Sony Accessories

Sony Accessories at CES 2013

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Have you been looking for a new watch? Why get one that can only tell the time. While on the show floor at CES 2013 we were able to check out the Sony smart watches that not only tell time, but using your phones data connection, allows you to interact with your email, Facebook and text messages. Another amazing Sony accessory are their headsets that use one touch listening to pair your phone to your headset using NFC.

Check out everything they have to offer as Ricky takes a closer look at these Sony accessories:

We’ll be uploading more videos throughout the show, straight from the floor, so you’ll want to make sure you visit techspecs often to stay up to speed. You can also follow us on Twitter at @RadioShack, and we’ll be posting photos from the show floor onRadioShack’s Instagram account, as well.

Tell us what you think about these Sony accessories from CES 2013 below!

This is post 3 of 26 in the CES 2013 series


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  • Tiffany Sparks

    Love the Sony smart watches! Who ever came up with the idea is a genius!

  • Josh Davis

    Haha I’ll be using the smart watch in school to text on and my teachers will have NO clue.