Bre Pettis

Bre Pettis with MakerBot At 2013 CES

3D printing is one of the biggest things to hit the DIY community, and MakerBot is leading the charge. They’ve just announced their new Replicator 2X at the International CES in Las Vegas, NV, and I was able to catch up with Bre Pettis, the founder of MakerBot, on the show floor. Bre and I talked a little bit about the MakerBot Replicator 2X, as well as his company’s role in what Pettis sees as the next industrial revolution.

We’ll be uploading more videos throughout the show, straight from the floor, so you’ll want to make sure you come back to techspecs often to stay up to speed. You can also follow us on Twitter at @RadioShack, and we’ll be posting photos from the show floor on RadioShack’s Instagram account, as well.


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  • Dave Smith

    You’d think Radio Shack, The Technology Store could buy their interviewer a decent microphone.

    • Ricky Cadden

      Thanks for the feedback, Dave. We actually were using a Sennheiser wireless mic setup – unfortunately, this was on a crowded trade show floor, with lots of random sounds and noises and such. It made it quite difficult, but we wanted to bring the best video we could, under the circumstances.