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Toshiba Smart Watch at CES 2013

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Smart watches are all the rage this year and while visiting the Toshiba booth at CES 2013 we got to check out their prototype. This computer graphic watch has a changeable OLED display so you can personalize your dial image.  Also, using the smart functions, you can check your email, read your text messages or see your missed calls.

Check out everything it has to offer as Ricky takes a closer look at the Toshiba Smart Watch:

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This is post 7 of 26 in the CES 2013 series


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  • Jade

    Cool, but too big.

  • Randy

    Um do they know what they’re up against? That thing is huge compared to watches like metawatch, pebble, cookoo watch etc.

  • Paul

    That has got to be the ugliest, biggest, eyesore I’ve ever seen! But I suppose if you’re going for the nerd look it’s definitely a winner.

  • Grant

    Lets just put a smart collar on while we’re at it, and then we can put smart chips in our brains, we’ll all be trademarked “Smart” people in a smart world eating smart food with smart roads. ugh.