A Closer Look At The Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920I have quite a bit of history with Nokia – my first Nokia phone was the 6100 series. You remember those – candybar, non-color screen, with Snake on there and a real keypad? My, how the times have changed. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to use nearly every smartphone that Nokia has produced, from the 6620 all the way up to the brand new Lumia 920, which is now available at RadioShack on AT&T. The Nokia Lumia 920 is the first smartphone from Nokia with Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 operating system to truly bring those camera skills to the table, and it also has a host of other features, including a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 32GB of internal storage, and free Nokia Drive+, which includes voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation. The Lumia 920 also has wireless charging built-in, which is a really cool new feature that I believe we’ll see more of in the next year.


Here’s a quick run-down of the actual hardware on the Nokia Lumia 920:

As you can see, it’s a pretty sweet phone, but there are a few things that we weren’t able to show in the video. For starters, the Nokia Lumia 920 uses Nokia’s PureView camera technology, which includes Optical Image Stabilization and incredible low-light performance. This means you’ll get less blur in your photos, and you can snap photos even without having great lighting – such as when you’re out on the town, or in a livingroom opening Christmas gifts, and everything in between. The Lumia 920 also has a dedicated camera button – something you don’t often see on smartphones these days. This makes it really easy to capture the best photo, because you hold your phone just the way you would typically hold a point-and-shoot camera.

Another awesome feature is the built-in Dolby Digital audio enhancement. You can activate this on the phone, and then use the equalizer function to make sure your music sounds exactly the way you want it to. Combine this with the FREE Nokia Music service, and you’re ready to rock out all day long. You can also use the Nokia Lumia 920 with the brand-new AUVIO Bluetooth Portable Speaker – it connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and has an internal speaker for up to 6 hours of continuous music. Add in an Enercell Portable Power bank and you could jam out for nearly twice that!

The Nokia Lumia 920 is available TODAY at your local RadioShack store, and don’t forget to bring in your old phone so you can trade it in for INSTANT savings, too, with none of that mail-in nonsense!

Leave a comment below and let us know YOUR favorite feature of the Nokia Lumia 920. We’ll pick FOUR random commenters to win a Nokia Lumia 920 prize pack of their own, including the AUVIO Bluetooth Portable Speaker and an Enercell Portable Power bank!

One comment/entry per person. To enter, leave a comment below, telling us your favorite feature of the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone. Contest begins at 3:00 pm CST on November 19th, 2012 and ends at 5:00 pm CST on December 14th, 2012. Winner will be chosen randomly by RadioShack and announced after 12:00 pm CST on December 20, 2012. Winners will each receive 1 Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone (phone is unactivated and locked to AT&T’s network), 1 AUVIO Bluetooth Portable Speaker, and 1 Enercell Portable Power bank. No substitutions for prizes.

No payment or purchase necessary to win. Neither a purchase nor payment will improve your chances of winning. While you’re pretty cool in our book, you are not a winner of this contest yet. Void where prohibited. Must be a resident of the 50 United States to win. Employees of RadioShack and their families are ineligible.


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  • Jade

    My favorite feature of the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone is the Nokia PureView camera technology. The Optical Image Stabilization and incredible low-light performance sound great for taking pictures on the go, when you don’t really have time to go through a bunch of settings on your phone’s camera.

  • Tiffany S.

    Wow, what is there not to love about this phone?! I have heard nothing but great things about it. If I had choose a feature that is my favorite, I would have to go with built-in Dolby Digital audio enhancement. Most phone music sounds really dull and you don’t get the full feel of your music, but with the Nokia Lumia 920 you get that and more.

  • Tracy P

    Everything mentioned about this phone sounds so awesome…….I think I like the fact that it has Windows 8 best because that is something different than most phones.

  • Kenia

    Wow, this phone has it all!! My favorite feature is the Dolby Digital audio enhancement. I love music and this will help with my workouts. On top of that it has free music from Nokia Music Service, it can not get better then that!

  • Norris Pyle

    The People hub is my favorite feature–seeing all updates (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc.) without having to go into those apps is AWESOME. Plus it’s a gorgeous phone!!!

  • Steven

    The large screen, HD video and PureView camera are the main features that I love about the Lumia 920, but the integrated Nokia Drive functionality is my favorite.

