Add a 16×2 LCD Shield to Your Arduino Project

The RadioShack 16×2 LCD Shield is the perfect solution when you need a small display for your Arduino-based project. This LCD shield is fully compatible with the Arduino LiquidCrystal library, helping you program the shield quickly. And to help you save space on your Arduino, the LCD shield features five buttons (Up, Down, Left, Right, and Select) on a single analog input.

The 16×2 LCD Shield is coming soon to a RadioShack store near you and to

16x2 LCD Shield

16×2 LCD Shield

In the files below, we’ve included an example program to help you get started—but it’s just an example. There are all sorts of online resources to support your experiments. For example, while working on the user’s guide, I found a program that made a scrolling marquee, which I then used to display a funny message to my friend Manny.

RadioShack LCD Shield Support Files

What projects would YOU make with the RadioShack 16×2 LCD Shield?


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