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RadioShack spent the weekend at the Maker Faire. Amy Shineman, Director of Consumer and Product Marketing at RadioShack, was there to experience every minute. Her passion for making was ignited while attending the event and she brought back great ideas to help RadioShack support their creations. You may remember Amy from our video last year, asking for product suggestions from the community (we got over 600 responses!)

If you are not familiar with Maker Faire, it is an event that was created by Make magazine to celebrate the Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) mindset. It is made up of creator’s engineers, makers and scientists.

We will be chatting with Amy about her experience at Maker Faire as well as her role here at RadioShack as the Director of Consumer and Product Marketing.

Here is a little bit about Amy from Amy:

My role at RadioShack is to identify marketing opportunities for the company in all of our consumer electronics, power, and technical product lines.  I work to identify new customer opportunities in our assortment and how to tell customers that RadioShack has the product they are looking for through various marketing campaigns and mediums.  I ask “Why?” as often as I can.  This trait [thanks Mom :)] can get me in trouble, but can also lead me down some interesting discussions, projects, etc.


Books – I love to read to escape and wind down – I read everything from mystery, general fiction, to a plethora of children’s books

Travel – Give me a good beach, a fabulous mountain view, or the scenic countryside and you will find me in my element.  I always have a vacation planned, it gets me through my work days.  Next stop: St Augustine, Florida.

Family – I am blessed to have a tight-knit family with my husband and two kids

Hobbies – I am a crafter by nature.  I love to see something and then tackle the project myself.  My most recent project was redecorating my daughter’s room with an owl theme, and I helped design the Make Robot kits that we soldered at Maker Faire this past weekend:

How do you join the chat?

1. Follow @RadioShack on Twitter

2. Check out our Twitter page TUESDAY, May 22, starting at 12 noon CST.

3. Participate in the conversation using the hashtag #RSChat

4. Leave a question for Amy in the comment section below, or tweet it to @RadioShack using #RSChat.

We will see you TUESDAY from Noon-1pm CST! 

This is post 2 of 5 in the #RSChat series


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  • jfrisby

    RS should send out a tweet mentioning the #spacequest creators new game Kickstarter — they did a wonderful parody of Radio Shack back in one of their early 90s games.. I think it got pulled from a later version of the game (copyright stuff) — but it introduced a lot of us younger folks to the brand :)
    – Great sci-fi parody:

  • @geekdad248

    When I was a kid my grandfather bought me a science experiment kit, chemistry set, and other educational toys from RadioShack. Do you have a strategy for selling educational toys and tools to inspire a new generation of kids to be interested science and technology?

  • Paige Guyton

    Thanks for sending your questions. Hopefully we were able to answer most of them. Be sure to join us in two weeks for the next #RSChat!