  • A Marks

    I’ll go with the camera! pretty sweet

  • Eric

    I’m liking the camera and learning lots of good things about the new WP8 OS

  • milan

    It’s a toss up between the amazing screen and the pureview camera but I’ll give the edge to the camera. I love that I am able to take low light pics without a flash as I’m not a fan of flash photography. The OIS will be a great asset when shooting video especially when trying to film my niece and nephew running around. Overall a great set of features and design by Nokia.

  • mig

    Love the design & camera

  • Michael Prince

    Just four? I could give you ten, but here goes:

    People live tile – seeing my smiling family and friends on my home screen makes ME smile evry time i jnlock my phone

    Camera – indoor shots are where we like to use our phone cameras, and these have always been bad. The indoor shots are beyond amazing with the Lumia 920

    Super sensitive touch – its REALLY cold where i live, being able to use gloves is a huge bonus

    Nokia Drive – it just works!

  • Darin Burris

    Hands down my favorite feature is the pureview imaging technology with the optical image stabilization. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these devices and truly experience the awesome quality of both still photography and high-definition video.

    But I won’t stop there if the 920 follows Nokia’s long tradition of superior call quality then I can’t wait to start making phone calls and hear the person on the other end and them hear me as well.

    Wireless charging has to be another feature that I think is absolutely outstanding.

  • Chris

    There are a lot of great features of this phone. The WP8 OS, the Nokia mapping, and the camera/video with image stabilization, are a few of my favorites (at least I think they are – don’t have one yet, hope I win one!)

  • Da

    My favorite feature about the lumia 920 is the low light and image stabilization. Too many phone manufacturers are still pushing out megapixels but neglect that the fact that they should concentrate on hardware first. I miss my nokia n82. Itis still by far one of the best phones ever made.

  • Arié Moyal

    I love that you can use it with gloves!

  • zenrandom

    It’s a nokia, the best part is that nokia typically remembers that smartphones are phones, and the phone functionality is far superior to others who go more for the “pocket computer that makes calls” functionality.

  • Greg B

    This phone has so much going for it but the NFC/Wireless charging combo that this phone has to be my favorite feature. You can wirelessly charge and listen to music just about anywhere!

  • Eddie

    The PureView camera with OIS is my favorite feature by far. I’ve never had a regular camera, let alone a smartphone shooter, capable of taking such amazing photos.

  • Mondragon

    Wireless charging is nice. Not having to fiddle around with a USB connector every time you want to charge your phone is nice.

  • Eric Wilborn

    A solid camera is essential for a good smartphone in my world. The Lumia 920 answers that call in several ways at once! Then there are all of the other great features… but you only asked for one!

  • Elena Rico

    The “PureView” technology is really awesome! It takes great pictures in low light :)

  • charisse adams

    I love that my music will sound good!I love everything about the phone!!

  • rebecca

    one thing,are yoou kidding?I have a tracphone.I love everything about this phone and if I win it I can have one up on my daughter and have the cool gizmo for once.

  • Val

    Having a 5 and a 2 year old boys entail a reliable and pocketable camera that is available at my disposal anytime and anywhere. The F2 aperture with optimized setting for low light photography is one of my favorite. It means natural looking picture in low light and faster shutter speeds to avoid blurry pics for my ever active boys in day light. Couple that with optical image stabilization (OIS) for videos it basically addressed all my photo and video normal day need.

  • Barry Bailey

    I want one!

  • Tana McCraw

    It’s impossible to single out just one favorite feature — too many superior features. LOVE the pureview imaging technology with the optical image stabilization (I need that badly!) The high quality of both still photography and high-definition video amazes me. Nokia has a long tradition of superior call quality & reliability – I’ve had Nokia phones in the past and would love this one. Microsoft Office too? Be still my heart. Wireless charging has to be another feature that I think is absolutely fantastic & boggles my mind! I believe this was made just for me – pretty please?!!! :D

  • Kris

    I like the realtime camera translator and the “Near Me” music (or concerts). That would be awesome to have here in Nashville!

  • Kathy

    I like the instant camera button feature.

  • Jesse

    Wireless charging and camera make this a stand out device

  • dang

    I really like this camera

  • kimmie

    My fav features are the PureView camera, that it runs windows 8 and that it comes in great fun colors! What more could a girl ask for! With a little luck maybe Santa will put one under my tree this year.

  • Keya

    I live where there is cold and harsh winters so best thing about Lumia 920 is that I can use the touch screen without taking my gloves off! How awesome is that…!

