RadioShack’s Guide To Pinterest

At RadioShack, we’re always looking for new ways to connect with our fans. We love chatting with you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and here on The Shack Blog, so we’re excited to announce that we now have an official RadioShack Pinterest page. If you haven’t heard about Pinterest yet, it’s a social network where users share pictures and videos that interest and inspire them. It’s like a virtual pin board (hence the name) for pinning stuff you find on the web. It’s a new, fun way to share all of the pretty, funny, cute and quirky stuff you come across in your Internet travels. You can create boards for all kinds of things—movies, books, LOLcats, anything! We created our boards, pinned some pics and soon became addicted. We know you will be, too. If you’re new to Pinterest or want to become a pro pinner, here are a few tips and tricks for getting your profile started:

Pick your Pins and Pinners

Pinterest is growing at a fantastic rate, but it’s still by invitation only. If your friends aren’t using it yet, never fear. Just request an invite on the Pinterest home page and you should be up and pinning within a couple of days. Once you get your account set up, you need to customize your home page so you see the content you want to see. When you first join, you’ll automatically be following some random people whose pins may not interest you at all. Unfollow those who flood your feed and add your friends ASAP. Also, by default you’ll be following ALL of your friends’ pins at first, but you may only want to follow specific boards they’re cultivating. For example, if you have a friend who pins awesome nature photos you love but also pins every picture of Robert Pattinson they come across, just follow their “Nature” board instead and skip the rest. Unless you’re “Team Edward” too, of course.


Another good way to quickly find your pinning muse is to browse the “Everything” drop-down menu. You can find pins of “Architecture,” “Home Décor” and all things “Geek,” among other categories. The search function helps you find specific things to re-pin and is a good tool for discovering people who pin the way you do. For example, a quick search for “Arduino” and we were in DIY heaven. We constantly search for DIY projects and pins of products we carry to find people who pin stuff we like.


Build Better Boards

Once your feed is cleaned up, you should create some more specific boards than the default ones Pinterest gives you. When you join, you start off with generic boards like “My Style,” “Books Worth Reading” and “For the Home.” If those inspire you, by all means keep them, but the real fun is in creating unique boards that reflect your personality. Do you know exactly how many episodes there are in the original run of Star Trek? Make a “Trekkie” board and re-pin this picture of the limited run of Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks cereal with Spock on the box. Are you into fashion? Pinterest is packed with stylish threads to re-pin, like this circuit board bracelet on our “Tech Fashionista” board. Creating unique boards helps you find people with the same interests because you’ll be drawing from the same pool of very specific pins.



Take our “Great Creations” board, for example. One of our favorite things about Pinterest is seeing all the great DIY projects. We created this board for pinning things like these tangle-free embroidered earbuds and this phone-charging pouch made from a lotion bottle. Now, anytime we find a cool gadget or accessory that someone has made themselves, we pin it to the Great Creations board so we have a collage of pics that embody RadioShack’s DIY spirit. When someone re-pins from our board, we check out the board they pinned it to and often find even more great projects.


It’s Better With the Button

Finally, to kick your pinning into high gear, install the “Pin It” button in your web browser’s bookmarks bar. Just go to “About” and click “Pin It Button” and follow the instructions. Once it’s installed, anytime you see a picture or video that you want to pin anywhere on the web, just click the Pin It button to pin on the spot without having to go directly to your Pinterest profile. That way, when you’re shopping for SOUL by Ludacris headphones at, you can go ahead and pin the pic to your “Music” board, your “My Style” board or both. The Pin It button makes it easy to assemble a Birthday Wish List, Wedding Registry or something like a “My Ideal Office” board with pics and links to all the gadgets you wish you had. You never know who might be looking at your pins and planning to make your wish come true.


And there you have it. We’re having a blast on Pinterest, and we hope you’ll check out our boards and pin pics of your favorite gadgets, DIY projects and more. Follow us so we can check out what you’re pinning. Use the comments to share links to your boards and tell us your favorite things to pin.


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  • Kenia

    Wow, I didn’t know you could do all of that on Pinterest. I joined about 2 weeks ago but still dont get the hang of it. Thank you for all the helpful tips. I also didn’t know you could do all of that with the Soul by Ludacris headphones =]

    We learn something everyday!!

  • Jack Bosch

    Thank you for some great tips Paige! I really love Pintrest, it is fast and fun without a big learning curve and I think that is the greatest draw. Google+ could have learned a good lesson from this! Thanks again, Jack