Chatting With Gerald Stuteville

RadioShack currently has over 34,000 employees around the country, and several thousand of them work out of our Corporate Headquarters in Fort Worth, TX. That’s also where we have our testing labs – most people don’t know that we test every product that comes into our stores quite extensively. One of the lucky guys who does this testing is Product Engineer Gerald Stuteville.

Gerald has worked at RadioShack for over 15 years, so he’s seen his fair share of interesting stuff. We sat down with Gerald, and got his take on a few things that we thought you’d enjoy.

Gerald Stuteville’s Top Three Soldering Tips:

Gerald Stuteville’s Thoughts On Creating Magic

Gerald Stuteville’s Best RadioShack Memory

Which video was YOUR favorite?


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  • Anthony Munoz

    Thank you. This should be the new wave of the future, show casing the talent behind the scenes that bring wonder and magic to our lives. It’s about time to give KUDOS to the underdogs.

  • arthur c fleischer

    hi let’s see some of the things that made Radio Shack
    what is today such as amateur radio gear and perhaps
    some of those great kits that were usefull to hams and
    anyone interested in radio . don’t forget where you
    came from.

    art. kb3tut

  • Scott P Wheeler

    Cool! Thanks.

  • Kent Porter

    As long as he’s got a callsign….
    ( I found a KA4OXI ??? )

    Then he’s way over-qualified.

    Good Work!

    73 de KE4NT

  • Vic Culver

    I finally get to meet the SON! Congratulations on a fine young man, Rue. Good job, Gerald. Can’t wait for you to turn up at one of our meetings. 73 de W4VIC

  • Gary Garski

    I liked the videos concerning
    Soldering tips and Building majic because they are
    designed to encourage young people to build things.

    I liked the last video concerning the ring tone however:
    It would appear to me, that wiring the circuit board for
    the Belch phone was done pretty quickly, within a couple of hours.
    I’m just guessing, but I would imagine that the Belch phone was done using Wire Wrap techniques.

    Radio Shack REALLY needs to stock Wire Wrap sockets.
    Wire wrap sockets can be used in non wire wrap circuits with the capability of modifications.
    Wire Wrap greatly speeds up projects.
    I would like to be able to purchase Wire Wrap Sockets at my local Radio Shack Store here in Sheboygan Wisconsin.


  • Rue Stuteville

    Congratulations Gerald
    I concur with KB3TUT. Yes KE4NT he is a ham and has been one for many years and I hope he gets Shack back into the amateur business. We hams need a store that is usually close by that we can get parts and supply’s for our hobby. Hams out there you have friend inside the Shack Corporation, so if you have ideas for kits and other thing that will help get them back into the ham business let him know. The Shack big guys need to know we are nearly 1 million strong with lots of buying power.
    Also Gerald is a great kit designer and builder he has been doing that for as long as I can remember. (DAD)

    Great Blog keep up the good work.
    Rue W4RUE

  • Adam Ebel

    I used to own a DX-398 receiver and DX-392 and both had fair to poor long wave reception at 153 to 519 kHz, but the AM band on the DX-398 is fair to good. Compared to the Yacht Boy 400 the reception for LW is excellent compared to the DX-398 and it really disappoints me. I see why you discontinued DX series radios because of poor reception on LW.

  • Jesse

    I would be interested to know what you think of the radio shack TRC496? I have one that had a bad 3 position switch the one that selects PA,MONO,CB I believe this is the part description S551 11380474 SWITCH,SLIDE S0748 . is the part still available or is there a substitute for it?


  • RMCS

    Gerald, I can’t seem to find any support from Radio Shack other than yourself. I purchased a 3D LED Cube Kit (2770158) for my grandson. We downloaded the sketch and this is what we get.

    I compiled sketch w/o any errors. Binary sketch size: 2,022 bytes
    (of a 32,256 byte maximum)

    avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0×30

    Any suggestions?

    Also, no part numbers available with the kit to purchase replacement parts. Perhaps you can let someone know.

    Thanks for your help.



  • RMCS

    For inquiring minds that want to know:

    Persistence pays Off! Found problem to be the Arduino Uno itself! I tried other sketches on the Uno and received the same error message. I then placed the 3D Shield on my MEGA 2560, downloaded the sketch and all worked as advertised!

    Still need to see part numbers in with the user manual. Up sales!