Fun April Fools Apps

April Fool’s Day is around the corner and we want to make sure you are fully prepared. Every year, April 1st rolls around and you are not the prankster, but the one getting the pranks played on them. Well, not this year!  Before the big day arrives, take a look at some of our favorite, fun April Fools apps.  That way you can be prepared to make the best of this ultimate celebration.

Broken Screen

Cracked Screen










Really freak your friends out with the Broken Screen app. This amazing app simulates a broken mobile phone screen making it appear as if your phone had been demolished. Once you have put the app in full screen effect, hand the phone to one of your friends. When they notice your phone screen, you can now start the blame game.  Here is the kicker! You can choose an option that simulates a loud cracking noise when someone touches the phone or when someone shakes it. It is available on Google Play with similar apps on iTunes!

Snap Ghost

Snap Ghost











Don’t just prank your friends, but try to scare them with the Ghost Snap app. How does it work? You import a picture from your photo library into the app. Once you have chosen the best picture, you are able to access the ghost library, which has several ghost options. Insert one of the ghosts into your image and adjust to create your most perfect haunting photo. Then send the picture to your friends and wait for the horror to ensue. You can upload the picture to Facebook and send it via email. It is available on iTunes with a similar app on Google Play.

Prank Mirror

Prank Mirror










Be able to laugh at yourself with the Prank Mirror app. It gives you several ways to turn your face into a hilarious distorted image.  It works in real time and does not require an existing image, however it does require a device with a camera. Choose from 15 different pre made prank mirrors and you can share these fun images with your family and friends! It is available on iTunes and on Google Play!

April Fools Pranks

April Fools Apps










Having trouble coming up with good ways to prank your friends this year? This April Fools app gives you over 100 best ways to fool your friends and your foes! Make April Fool’s Day 2013 the best year yet with the top pranks of the year. Find a list of possible practical jokes and pranks, which you can also share with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. We do recommend that you are mindful of safety and do not condone harm to anyone! It is available on Google Play!

What  is the best prank you have ever played on someone?


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  • Carolina Dhabolt

    I’m going to get my husband with the broken screen app lol he just got a brand new phone & I know he is going to freak out. Three years ago he had his brother call me to tell me he had fallen off a ladder at work and that they were rushing him to the hospital because he cracked his head. Prank turned wrong, he claimed he expected me to call his phone but why would I call him if they just told me he was in an ambulance! So we haven’t played pranks since then. This will be a nice comeback :)

  • Jacob Mason

    Best Prank: A few years back, Facebook still had the couple of pictures it displayed on the top of your page that were the most recently tagged pictures of you. I exploited that feature by creating an “I <3 Justin" banner with a picture of the Biebs and tagging most of my friends in the pictures that made up the banner. In the middle of the night. So they woke up to a Bieber-fied profile page.

  • The Mirror

    You haven’t seen anything till you’ve tried “The Mirror” (for iPhone and iPad). It seems like a harmless mirror and then erupts into a scary image and piercing scream! Best of all, it will even RECORD A VIDEO of the person’s reaction!

    Check it out at http://themirror.jebsapps.com/app/

  • Collette Killion

    What is with Swann products? I am shocked that RadioShack even sell the over priced useless equipment. I bought a home security kit . The first time in the salesman said the kit was wireless which it was not 348.00 total 380.00. I took the kit back in do I tried the wireless kit plug it up and it was terrible a pile of crap. Now I have a ADW-400 for like 200.00 and it is the biggest most useless pile crap I have ever seen in my life. Swann should be ashamed of putting products like this on the market. Shame on you swann it is pure highway robbery.

  • Michael Donner

    These are great apps but I think you are missing Prank Pack app which is a collection of prank apps. It has some pranks much funnier than those u can get here.
    Check it out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uglypixels.prankpack