  • James

    I think that the image stabilization is without a doubt the most innovative addition. The blurriness of videos in the current generation of phones has kept it from reaching mainstream adoption like imaging, but this will provide a reason for users to hit that video button!

  • Dale W

    Gotta love the wireless charging!!! that is super sweet feature.

  • Art

    The PureView camera is my favorite feature of the Lumia 920. It enables the best low-light snapshots to be taken, compared to any other smartphone on the market today.

  • Heather Zeh

    Windows 8, Wireless charging, pureview camera….I could go on and on. Sounds like a great product!

  • Trisha Scott

    i love the screen size and the camera, wireless charging, needless to say everything about it is amazing

  • Jason Harris

    By far my favorite feature is the OIS and the ability to take stunning night time shots.

  • Andre

    Has to be the wireless charging. So cool and simple and quickly picking up steam in the mobile market

  • Jessica Marinaccio

    The people hub from chaos to easy peasy

  • A Chapagain

    Favourite feature:
    Highly sensitive screen, would be wonders to use with gloves which you cant with most of the modern day smartphones.

  • Krissy Higgins

    I LOVE the wireless charging! I always have issues with my current smartphone charger, (messing up, bending, etc). The Windows 8, and the awesome camera are also pretty great!

  • Mike

    Microsoft office is my favorite feature

  • Lesly

    My favorite thing has to be the camera. Im always taking pics of my kids bc i want to capture every moment.

  • Paul

    PureView is my favorite feature!

  • Jamie

    I’d have to say the PureView camera technology, which includes Optical Image Stabilization. Sounds like a dream to me! I need all the photo-help I can get!

  • Lizzy

    Wireless charging sounds like heaven! I also love the bright colors the lumia line comes in. They really stand out from other phones. I think Nokia has a winner with this awesome phone. Thanks Radio Shack!

  • Deborah Ortlip

    Windows 8 sounds great and so does the pureview camera! Would love to try this baby out myself!

  • wanda collins

    I love everything about this phone its hot !!!!! the people hub is super cool !! and the camera is really nice i would love to show this off to my friends !!!

  • odessa frey

    built-in Dolby Digital audio enhancement <—– SWEET!!!

  • Brandy Bollinger

    Love the camera on the 920. Would so love to have this phone!!!

  • Constantino

    The built-in Dolby Digital audio enhancement

  • jennifer Price

    I Luke how easy it is to keep in touch with groups of people using the rooms feature!

  • julie price

    I like how the messaging app analyzes what you’re typing and predicts what you will type next based on what normally comes next in similar sentences.

  • Andre

    Its like being a kid in a candy store. I love all the features, but I’d have to choose the amazing camera. I own a nokia n8 & love the excellent quality of pictures it produces. The lumia 920 has definitely continued that & then some.

  • Williams

    Love the wireless charging! Nokia makes quality products that I loved for years. Can’t wait to go back to using their phones.

  • Kristina

    The best part of the Lumia 920 is definitely the Pureview camera!! Totally beats the iPhone 5 and I would love to win one :)

  • Tim

    My favorite feature of the Nokia Lumia 920 is the 4.5 inch display and the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. It amazes me how much power it has yet fits in the palm of your hand.

  • Jill

    This phone has everything! Wow, hard to pick just one feature as my fav… but I will go with the wireless charging. I hate cords so this would be awesome.

  • Jane

    Fav feature is the camera. I take horrible pics so I need all the help I can get. Thanks RS for a great xmas contest!

  • Shana

    Love the phone. I’m an Android user my self. Needed to have my EVO replaced one time using my radioshack epp, and I love my phone. But with all the cool things the Nokia lumia 920 can do I’m thinking about making the switch to winndows. Nokia music combined with dolby digital sound has got to be my favorite feature. Get in the car with my tunes and drive. Perfect….

  • Ann Taylor

    Sounds great. Would love the camera

  • Rob N.

    How can you choose just one feature? From the Pure View technology to the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor to that glorious screen and the cool wireless charging with 32GB of on-board memory and it’s topped off with Windows to boot?! This phone is Nokia’s shining glory and I would love to actually own one.

  • Janet Soper

    I’m really excited about the dedicated camera button. With Christmas coming, it would be great to instantly snap shots of my grandchildren.

