Samsung Galaxy S III Has Arrived At RadioShack

We’re excited to announce that the Samsung Galaxy S III has landed at your local RadioShack store, and it’s available for AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon! This sleek smartphone is powered by some incredible hardware, that’s for sure, but Samsung has also included some really handy software features to help make this smartphone even smarter. For starters, let’s take a look at the phone itself – the screen, the buttons, and that all-important processor to see just what the Galaxy S III is made of:

So, whether it’s the dual-core processor, vivid screen, or awesome camera, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a sweet phone. Speaking of the camera, there are some really awesome features there that help you capture life as it happens.

We mentioned the software features before. The Galaxy S III is pretty smart – it can tell when you’re looking at the screen, so it doesn’t turn it off while you’re reading your email or a long blog post, and it has some other features that make it almost seem human, too.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most popular smartphones on the planet right now, and we’re excited to have it available on AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, so you can choose the best plan for you while still getting the best phone! You also get RadioShack’s FREE Mobile Product Support when you visit your local store to get the Galaxy S III – this service is only available to RadioShack customers and is staffed by a team in Washington state who is more than excited to help you get the most out of your phone.

Don’t forget to bring your old phone with you so you can get INSTANT savings with RadioShack’s Trade & Save program – there’s nothing to mail-in and no bill credits to wait for. Just instant savings right there in the store.

What’s your favorite feature of the Samsung Galaxy S III?


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  • Jade

    It’s kind of creepy, but I love how it knows when you’re looking at the screen! Wish I had one of these.

  • Shirley Bailey

    Hello and good Morning! I’m attempting to set up my voice mail and I’m sorry to say I’m having troubles. I can’t find how tooo’s online. I have the Samsung Net10 Galaxy. I would really like to get this completed today. My family is attempting to call and can’t get me. So you can see, this is important. Please call me on my old phone this way you can walk me through it. [removed], My new phone number which I picked up on Monday this week is [removed]. Thanks for helping me with my silliness

  • Jeneya Richardson

    I just want to give it to my son Tobias Prall for his Birthday


    Is this Samsung Galaxy S III an International version? Spend half year in Central America…No AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.
    Carrier here is DigiCell (Belize Telemedia)

    • Ricky Cadden

      John Robert – unfortunately, all of the phones that we carry are sold as SIM-locked to the specific carrier. You may be able to request a SIM unlock code from the carrier to be able to use it internationally, but we’re not able to guarantee that (as it’s up to the respective carrier) nor do we provide phone unlocking services.

  • King

    Where do you get it for free

  • Linda S. Adams

    What are the differences between the Samsung 11 and the 111? I just bought the 11 on the Boost program but I would have waited for the 111 if I knew it would be available so soon as that is the one I originally wanted.

    • kim

      That was my frustration also if I had known Boost would be getting the 3 soon I would have never gotten the 2 in feburary, I would have waited