Top 5 Fun Summer Projects From RadioShack

Hopefully you’re in the camp of people for whom summer means some extra time. We think the best use of that extra time is to build some really, really cool stuff. A huge thanks to all the DIY-ers who are the geniuses behind these inventions. We just make the parts, but you make masterpieces.


Portable Phone Charger

The tricky part about summer weather is that you get a few more hours of sun to capitalize on. Although that often translates to great news for your plans, it also leads to bad news for your phone’s battery. This DIY project is your phone’s (k)night in voltage armor. Here’s to a few more hours of phone life to help you fulfill your midsummer night’s dream.

Shaky Slinky Clock

This one’s just for fun. Scare the fertilizer out of your friends and family by setting up this slinky alarm.  It could also double as a scarecrow—a loud, electronic scarecrow. Put this bad boy over your backyard garden, and let the alarm do its magic in scaring the birds away. So tell us, DIY-ers: What’s your bait going to be?


 Treasure Finder

Hunting for buried treasure is probably one of the most universal childhood dreams. Imagine walking along the beach and finding gold? It’s enough to turn anyone into Gollum. Help yourself (and your wallet) out and invest in making one of these. Don’t feel like putting the work in? Don’t fret—RadioShack sells them ready-made, too.



DIY Flashlight

Light when it’s dark: the gift that keeps on giving. Building this one is a no-brainer, since there’s no reason not to keep one in every room in your home. Not only will it come in handy during the next power outage, but it’s also especially helpful during those spontaneous desires to go camping. When nature calls…

Homemade Portable Air Conditioner

Listen, folks, we know it gets hot out there, and we understand the struggle of walking past an air-conditioned store just to catch a blast of that cool, cool breeze. We’re here to help (plus we’re sure the store employees will appreciate you not loitering anymore). Try this one on for size.

What’s your favorite summertime project?



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