Create Messages on the 16×2 Green Serial LCD

Similar to our 16×2 LCD Shield, the RadioShack 16×2 Green Serial LCD offers a compact display for your Arduino-based projects. The Serial LCD connects to your Arduino (or other microprocessor) through ground/power connections and a single-wire serial interface. After connecting it, you can view messages 32 characters at a time on two lines (16 characters per line).

The 16×2 Green Serial LCD is coming soon to a RadioShack store near you and to

2760283 Serial LCD

Serial LCD (front view)

2760283 Serial LCD

Serial LCD (back view)

The following support files will give you all the information you’ll need to get started, including specs, schematics, and a sample program.

RadioShack Serial LCD Support Files

What kind of projects will YOU make with the RadioShack 16×2 Serial LCD?


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