  • Betty Maloney

    Everything about it sounds great! The wireless charging is my favorite feature. I would love to win one and tell all my friends about this great product.

  • Joey Sylvester

    Oh my gosh this phone looks amazing! I love the pureview camera on it! The must have phone for any photographer!

  • jeevon kay

    Love the Nokia’s PureView camera technology. I always get blurry and dark images whenever I take pictures in dark places or during night time. Places with dim lights like restaurants or even when I want to take pictures of downtown night view. With this great feature, I can absolutely get great image result despite the low lighting anywhere anytime.

  • Ellen B

    I am going to say the camera

  • Rob Rodriguez

    Well i Have the Lumia 900 this would be nice since its a Upgraded Version then mines and like that it’s a Windows 8 phone and love the Windows 8 Games they made for them so far (Angry Birds) but since i still have a windows 7 i can’t play those new games :(

  • Janet Stieglitz

    great audio and free music? im out of my contract. SOLD!

  • Reveille Patterson

    Over the years, starting with “bag” phones, I have had many different brands of phones but the ones that gave me superior performance was always the Nokia brand. Currently my phone is something other than Nokia and while I would love to share pictures taken with it with friends and family, the quality is just not there, and the screen is so small I can not see images I receive.
    The Pureview imaging technology with the optical image stabilization would be like taking a step out of the 80′s and into the best quality pictures and videos available today.

  • Samantha Merrick

    My favorite feature is definitely Nokia City Lens.

  • Jeff Kruse

    My favourite feature would definitely be the awesome PureView camera. Can’t be matched by other phones!

  • Shenil Kaithathara

    I don’t have just one favorite feature! I love everything about this phone! It’s perfect!

  • Ann

    My favorite feature is that the Nokia 920 runs the latest Windows Phone 8 OS. I love having the latest and greatest OS on my phone. It makes my little tech heart go pitter patter with joy!

  • Daniel

    My favorite features are the camera translator and the free music streaming.

  • Ben Spyrison

    Love the wireless charging and dedicated camera button on the 920. Hoping to grab one soon!!

  • jill

    My favorite feature is the wireless charging. NO more cords!!! Plus this is just an awesome phone… who wouldn’t love one.

  • Li T.

    My fav feature is the PureView camera technology. A good camera is always a plus. The wireless charging sounds pretty interesting also

  • Marlene

    What I love about the 920 is the pure view camera, speeds, the people hub :)!! And design I love everything

  • David Ayres

    I am hearing great things about this phone…currently the #4 seller out of AT&T’s entire roster.
    Dolby Audio makes it a sollid music player and the Camera really shines with Video recording. Count me in!

  • Tony

    My fave feature has GOT to be the low-light photography and image stabilization. Pure View ftw! But honestly, it’s the whole package that makes it worth it: over the past decade, Nokia’s proven that their build quality is second to none. You can drop it, smash it, etc. a Nokia phone will take a licking keep on ticking.

  • Alissa O.

    Yeah! The new Windows Phone 8 OS is what I like!

  • Joey

    A lot of great features. Favorite would probably be the free Nokia Drive+.

  • Antoine RJ Wright

    I would say that my favorite feature would be the performance of the camera in low light conditions. That’s just too often of a feature that meets a use case of mine.

  • Kathy S.

    My favorite feature would have to be the built-in wireless charging. This like a dream come true for anyone who constantly uses their mobile phone.

  • Miquela

    I love the design,music,camera,and builtin charging it’ a awesome mobile phone.

  • Pat

    I love this speaker, when the phone rings I can answer it by pressing a button on the speaker. Oh yeah, it sounds great!

  • Darin Burris

    So I wonder who the lucky winners were?

  • tony nguyen

    There is many thing that really awesome about this window phone is the people hub, interface, also window 8 cool feature sync.
    First: people hub you can see all “what new” everything that your friend just post on facebook or twitter. Also, you can make a “rooms” of your best friends to chat with, without changing to a different app.
    Second: the interface is easy to customize with large and small icon so you can add as much to your front screen you want to and live tile.
    Third: with the new window 8 phone you can sync or download picture just by sync threw the air, however with this feature you have to have window 8 on your pc or laptop also. Also the window 8 has improve that you can manage your itune music on your laptop to your window phone.

  • Jason Edwards

    The screen the sound the speakers ,and power pack! Thanx for the chance to win!!