Jerry Heep Lights up RadioShack HQ

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Jerry Heep has been a RadioShack Staff Engineer for over three decades, and in that time he’s designed and built modems, multimeters and all kinds of other products you can find in every RadioShack store. He’s a master of his craft and a hacker of the highest order. If you thought your DIY Arduino LED display on The Great Create or Instructables was something special, Jerry has you beat. He was doing the same thing bigger, better and with less sophisticated technology back before the internet was around to teach you how. In part three of our interview, he tells us about his all-time favorite project—how he used Tandy Computers to communicate with and control the light bulbs on the exterior of RadioShack’s former Ft. Worth headquarters.


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  • Kenia

    Working for over 3 decades at Radio Shack I know he knows the best from the best =]

  • Robert

    RadioShack, we need a Makerspace in Fort Worth for Gurus like Jerry Heep to teach us in person the ways of the master.