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Upgrade Your TV With OmniBox

It is finally time for you to bring your TV into the 21st century with the OmniBox World Television. This little box, that can fit in the palm of your hand, has the ability to empower your television with endless entertainment possibilities. It allows you to watch what you want, whenever you want, as well as gives you access to the Internet and Live TV.

The OmniBox stands out from the crowd with its 1080p resolution and 11n wireless connectivity. The 1080p resolution allows you to view high quality content at the highest resolution available and the 11n wireless connectivity streams HD content at higher speeds than ever. The OmniBox is also HDMI and RCA compatible. It also comes with the option to use wired network or USB Flash/HDD.

The OmniBox is now built with over 800 channels making it the largest streaming media player in the world! An OmniBox subscription includes over 200 live Domestic TV channels, over 250 live International TV channels, 383 video on demand and podcast channels with over 25,000 pieces of content updated daily, access to web browsing and social media apps including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, all of this from the comfort of your couch.    If you are a big YouTube  fan, experience YouTube like never before. Watch your favorite cat videos, music videos and full-length movies.

All of this is available for only $24.95/month and with NO contract and NO credit checks AND get for first 90-days free. Available in store or online right now at RadioShack. This little black box will change the way you watch TV forever.

Tell us below what you would watch on the OmniBox and you might win one of your very own!

One comment/entry per person. To enter, leave a comment below, telling us what you would watch. Contest begins at 8:00 am CT on March 31th, 2013 and ends at 11:59 pm CT on April 12th, 2013. Winner will be chosen randomly by RadioShack and announced after 12:00 pm CT on April 15th, 2013. Winners will be contacted via email . No substitutions for prizes.

No payment or purchase necessary to win. Neither a purchase nor payment will improve your chances of winning. While you’re pretty cool in our book, you are not a winner of this contest yet. Void where prohibited. Must be a resident of the 50 United States to win. Employees of RadioShack and their families are ineligible.

Thanks for all the great comments! The following have been randomly selected to win their very own OmniBox – Larry F., Stephen G., Peggy S., Adam P., and Kristle.


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  • Jade

    if I had an OmniBox I’d watch Brazilian television and brush up on my Portuguese!

  • PamelaW.

    I would watch every episode of I Love Lucy, followed by Hogan’s Heroes and the original Mission Impossible.

  • Alfredo cota

    The omni box function in México, in los cabos baja sur….????

  • Dianne Johnson

    I would watch movies, All genres, all decades, all the time. In particular, foreign films that are so often buried treasure.

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    I would love to watch my favorite shows using this baby and I have never been able to connect with the social media from my t.v so this would be great to do all of this from the couch :)

  • Vic

    If I had an OmniBox, I’d finally kick big cable to the curb. With the money I save, I’ll buy more tinkery components at the Shack!

  • Tina

    I would watch anything and everything, Cannot stand cable box and their on going rate changes. Anything comedy would sure be nice.

  • Victoria Lilly

    I would watch what ever besides movies all day(:

  • JP

    OmniBox would allow me to watch HGTV, Cooking Channel, TLC, National Geographic, etc….

  • Miranda Stidham

    Discovery Channel

  • Derek Carter

    Movies, movies and more movies!

  • Nicole

    I would catch up on all my favorite shows like Duck Dynasty.

  • Adam Priestley

    Oh, what fun would I have with the OmniBox! From re-watching Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Mad Men to watch my favorite sports games as well. If I could get access to the Yankees’ YES and MLB networks, I’d be happier than a man trapped in a bacon storage facility.

  • Barbara Kimbler


  • Stephanie McKeon

    I would watch live local news, and reruns of my favorite shows.

  • Tye Hamilton

    What??? Who would not want one of these? I want one. I would watch Duck Dynasty, First 48, Pawn Stars and Bates Motel. Not only watch my shows, but access to the internet as well. I would definitely be a couch potato lol

  • Teresa Parsley

    The channels I don’t get on my cable that has shows I like to watch on them, like Paranormal State!

  • peggy shannon

    I would watch all my law and order shows, chicago fire, criminal minds, csi and all the shows on a&E that I watch like-storage wars …It would also be great for international tv we have a teenager here entering high school in an international language study program that involves study of languages and government, ecology and economics of other countries…I hope I win

  • Richard Kelly

    If I win one I’ll watch every channel of the WORLD
    and share this Information with other.

