Finding the Perfect Gift for Mom

With all the things that moms do, every day of the year ought to be Mother’s Day. Before you phone in your Mother’s Day gift for mom this year by getting flowers and a card, take a minute and reflect on what goes into her job.

Mom is like the administrative assistant, nurse, janitor, mediator, chef, teacher, life coach, chauffeur and entertainer of the household, and the people she works with don’t even know how to tie their shoes. This year, get mom a Mother’s Day gift as big as her heart. Here are a few things we think will make her day extra special.

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eReader

Whether your mom is into Fabio-on-the-cover romance novels or wrote her doctoral dissertation on the taxation policies of the British Empire in the 1800s, she’ll love the Barnes & Noble NOOK eReader. With over 2.5 million books, magazines, newspapers, interactive kids’ books, comics and graphic novels, there’s something for every taste. On top of being a great reader, it’s also a full-purpose tablet for surfing the Web, checking email, playing games and watching Netflix. The NOOK is why naptime was invented.

Nikon COOLPIX L810 16.1MP Digital Camera

If your mom is still taking family pictures with an old Polaroid, it’s time to get her the camera that will last her the next 20+ years. The Nikon COOLPIX L810 is incredibly feature-rich but still easy to use. You can take pictures and HD video with the touch of a button, but if you want to get creative, you can experiment with the 26x zoom, coloring options and taking 3D still images to put on your HDTV. Finally, the Red-Eye Fix, Smile Timer and Blink Warning features are a gift for the rest of the family because mom will get her perfect picture the first time and you won’t have to hold that smile and position for half an hour.

Apple 32GB iPod touch

The iPod touch is the essential do-everything tool for the mom on the go. She can video chat with friends with Apple’s FaceTime, get where she’s going with the GPS and map app, get organized with tons of productivity apps from the App Store, take pics and videos of the kids with the HD rear-facing camera, and have all her favorite songs, games and videos stored on one amazing media device. The iPod is like mom’s Swiss army knife for all her varied tasks throughout the day.

AUVIO Pearl Buds w/ Mic (Purple)

If the standard white earbuds aren’t mom’s style, these poppin’ purple ones will make a great addition to that iPod or NOOK. They deliver high-quality stereo sound with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz and the in-line microphone and iPhone-compatible connector will let mom use them for hands-free calling. And hey, if purple’s not her thing, we have Auvio earbuds in enough colors to match any outfit in your fashion-conscious mom’s closet.

Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth Headset

With all the sippy cups, toys, dog leashes, strollers and the like that moms have to juggle every day, we know they could always use an extra hand. Let her stay connected to her phone hands-free with the Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth Headset. Not only can mom call in takeout while wrestling kids into the car, but she can stream media from an MP3 player or other media device, giving an action movie soundtrack to the daily hustle.

Need one more reason to go all out for mom this Mother’s Day? For a limited time, you can get a FREE $50 Visa Prepaid Card by mail when you spend $300 on your Shack Credit Card. What do you think is the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Tracy P

    A gift certificate to her favorite store, a gc to her favorite resturaunt, flowers that come back every year, and a card :)

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    My mom is in Mexico right now, but I think she would really love a digital picture frame or a tablet (she talks about tablets all the time, I think it’s her way to give me a hint lol) Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico, I really wish I could’ve spent the day with her..haven’t seen her in 2 years :(

  • Kenia

    I personally would love the Nikon COOLPIX L810 16.1MP Digital Camera. I have been wanting a good camera for the longest time. I need to make some memories.

    In another note my mother has always been talking about tablets or a laptop. She wants to get into the digital world. I never imagined her texting and now that is all she does. I can see her now sending me emails like crazy =] Hopefully I can get her something like this soon.

  • Stephanie K

    My mom loves music and I think an iPod touch would be great for her. Easy to use and lots of fun little extras to entertain her. Plus she’d be a really cool grandma too. :o)

  • Calvin Gatesy

    have u already seen betternumber in google’s play store?