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It may have been a long few months, but don’t worry, RadioShack’s twitter chats are back! Our chats around the holidays were such a success that we want to bring them back in the form of #RSChat. This time around we will be chatting with a different member of the RadioShack team every other Tuesday from Noon-1pm CST. The questions that will be asked will come straight from you guys – our followers!

For this weeks #RSChat we will be chatting with Lauren Kushnerick who is the Product Marketing Manager here at RadioShack.

Here is a little bit about Lauren:

My job is to act as the liaison between the customer and merchant team. When the buyers come to me with a new item or hot offer, I make sure the customer learns about it through various media channels. I work with several categories such as technical and headphone product. I’m a big geek when it comes to music, film and art. That’s why the categories I work with allow me to blend all my interests into one.


Music – Frequents live shows, sings and dabbles with guitar

TV – Watches Sci-Fi, Crime Shows and New Girl. I watch Doctor Who. Doctor Who is cool.

Film – Obsessed with classics from the 40s and 50s and anything from Wes Anderson

Hobbies – Knows how to solder like a champ and currently learning things about Arduino. Microcontrollers are the future for electronic projects

How do you join the chat?

1. Follow @RadioShack on Twitter

2. Check out our Twitter page TUESDAY, May 8, starting at 12 noon CST.

3. Participate in the conversation using the hashtag #RSChat

4. Leave a question for Lauren in the comment section below


We will see you TUESDAY from Noon-1pm CST! 


This is post 1 of 5 in the #RSChat series


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  • Kenia

    I love Radioshack and missed their chats, very glad they are back and that we have an opportunity to get to know the staff.

    Lauren, we watch the same shows and have always wanted to learn how to solder. My husband is a pro too and still hasn’t made time to teach me!

    My question is who taught you how to solder? How long have you been doing it?

  • SunRae

    What are Arduino and Microcontrollers?

  • Eric Wilborn

    Do you plan on combining your various loves with your soon-to-be Arduino talents?

  • Korinna Kirchhoff

    Soldering seems like a neat thing to try. What would be a great beginner project?

  • Bilbo

    And recommendations for a good DIY starter project for microcontrollers?

  • carol n

    What do you love best about your job?
    Do you look forward to going to work everyday?

  • nathan almond

    Lauren: I am trying to build an audio amplifier that is more understandable than any amplifiers now available..It started out as a project for the hard of understanding as opposed to hard of hearing-including me. I am looking for a DIY kit that would allow me to experiment. Can you advise me? Arduino maybe?

  • Stan Sexton

    Hi Lauren! I am 64 and I have seen the Rat Shack deterioriate over the years into just another mass market store duplicating cell phone stores. Long ago you used to carry unique products under the Realistic brand. I sometimes take my 1970 RS Catalog up to the Grossmont Center RS and show them real history. Realistic History. You need to go out and have unique items imported that gain press coverage at CNET and other sites.
    Last year I got tired of paying Cox Cable so much and decided to put up an antenna. I could only find cable standoffs at my local RS store. Masts, antenna, rotor, guy wire (you only sell stranded not solid), etc had to be obtained from many internet sources like Solid Signal.I ended up with the largest Winegard made. I think there is a large market for antennas but no one carries them at retail. You have signs like “Tired of Cable Costs?”. There are at least two sites on the internet that your associates could use with customers that reveal the reception at the customer’s home.I get about 60 channels with my antenna including analog channels from Mexico (I use an old VCR as a tuner for analog).So San Diego, with it’s huge Hispanic market, could have even greater potential.
    Just an idea. I buy a load of stuff off the internet so I’ll have to visit my local RS to see thje changes made. One thing that you used to have was catalog ordering from the store but I think that was discontinued.Your stores are not large enough to carry huge inventories so the drop ship system from suppliers would do well. Thanks.