    Thank you

  • Sue A. Altaffer

    This sounds very nice and would be honored to win one !!! Thank you !!

  • Beth Keeler

    I’d watch history documentaries…. I’m very intrigued, we mainly stream and have no cable here…

  • debbie case

    i would watch everything i love to watch tv and stay at home all the time and would love get rid of the cable box for sure

  • Deborah A Love

    I would be watching a few more movies.

  • Matt Brodeur

    I would watch Netflix on it. That’s an option, right?

  • Valerie Murray

    If I had an omnibox I would watch endless movies my kids could watch cartoons and tv shows that helps enhance there learning! My husband and I could plan date night I the house on the couch with movies and our favorite tv shows! So please RadioShack pick my family to win :-)

  • Brian James

    If I had omnibox I would watch WB instant demand channel all the time

  • William Lopez

    love it

  • Kevin Lundy

    Classic sitcoms ….

  • Jose Chevere

    I will watch the Liga Football Europea

  • Robert S.

    I would dump Cable except for internet service and watch all my favorite shows live as well as sports and catch up on other shows that I’m behind on.

  • Andres Fonseca

    I would watch movies and old tv shows. I want one!

  • Eric VanSickle

    I would watch as many sporting events from around the world as I can possibly watch.

  • Toni Kujan

    I would watch whatever possible!! Why? Because! I would feel blessed just to own one.

  • Mark

    I would catch up on Unsung, The Game and any movies I may have missed out on by not having cable.

  • Kristle

    I want to be able to start watching new movies that are out on TV. I also want to be able to watch a show without the jumping of a signal. Yes, I only have a converter box, not satellite TV yet. I would love one of these.

  • Brandy Bennett

    I would watch The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and True Blood.

  • linda williams

    Hell’s Kitchen…. so i can watch Chef Ramsey talk bad on the big screen.

  • Kelly

    I love the cooking channels, and the movies….anything to get away for the high priced cable!

  • Kirk Campbell

    Movies and TV Series

  • Ange

    i would watch all of my favorite series from the beginning!

  • Brandon Burm

    I would watch anything and everything available to me that is better than over the air TV!

  • Rhonda

    I would watch all my shows and more !! It would save me money !!

  • lori hayton

    If I had an OmniBox I would watch anything and everything to do with Egyptolgy and I would watch the new Dallas

  • Megan M.

    I would soak up those international channels and practice my German!

  • Jason Lee

    Would watch ‘Walking Dead’ & ‘Dexter’…re-runs and new ones! Would be perfect for next season’s episodes! (o.0)’

  • J.D. Rosario

    I would watch TCM and other movie channels because, movies are one of my favorite ways to be entertained, especially since I’m a Recluse & would find it hard to go to a movie theater to see films.

  • renay washington



    can this be for real?? i’d get it in a heart beat if i knew it worked…

  • Karen

    I’d get to watch blacked out sports events that others won’t..bahaha! Geaux Tigers!

  • Gayle Stafford

    I would watch gardening shows, Hallmark and Lifetime movies.

  • D W Morris

    I’d watch $25 go down the drain along w/$175 I pay for the crap on cable

  • Colleen

    I’d watch the stations that I can’t get on basic cable, such as Animal Planet, DYI, and Bloomberg News!

  • ronald bougie

    nascar and formula one races,and a lot oh history and learning channels

  • Diane Bassette

    I’d watch all my favorite reality shows and my drama series! I’d love this!!

  • tina baauer-wingate

    anything that cable doesn’t offer, which is alott

  • Stephen G.

    I would explore the wealth of international channels. I’m sure that would provide many fascinating glimpses into other cultures.

  • Susan Hunter

    i have not heard of this before, it sounds awesome, and much more economical that paying a cable bill, would love to have this , as hubby and are are considering canceling cable because we just cannot afford it anymore. As far a what would we watch if we had this, it seems that the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Andrew Emile

    I have a lot of wires bunched up and connected to my PC and my tv, just to be able to watch tv/internet. But I have switch between all my video channels. I wanted something more simpler to maneuver and less hassle.

    • Andrew Emile

      Forgot to mention age my rant, I watch shows like my local news, Arrow, The Following and Bones. But also switch to Hulu when I miss an episode.

  • Amber

    Sounds like a great product. I would like it for local programming, it costs half what I’m paying for cable.

