Top 5 Grilling Apps

So BBQ season is here and you want to be up for the title of “Captain of the Cookout”? There’s an app for that! Even if you’re a amateur griller, there are plenty of apps for iOS and Android that’ll provide you with enough recipes and temperature suggestions to help you con your guests into thinking you’re a sensei with a spatula. Here are our top 5 picks for grilling apps:


 1. Weber’s on the Grill, $4.99

iPhone, iPad, Android

It’s a little on the pricey side as far as apps go, but it’s well worth it. Weber’s features 280 of their classic recipes, plus an array of seasoning tips to pump up the flavor of your food. Picked a recipe, and now you need to go shopping? You’re able to make a grocery list. Bought your ingredients but need a video to run you through the process? The app has that, too.



 2. Grill-it!,  $0.99

iPhone, iPad, Android

Grill-it! not only lets you search based on what you’re putting on the grill, but you can search according to what’s left over in your fridge that you’d want to incorporate into your meal. Have some extra thyme lying around? Search their recipe bank for a tasty way to incorporate it into your meal. You can even tweet @GrillCompanion to get clarification for recipes.



 3. Punchfork, FREE

iPhone, iPad, Android

Punchfork essentially acts like Pinterest, except exclusively for recipes. It’s a compilation of some of the most delectable recipes from around the web, all in one place. What’s also great is its ability to display only vegan or vegetarian options. And since it allows for you to sort the recipes based on what’s new, top rated, most liked and what’s trending, make sure to rate any of the recipes you try out!


4. Omaha Steaks, FREE

iPhone, iPad, Android

Steak lovers know the perfect steak is dependent on a number of very important things:  cut, sear, temperature and seasoning. Omaha Steaks not only understands that, they’ve perfected it. This app is just right for you if you’re a true carnivore.



 5. Appetites, FREE

iPhone, iPad

Testimonials about Appetites boast that it’s one of the best cooking apps out. We tend to agree. Peruse their recipe library, or view content from one of their many blogger-chefs. Their videos are beautifully done, and easy to follow. At the very least, it’s great entertainment while you’re sitting on the couch, eating potato chips.

Those are the best grilling apps that we’ve come across, but obviously there are more! Share YOUR favorite outdoor cooking app in the comments below!



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