Closer Look at the Auvio HBT6000

Last year, we introduced the AUVIO Bluetooth Portable speaker, which has been incredibly popular. We received A LOT of feedback from you guys, saying you wanted something louder and with longer battery life. So, we introduced you to the AUVIO PBT1000 Portable Speaker. Well now we have taken it up a notch and we would like to introduce you to the AUVIO HBT6000.

This loaf of bread sized speaker is bigger than the PBT1000, however this bad boy is not portable. With its sleek design it will fit nicely on a shelf or near your TV in your home. So, what’s the benefit? For starters, it delivers a powerful sound with 120W of power to fill your room with great sound. The Sonic Emotion technology provides enhanced sound and a 3D-like listening experience. Ultimately taking your listening experience up to the next level of awesome!

Since it is Bluetooth-enabled, you can match it with your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. That way you can jam to Pandora, Spotify or your favorite playlist. Also, if lounging and listening to music is your thing, you can use the remote control to control the HBT6000 from the comfort of your couch.

photo 3


The array of buttons on the top are similar to the PBT1000, including the multifunction button, which can pause/play your music, or answer an incoming call. There is also the skip buttons, as well as volume up and down. The stylized speaker grille on the front give the HBT 6000 a really nice look that allows it to functionally fit inside any living room.

photo 4

We also recommend that you download the free AUVIO EQ app from iTunes or Google Play – this app will allow you to customize the sound and really make the most of your new speaker.

The AUVIO HBT6000 is available TODAY at your local RadioShack store, just in time for summer pool parties. Leave a comment below and tell us how you would use it!


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  • Joe

    Do this speaker come in different style patterns?

  • Joe

    Does this speaker come in different style patterns?


    Will this speaker provide external sound to my Samsung 3D Smart TV Series 5+550 via Bluetooth?
    Is it A/C powered, and can it be hooked up by audio cables?

  • Dean

    Have you had problems connecting a PBT1000 to a HP Win 8 computer. The Bluetooth find the speaker but then it immediately goes offline. Speaker works great with my iphone and ipad.

  • Robert Morgan

    Can I connect this to my flat screen television?

    • Ricky Cadden

      Robert – you should be able to connect it without problem. If your TV has Bluetooth, you can connect via Bluetooth. Otherwise, the HBT6000 has an auxiliary in so you could use a standard aux cable to deliver audio from your TV to the speaker.

  • gus dacosta

    how do i pair it with my lg 980 phone?

  • Ross McDonald

    Hi there how are you? My question to you is can I use my HBT6000 on my LED smart TV? Please get back to me on this as soon as you can it would be very much appreciated thank you.

  • Larry Ricardson

    I have the HBT6000 Bluetooth Speaker. I have a iphone 4s phone. I downloaded the Auvio Eq app from itunes. I can’t get the equalizer to work with the speaker. What is the setup procedure can’t find anything on line to explain how this app works. Do i have to download every song in my itunes library to my phone for it to work. That will not happen, I have over 6,000 songs, all up in the Cloud for me to play. There is not enough space on my phone for all those songs and I want to use the radio apps I have on my phone to listen to music too. Can you help me. Larry

  • Rick

    If my HDTV doesnt have bluetooth, would I not be able to use it as a new sound system for my TV?
    If i wouldnt, what other sound systems does radioshack have that i can listen to music from my phone or Sunday’s game on?

  • Katie

    the speaker works very well when i’m connected via bluetooth with my iphone or with others. my father, who never connected to the speaker before, tried to connect as well with his iphone 4 with the newest version of iOS and it won’t connect. the speaker still works well with everyone else’s phones but his still won’t work. is it a pairing problem? do we have to clear the paired devices on the speaker (and if so, how do we do that)? does it not support iphone 4?