  • Linda Hess

    I would like the local abc, cbs and nbc channels a well as history, food network and other cooking shows, true ID, and science channels.

  • Steve Luzovich

    I would watch Lost in Space, Gilligan’s Island, Green Acres and Bewitched.

  • Damon Schleichert

    I would watch Archer and Duck Dynasty! I’m glad you came out with this!

  • Anne Marie

    I would probably end up watching my kids watching Smosh on our TV rather than their iPods. They’re obsessed! But when I got the chance, I’d love to catch up on all the movies I’ve been wanting to see for so long. I’m about a decade behind!

  • Rosemary Rodriguez

    I would watch everything, with all those channels.

  • corinne gonz

    i would watch little house on the prarie

  • Karl Dunn

    I would watch nacar and fishing (Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, Bill Dance etc.) Love outdoor programs showing nature, or movies like westerns that shows beautiful country like montana, colorado, north dakota. Great fishing there too LOL. Hope I win

  • sharon

    if i had an OmniBox i would watch The Vampire Diaries!!!!!!

  • Camille Boyd

    i would watch i dont have to pay a high cable bill for .i am a senior and i pay more for cable then i do rent.,so i hope i win one

  • Jessica

    I would watch all of my favorite movies from the 80s and 90s! I do not have netflix and you can’t rent them from Redbox. Blockbuster is gone. I want to try this OmniBox!

  • Bill McCollum

    Simple. I would watch what I wanted to watch, whenever I wanted to watch it.

  • Christina

    I would watch anything… as long as it is cheaper than cable!!

  • Awna Stark

    I would watch as much as I could knowing that I would get to say GOOD-BYE!! to the cable & dish contracts at last It is about time!!

  • ellise

    I am fan of tennis, so difinitely wanna watch any channels with tennis, and i want filipino channels too.

  • barry fliegelman

    I would like this OmniBox maybe Radio Shack will be nice and get me one

  • Rochella

    I would watch Divorce Court. I love that show!

  • dj stilrokk

    wow… i’m gonna watch everything i cannnnnn…!

  • John

    I would watch DuckDynasty.

  • Debra

    I would love to be able to watch anything I wanted to whenever I wanted.

  • Larry Fuller

    It would be fantastic to be able to watch channels that I am unable to pick up in my home with the over the air antenna. Being on a fixed income cable television is expensive and is a luxury I can’t afford so Omnibox would be welcomed.

  • Dedra Moore

    If I had an OmniBox I would watch everything and pay a lower price a month.

  • Wendy Connelly

    Downton abbey just discovered it.

  • Chris

    I’d watch French TV with my kids!

  • David Castro

    Seen this on facebook. its about time someone came out with one of these. I wold totally buy this so i could watch the Walking DEAD 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or even all my anime since its international like Full Metal Alchemist or BLEACH…they’re better in the language they were written in!

  • DBrown

    I would watch Lifetime, House, CNN, OWN shows, etc….

  • Ellen B

    I would watch Hells Kitchen

  • maureen

    I would watch scandal, youtube video, etc

  • William Blacksmith

    The Borgias

  • Kim Castela

    I’d watch what my husband would be watching :)……. MASH

  • Laurie


  • Phil


  • Eric

    Sports, sports, and what was that? oh yes more sports.

  • lynmarie galardo

    we would be blessed to win this, we dont have cable where we live. I miss alot of things that are going on in

    world today, in our house internet,thats it!

  • Steven Jay Buck

    If I had an OmniBox I would watch everything ,because rigth now all I have is tv atennna on my roof .

  • charlotte parrish

    would love to win this, I would be able to watch all my favorite tv shows, would love not to be limited to only a few.

  • Rosalind Jimenez

    South American football (soccer) games!

  • Tom Foust

    To get so many Chanel’s for one great price the possibility is endless
    Think of all the surfing I could do.

  • Curtis

    bollywood movies

  • Michal

    I would watch shows on premium channels that I don’t have now cause I don’t want to pay for them, like the Bill Maher show. And I would check out international channels, that sounds really cool. As well as check out the internet on TV option. The possibilities sound endless!

  • Vicki H

    Trutv all day!!!

