How To Ditch Your Home Phone Service

With smartphones becoming the most used source of communications, be that texting, tweeting or calling, a home phone is becoming less of a  staple for the home. There is a whole generation that may not have used a land-line in their lifetime, but been raised using only  a cell phone.

However, there are still some major features of home phones that make it hard to throw it to the curb. For one, many people do not want to lose their phone number. It is the number that most of their family and friends use to directly connect with them. Battery life is also very important, with the amount of information we are consuming on our cell phones, the battery life can be short. Another reason to keep a home phone around is for the little ones that are not quite ready for their very own cell phones.

One way to ditch that home phone service, save a little money and still have the benefits of the home phone is the AT&T Wireless Home Phone. This little box can go anywhere in the house as well as anywhere with a power outlet. This could be the office or a family vacation on the RV. It comes with a 3.5 hour battery that does not need power. Just plug your corded or cordless telephone into the base unit and you are good to go. It is inexpensive and bills directly on your cell phone bill.

You can check out the AT&T Wireless Home Phone  at your local RadioShack store. Also, for limited time only save $25 when you purchase the AT&T Wireless Home Phone plus an AT&T Cordless Phone in store at RadioShack. We also have the Home Phone Connects for Sprint and Verizon.

Would you make the switch?


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  • rhoda chaple

    I found my weather machine but need a how to book can’t get the time set

  • rhoda chaple

    sorry the cat no. 12255 for the weatheradio

  • rhoda chaple

    I found my weather machine but need a how to book. Can’t get the time set. cat no. 12255 for the weather machine

    • Johnathan Powell

      Push the big red button on the front.
      (You can have the automated assistant walk you through it, but I will provide the shortcut here.)

      1. Press the pound sign #
      2. Then press 7 7 3
      3. Tab
      4. Enter your home number with area code, NO preceding “1” before the area code needed.
      5. Press # * 6231
      6. Listen for the “beeps”…
      7. After the 3rd beep, enter your pin followed by the pound sign or hashtag sign “#”.
      8. Enter the number 1.
      9. After the beep enter 6 then 3 then 2 then one.
      10. Wait for the verbal confirmation
      10a. Then enter ##* followed again by your pin.
      12. At this point you should here a “setup complete” message.
      12. if you do NOT hear “setup complete” then you have done something wrong.
      If wrong. You need to go back to step 5 “Press # * 6231″

      If you are still having issues vist for detailed instructions.

  • Esther A. Viator

    Will they function as land line phones for instance, when hurricane and the cell towers are down?

    • Larry Williams

      I was working in the New Orleans area for hurricane Katrina. During the storm there was the expected power outage. I was communicating with family members in Florida on my cell phone during and shortly after the storm. The cell phone towers have back-up batteries and will operate for power outages. The problem is for extended outages such as hurricanes the batteries get expended and then there is no service, period.

      There is one thing I have learned for a catastrophe such as this, when everyone is in dire need of help, you are on your own. So be prepared is the best advice I can give you.

  • Gary E.

    U should make sure that ALL these phones become or be made to be compatible with different Alarm System formats (languages) such as Sescoa stndrd & hich speed, 3/1, 3/2, 4/1 & 4/2 formats (easist & should work on existing wireless. But the others like Sescoa, Silent Knight, Sia & Contact ID all need to have these phones certified that they are compatible. Many homes have alarm systems & need this land line or alt. comm. route. Just because some have Interent &/or Mfg made cell connections, doesn’t mean they can be up/downloaded to by thier installing company. Also it may interfer with it’s ability to Comm. w/ mon. Station. U should address these issues before slapping an advertisment on it & just selling
    it. Besides then u could make it also credit card & fax machine compat. theres a whole huge small buis. market your missing out on.

  • Trisha Nguyen

    will this plan works with T-Mobile since T-Mobile is part of AT&T?

  • Pam

    how does this AT&T Wireless home phone system work when the power is out. My regular land line is hard wired and if the power goes off I have one phone that I know I can make calls on.. the wireless phones lose power and if the power is out there’s no way to recharge them..

