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One thing you might not know is that July can be a disastrous month for your smartphone. According to Asurion, an insurance company, July is the worst month  for cell phone issues. Around the time of the July 4th holiday, more people file claims than any other time of the year. This can come at a hefty cost when smartphones can cost anywhere from $500-$700 when purchased without a 2-year contract. Yikes!

For this week’s #RSChat, we will be visiting with Lesley Madsen, RadioShack’s Consumer & Product Marketing Manager. We’ll be chatting with Lesley about her role at RadioShack and ways to keep your phones safe and protected. Don’t forget to tweet us or leave a comment below with any questions you have for Lesley! They could be used during our #RSChat on Tuesday, July 10th!

Here is a little bit about Lesley: 

My role at RadioShack is to identify marketing opportunities that support our computer business and the rollout of new service programs.  I work to identify the best positioning and marketing strategies to support our programs, while working to continually improve the RadioShack experience. I’ve been in the service and retail industry since I was 16, and I have always been thinking of the customer first and foremost – they are the reason I’m here. One of the services that I recently introduced in RadioShack stores is the Screen Replacement Service for your iPhone or iPod touch (with more devices coming soon! The Screen Replacement Service runs from $69-$99 depending on which model you need fixed, and is a much more cost effective way to fix your smartphone!


Travel – I love travelling throughout the US and abroad.  I’ve been to all 50 states and am working on visiting all of the countries in Central America.  I love beaches, getting away and always trying something new.  Next stop: Seattle and then off to 5 Caribbean Islands

Family – I am blessed to have a wonderful husband that is my best friend (and enjoys travel as much as I do) and a loving family that includes 6 nieces and nephews to keep us busy.

Sports – I love watching sports, going to events and playing sports.  Opening day for the Texas Rangers is one of my favorite days of the year and there is nothing better than Iowa Hawkeyes football on fall Saturday afternoons.

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This is post 4 of 5 in the #RSChat series


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  • @andreama13

    My 15 year old son’s friend pushed him just fooling around and he fell and broke his iphone screen, I was thinking, it is crazy how easy those phone break. Two nights ago, my 17 year old daughter somehow dropped her phone instead of putting it in her bag in the back seat of her car. We searched (late at night) for it and found it face down (with a white case) in the middle of a busy street. She had dropped it 3 hours ago. The sreen was not cracked and nobody had picked it up. It was a miracle that a car did not run it over.

  • michele malone

    what cellphones have the least and most issues, and what do you personally use?


  • Lisa s

    Best way to save a wet phone???

  • Cindy C

    is it easy to file a claim for accidental breakage?

  • Karen

    How much is it to repair an iPhone 4S screen ?

  • Gerald

    Lesley I’m interested in getting my Google Nexus 7 (2012) LCD screen repaired. Every time I go into a local RadioShack no one seems to know much about the process or want much to do with the service. Can you please help. I’d like to know how much the repair would cost and how long it will take.