  • robert mazakas

    I would search and watch music stuff like concerts old groups etx

  • Steven Collett

    i would be watching all the TV shows i normally would watch elsewhere the kids
    would probably be watching there cartoons

  • Mike Swartzell

    I’d be interested in seeing some of the international channels; especially if the Ministry of Sound and BBC’s Channel 4 & 5 were available! Looking at YouTube and the other media sites will definitely be a plus!

  • Sherry Smith

    I’d watch oldies.

  • Pat Hamilton

    First I would watch my husband cancel satellite….then begin by watching syfy, history, reality shows, ncis,law and order,csis,movies ( haven’t been to a movie in over 10 yrs). Oh, the shows we could watch wouldbe unbelievable. Good luck to everyone, but sure hope I win.

  • joe perez

    id watch cartoon channel and history channel

  • Tina

    If I won it would be a wonderful surprise to my children. I’m going through a divorce and $$ is too tight for luxuries.

  • Jackie Tweed

    I would watch the 2013 Tour de France and other international cycling races we don’t get here in the US.

  • Patty M

    The OmniBox would give me the opportunity to learn about any country I plan to visit. How great would that be.

  • Deborah

    With an OmniBox I would first have the cable, internet and phone taken out immediately. Then I would be able to watch all the Law and Orders that I can, along with movies that don’t play 3 days in a row, or comedy shows that cable channels play the same on over and over. An OmniBox would be awesome and if I don’t win, will probably purchase one. Thanks for the info.

  • bert reardon

    Living in northern New York state by canadian border my choices are limited so I’d love 2 expand my ability 2 see more /get more outta my viewing experience! Hook me up please!!! Thank you ahead of time just in case you pick my house

  • starla doty

    i would watch Criminal minds. every week on channel 10…..

  • ChrisJAraiza

    I would watch my cable box collect dust . And a lot of netflix and hulu

  • Darrell McSwain

    The better question is what wouldn’t I watch. This sounds like an awesome device. I would be willing to blog about everything I watched in the first year on

  • Joe

    I’d use it to watch Hulu and catch up on Community. :)

  • Hollie

    if i had an OmniBox. i’d watch hulu and probably get on facebook.

  • Lisa Grassetti

    I’d watch reality shows and sports! Go Red Sox :) I also like cooking shows like chopped. Thanks for the chance!

  • Susan

    Mad Men (do they have past seasons?)

  • mary wisnofske

    I would search the web since my computer has been down for two years

  • cathy burris

    I would get rid of my 180 dollar cable bill and maybe have a few extra dollars for popcorn. Ty so much

  • Shirley McNair

    I would watch I dream of Jeanie and bewitched and all the older shows and let my grand kids watch them.

  • Sandra Armeni

    I would watch the Movie Channels and I would also watch the Cooking Channel!! And when my Great Grandson comes over WE would watch the Cartoon Channels (of ) I love all the stuff we get from Radio Shack!! I live upstairs from my son and daughter-in-law and I have to watch the TV a little bit louder now and I got your headphones..cordless…from you!!! And with this box and IF it is as good as you say I KNOW for a fact that my Son would buy probably THREE for his house down stairs and still NOT pay as much as they do for Cable!!!

  • Deborah Jones

    I would watch all the great shows on British TV without having to wait and hope they come to the US as well as the European tennis matches that aren’t shown here in their entirety.

  • Mark Mallamo

    Sports and the Walking Dead.

  • Micharles

    If I had the OmniBox, I would watch my favorite show, NCIS.

  • lisa

    Big bang

  • Ann

    I would watch movies, movies and more movies! Then I would look for Mr. Ed – loved that show and all of the old time shows. Plus my husband is wheelchair bound and stuck at home watching the same old crap on cable or Direct TV – he could get cultured!

  • J Campbell

    I would watch as much European football as I could.

  • Lex

    TV Series like Game of Thrones!!

  • terri vanbuskirk

    I would be watching my Omnibox 24/7. I’m disabled and my primary entertainment would be watching all the sports that are covered, movies with comedy being my favorite. Comedy brigthens the bad and evil that so often fills the news hour with hatred and meaness. I enjoy watching National Geographic,Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel on a regular basis also. I’m on a very limited budget being on disability and having the chance to pay only $24.95 a month would allow me to not have to choose between groceries and tv, and allow me the luxury of cancelling the always increasing costs of Comcast.

