hear music, open the app and touch the Shazam button. The app will identify the song in as little as one second. It will then allow you to preview or buy the track as well as view extra content. Shazam is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.













No matter what mood you are in this summer, Songza will play the right music at the right time. Whether you are on summer break and taking a sunny stroll or you are at work and feeling confident, this app will pick the right tunes. It is FREE with no listening limits. Their music experts curate playlists and allow the ‘Music Concierge’ to find the right music for you in that moment. Songza is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.













Music festivals are a big part of summer fun and there aren’t many bigger during the summer months than Lollapalooza is Chicago. This year from August 2nd to August 4th tons of music fanatics will be flocking to Chicago to see some of the hottest new bands. From the Lumineers to Eric Church this years Lollapalooza will be a great one. The Lollapalooza app will help you stay on top of all of the action. It gives you the official line-up that you can then custom schedule to best fit your music tastes. Aside from the music staying connected with your friends is a very important part of music festivals. The Lollapalooza app gives you the group text feature, powered by GroupMe, allowing you to chat with multiple friends at once and coordinate which shows everyone is going to see.


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If lounging around the house this summer is the number one thing on your to do list, then Remote is a must! Remote is an app that is designed to sync with your iTunes playlist. You can control and browse your library from anywhere in your home. Here is how it works – with just a few taps on your iPad, iPhone or iPad you can connect to any stereo or computer, and change songs, pick playlists, or browse your entire library. So take a seat on the couch or lounge by the pool  and browse your tunes! It is available on iTunes. 


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Now if consuming music is not your thing, but you want to make your own music, the Ocarina app is just for you! This incredible app allows you to make your own tunes through a very interesting technique. How it works; once you open the app you blow air into your mic to create music. Then you can touch a combination of holes to play notes and adjust the sound. Once you have mastered the process you can share you favorite performances with family and friends via email. It is available on iTunes and Google Play. 

Which of these apps do you already have downloaded?



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  • Shaun read

    Hey check out 8tracks it’s just like any music app but better no commercials you can play songs by your mood and search like and genre you want it’s amazing you can download it FREE at you App Store just type in 8tracks and it’s the first one

  • Elizabeth Murtha