James Wolf’s Enercell-Powered Internet Radio

Over the past 90+ years of RadioShack being in business, the world has changed pretty much constantly. What started as a leather company with Tandy Corporation is now RadioShack, and we sell everything from resistors to smartphones, and everything in between. One thing that’s remained constant, though, is that we wouldn’t be here without cool customers who use the gadgets that they find in our neighborhood stores to build really, really cool stuff. One such example is James Wolf, who reached out on our Google+ page to let us know that he had found an alternative use for the Enercell Portable Power banks that we love so much at RadioShack.


James bought a Raspberry Pi, a really cheap computer-on-a-board that he wanted to do cool things with. The first thing he wanted to do was build an Internet radio from scratch. After quite a bit of tinkering, James was able to get everything up and running, with the Raspberry Pi hooked up to a portable speaker, which is then powered by the Enercell Portable Power bank, so he can take it anywhere he wants to go!

As you see in the photos, James is using the Supertooth portable speaker – we obviously recommend the AUVIO Bluetooth Portable Speaker, and of course, the Enercell Portable Power bank. You can get all the nitty-gritty details at James’ website here, or you can watch this video walkthrough of all the different parts:

Have you built a project using RadioShack parts or pieces?


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    Can you tell me where I can find an Enercell charging skin for an iPhone 4s? I am having a difficult time locating one to replace the one I broke. Thanks for your time!