  • Cheryl Phillips

    My life is full of stress with having financial problems and trying to find a job but once a week I would watch “Once upon a Time” on ABC so for one hour I can bury my problems and live in a fairytale where the stress of life isn’t so bad. Of course, I have to come back to reality but seeing the craziness in this show reminds me that life isn’t so bad after all, and I am once again ready to push on with my life.

  • Manuel Davila

    I would watch everything this bad boy has to offer and I would let my friends and family know what they are missing. Something other than basic cable has finally came out and I would like to have one. Thanks

  • Malea Penix

    I would watch anything and everything that caught my attention!
    Aliens to vampires. Oh yeah!

  • Oral Newsome

    I would try to watch pretty much what I do now. Maybe more movies or news.If it works real good, I would consider dropping my satellite TV service.

  • Virginia Hermes

    I would watch my favorite shows. I would like to see they types of shows/programs other countries view. I would like to find an alternative to cable. The OmniBox is something to really look into!

  • Jefferson Hopkins

    It would be great to not be tied down to the satellite and be able to watch the major networks on the Omnibox.

  • Lynn

    With the OmniBox, I would watch educational tv about science, since I teach science. I would also watch the news and movies to relax after a tough day teaching teenagers.

  • Vee Bates

    i would watch CNN News and all kind of movies try it out and watch every thing !

  • Andrew Collins

    Mad Men!!

  • Mark Jones

    I would give it to my 85 year old mom so she could continue to see what was going on in the world around her and let her have easy access to the internet and world.

  • Peter

    Would look at the classics of yesteryear.

  • charlette sanders

    I will like to try it i like to watch all movie

  • T. Watman

    From locals – comedy central and euronews

  • Stacy Shaw

    I am a big sports fan especially international soccer and cricket. Just to add a sports channel on regular cable adds a ridiculous weight on the cost of entertainment.. It takes away the purpose of enjoying cable at an affordable living.

  • Nick McDaniel

    I would watch all mt favorite shows plus my kids could watch spongebob square pants and other kids programming.

  • Rodney

    I’d watch the cable and dish trucks disappear, as I convinced my friends to get an Omnibox & cut their cable and use their dish as an oversized frisbee.

  • Jim LoBue

    I would watch ESPN content that I currently don’t have.

  • Denisse

    This definitely would get me some points with the hubby as a gift for his birthday. No more youtube and etc. on the phone. Bang here is in the big screen.

  • james Forman

    Hello my name is big T,and im a tv addict from texas.i had insomnia growing up so my parents put me in front of the set to calm me down and it worked,so over the years i have become a tv afficianado,i cant get enough.So i couid use this product and give u honest and informed opinion,I could be a true tv expert,please get in touch.



  • Debbie

    We would watch everything available, and surf, surf surf. Recently euro tv has caught our interest. Currently we have old laptops hooked up to a couple of tv’s, and have cut the cable! Have free Google phone.Considering trying to get over the air hd, but this seems reasonable and a better solution for the price.

  • Regina Dew

    I would watch the Daily Show. I’m so jealous of friends that get it and could really use a laugh at the news. :)

  • Sueanne

    I would love an Omni Box. We have been looking for something to replace our dish and this may just be it.

  • Cal Fetzer

    Just what i’ve been looking for some time. GOOD JOB!

  • michele

    I am on a fixed income and can no longer afford bright house. After spending an hour and a half on the phone with them trying to lower my bill they would not help me so now I am looking for alternatives to cable. Omnibox sounds perfect for me. Will have to wait until I can afford it. I would watch animal planet, natgeo wild and see the world from my living room since I cannot travel.

  • john kline

    i would like to watch fox news. and a list of american channels i would get.

  • fred reese

    with so many channels to choose from….you would have to be crazy to choose just one…and im not that crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Foley

    I am really interested in the TV channels available like ABC, NBC, etc. so I can drop cable. Any alternative to cable is a big step in the right direction. Moving TV channels to the internet is a big move in the right direction.

  • Amy Huffman

    I love History channel and nature channels

  • Edward

    I’d watch documentaries all day long!

  • Phyllis Evans

    I’d saved a fortune with the money I pay the cable company. So I could really sit back and enjoy watching anything I wanted to on the Omni Box without worry about a bill coming in to pay for that pleasure. Because TV is my greatest pleasure. Keeping up with the news, a good movie that will have you in tears, or one you will want to watch over and over. As I said I really said I enjoy watching TV.

