Haier Eye-Controlled TV

Haier Eye-Controlled TV at CES 2013

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Using a remote to control your TV is so 2012! While visiting the Haier booth at CES 2013 we were able to check out the Haier Eye-Controlled TV. This technology allows you to interact with your TV by your eye movement. No longer will you have to spend countless hours searching for the remote in the couch cushions.

Check out everything it has to offer as Ricky takes a closer look at the Haier Eye-Controlled TV:

We’ll be uploading more videos throughout the show, straight from the floor, so you’ll want to make sure you visit techspecs often to stay up to speed. You can also follow us on Twitter at @RadioShack, and we’ll be posting photos from the show floor on RadioShack’s Instagram account, as well.

What else do you wish you could control with just  your eyes?

This is post 11 of 26 in the CES 2013 series


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  • John

    I have a scanner pro 2006, but I lost the manual. any thoughts how I can get another manual? John

  • Mike

    Cool but useless for TV

  • K

    Yes! Let’s use some of the finest muscles in our body to do repetitve motions like channel surfing! …carpal tunnel of the eyes. Yessir. There is a such thing as being too lazy.