  • Roy

    Re. the cordless home phone. I strongly suggest you discuss 911. Having a home phone to help emergency workers find their home is a primary reason for many people. Is this phone essentially the same as a mobile phone or a land line regar ding 911? Or…? Thanks.

  • Eric

    Will your wireless land line alow me to connect my wired burglar alarm? So that my monitoring station can receive alerts.

  • Jerry stacey

    How much would I save if I went wireless I already have AT&T u-verse

  • Haren Main

    How much is it to start and how much per month to continue? What if you don’t have a cell phone with them to bill to?

  • Jacqueline

    The only reason to have a land line is that if there is an emergency such as a power outage or an earthquake (and cell towers are down) or you’re out of range, say in the mountains, the land line is the only one that works to get emergency calls out or in.
    Most of the so called conveniences of cell phones etc. only work if you live in a very populated city, if you live rural, or in a hilly or mountainous area you’re fresh out of

  • Jim Bradshaw

    When electrical power is lost your phone system is DEAD. My hardline system has always worked.

  • Mary

    Can you send and receive a fax?

  • Julia C

    On my net 10 phone I seldom get telemarketing calls. On my home phone I get daily telemarketing calls which don’t cost money but on a cell phone they do
    cost money. I don’t want telemarketing calls and especially don’t want to be
    billed for those calls, that is why I don’t make the switch – because I would start
    getting telemarketing calls on my cell phone and be charged for those calls.
    I “pay as you go” only $15.00 month on my net 10.

  • Bob Hoenes

    I’d love to have such a machine!
    As long as it meets MY specs:
    10 phones, a combo of corded, rotary (I can eliminate the ringer) and self-powered touch-tone.
    Just build and sell that, and I’ll BUY !!!!

  • Andrea Gerretz

    Need to know total cost with no hidden fees. I would like to not have a cell phone with this. Is this possible?

  • cy

    What’s the total price per month/ per year?

  • Vickie Negri

    I have been trying to figure out how to lower my phone bill. Recently I took off long
    distance. I call my out of area friends on my cell phone and they call me back. I like
    having my home phone and can use the clip on my portable phones which frees up
    my hands because I have a disability. Would like to know more.

  • Mark

    your information about this product is very little and as I understood RadioShack sales this but how can we get more info about it should we go to AT&T website for charges, usage, connections and etc. or RadioShack has the answers?

  • marcia hampton

    Does the wireless phone have capability to use with home alarm system?

  • Mike Ballou

    What about internet sevice that I have with AT&T Internet with AT&T I pay $14/99 mo about $6.00 for ph local calls only I never use the ph ! If cancel my AT&T How will I be able to get the internet for my computer ? I have a feeling your out of luck if I cancel the internet Service

  • isis2012

    Why would anybody want AT&T service, when they add hidden fees and a new maintance fee (a joke!) I have OOMA Telo for about ten dollars a month with premium service. They have a web base that can block known telephone spammers, plus customers can add additional spammer numbers.You can also take calls with a compatible bluetooth piece instead of holding a cordless receiver in your hand and you can also answer home phone calls thru your cellphone! The OOMA Telo device is also portable, but it needs to be attached to the internet. I doubt AT&T charges ten dollars a month for premium service, probably more like thirty dollars, plus tax and a maintainance fee lol!

  • Rita Das

    I would like to have this product, the last time I asked. They told me if I have Fios I cant have one. Can some one help me with this matter.

  • arthur johnson

    can this system work in jamaica.

  • Mike Johnson

    Land Phones should be independent ones, unlike this. Not dependent on a mobile phone and mobile network. No, that’s not a land phone, and how do i use this in a power outrage and out of network situation ?

  • Jennifer Scott

    I love this ! I was looking for exactly this wireless device for days and now, its here !
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • John Watson

    OK, here is the point, smartphones are smartphones and telephones are telephones. Why are we trying to mix things up ?

  • Raymond L Chastang

    Like to shop at radio shack