Back-To-College Giveaway: Calling All Students

For nearly a century, RadioShack has been an integral part of the annual pilgrimage of young people around the country as they venture back to college and realize they need all manner of cords, cables, and other electronic gadgetry to deck out their dorm room. This year, RadioShack has partnered with Samsung Mobile USA and Auvio to give students attending some of the top colleges in the nation the chance to upgrade their tech as they move-in!

RadioShack Helps You Rock Out

We’ve chosen 13 stores near college campuses and sent them each 75 pairs of Auvio In-Ear Headphones. Each store’s giveaway will coincide with the move-in date for the nearby school and last 3 days – you can see the full list of stores and dates below. The first 25 students to show their college ID and unlock the Foursquare Flash Special each day will get a FREE pair of Auvio In-Ear Headphones to help drown out the chatterboxes at the library all semester long!

How To Enter

  1. Grab your college ID
  2. Head to the RadioShack store nearest to one of these 13 campuses
  3. Check in on Foursquare and unlock the Flash Special
  4. Be one of the first 25 to show the store associate the unlocked Flash Special
  5. Jam out with your Auvio In-Ear headphones!
  6. Tell all your friends to start back at #1!
*NOTE: Flash Special is limited to the first 25 students to unlock per store, per day. Once all 25 headphones are unlocked, the Flash Special will no longer be available. 


RadioShack Also Keeps You Connected

We’ve also partnered with Samsung Mobile USA  to offer a grand prize of a Samsung Galaxy S III from Sprint, an Enercell Portable Power bank, and a $5 RadioShack Gift Card! Each store will have 1 (ONE) grand prize to giveaway.

How To Enter:

  1. Check in at the RadioShack location on Foursquare
  2. Leave a tip to let others know the best thing about shopping at RadioShack
  3. Give the associate your email address to sign up for the RadioShack email newsletter (it’s chock-full of cool stories and special deals!)

That’s it! Winners will be notified via email from RadioShack Corporate HQ within 2 weeks of that store’s giveaway dates and their prize pack will be shipped directly to them from RadioShack HQ.

Here are the college campuses, including move in dates and the distance from campus to the closest RadioShack store:

Update 9/24: Thanks to everyone that has participated  in our Back to College Giveaway! We would like to announce the following winners on the Samsung Galaxy S III grand prize:

University Of California-Berkeley- Tomoyuki I.

University Of California-Berkeley- MK

University Of Southern California – AVS P.

Wayne State University – Jeffrey R.

Harvard University – Brianne C.

Columbia University – Kristen L. 

Rutgers State University – Brien R.

Portland State University – April J.

University of Washington – Brett H. 

We are still reaching out to the winners from the other schools and we will update as soon as we can. Thanks!


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  • L.N.

    This is such an awesome giveaway. You guys chose some pretty great universities, but what about your fans here at UT Austin?! ;)

  • cyril

    I am from Lebanon. Isn’t the “radio shackstores” stores included also for the universities of Lebanon?

  • Daniel

    ok, * the sorteo, thanks.

  • Tim S

    Top schools on the East and West Coast. Sounds like the Spoils going to the Wealthiest in the nation again. We have a local RS store and a Community College with lots of hard working “Poor” students and they braggingly annouce for the “Top Schools”, Obviuosly these must have been the Universities that the RS Execs Attended. Next time make it nation wide or forget it.

  • Brien

    I have reached out to the email reply, but I never received a response!

  • april j

    Thanks Radio Shack for the cool headphones! I participated in this promotion at the portland store. The employees were super nice and helpful.

  • Praveena

    This is awesome