  • Ethel Kester

    I spend a good deal of time in the hospital, I can see where the omnibox would make my entertainment while there a cut above. In the last 12. months I have had 8 stays in the hospital and it isn’t going to improve, but only get worse. I have a terminal illness,which makes me constantly depressed. Good entertainment helps take that away. Right now the hospital only has regular TV and it gets boring quite quickly. With everything being cut-back, I don’t see them bringing these in for their patients anytime soon. I only make $900 a month, so can’t afford one for myself. Thank The Lord my insurance pays for my hospital stay which has been over $114,000.00 this last year. Though I still have the deductible to pay. I just wish now that I could get the entertainment area down pat-the omnibox, and someone who would help me with housework for less than $20.00 an hour. Then my life would be easier and more pleasant.entertainment helps me forget the pain, but just laying around doesn’t, which is about all I can do. So you can see how much different this OmniBox will make my life. Thank you for a chance to win one of these. I know the odds aren’t all that good but I have to hope that I will win one of these things and that it will change my life for the better.thank you again and again.

    • your funny

      suck up much???/ why do people do that? i dont understand why you told the world your life story all for somethan free?

  • Mark

    I would watch some German TV!! :)

  • Justin

    OmniBox would be awesome because all we have rite now is antenna tv…. Don’t get to many channels. Would be great to watch other channels!

  • Tony Crane

    If I had an Omnibox, what would I watch..mmm? For starters, I don’t have any cable or could afford cable! So, I would watch the premium channels like HBO and Showtime and watch shows like Game of Thrones, Girls, Shameless, House of LIes..etc. I would watch everything under the sun on Hulu and Hulu Plus especially the new All My Children and One life to Live(premiering on the 29th)! I DEFINITELY use the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Skype and the internet browser, so I can use at home instead of going down to the local library(where they only allow 2 hours a day). I can go to these sites 24/7 even at 3am!

    Finally, I am curious to see what other countries television looks like, most have their own shows as well as shows that is seen in America. I watch sports, cooking shows , even learn a different language, so I can visit that country sometime. Yes, this Omnibox would make a GREAT belated birthday gift for myself and Would change my life FOREVER!!!

  • tara howard

    With 800 channels and over 383 on demand, i would be the WORLDS BEST CHANNEL SURFER!! i would also get caught up on my Friends marathon and continue to keep my faith with your premium faith channels and with all that on demand and facebook you couldnt peel me off the couch after a long days work. Cant wait to try it for free(:3

  • Dorothea Ablao

    I will watch news channel from all over the world. so many things happening that I want to be informed.

  • Bill Zimmerly

    I would like to see NASA TV and my local (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) channels.

  • Sandra Berryhill

    I would like to watch local channels, faith-based programs, golf channel, and movies.
    Thank you,
    Sandra Berryhill

  • terri mccreary

    I would love to get on the internet from my television. I would also love to watch all the old Star Trek shows.

  • Russ

    You Tube is it! Has everything I need, entertainment & educational.

  • Ron Gauthier

    I had handed in my Cable Box a couple of months ago and watching all of my DVD right now. I was tired of the Olde Cable and Chain. I am a movie buff and my wife loves any mystery show and our kids are tired of the “7th Heaven” DVD 9 Season Set and the “Friends” DVDs. I am ready to move into the Omni World.

  • eric

    I would be more able to watch independent films as well as documentarorder.

  • norma powell

    I would watch all the ones I watch now plus others I can’t get now, and movies.

  • Robert Cooper

    If I had an omnibox I would make my wife (asawa) very happy with her Filipino Channels :)

  • Larry Tek

    If I have Omnibox, I would cancel my directv service right away, because they are too expensive. I would like to watch news on local channels.

  • cesarina correa

    If I had an omni box I would watch tv period. I cancelled cable because it was too expensive and now am looking for a more economic alternative. I have sk mNy shows to watch CSI, pretty little Liars, greys anatomy, scandal.. ohhh there are sooo many.

  • Dinesha

    What do i need on my tv to use the Omnibox

  • Jacalyn Vieira

    I would watch my soaps and CNN very important

  • angela

    I would love to win one. I live in the country and satellite is the only option so I thought. I live on a fixed income AND DVD get old quickly. I’m not very electronically inclined. So the would be of great interest to me