Peek Inside Paige’s SXSW Gear Bag

This is post 4 of 5 in the SXSW 2012 series

There is absolutely nothing worse (especially as a woman) than arriving to an event or function without all necessary gear!  SXSW was no different, but in the case of this particular event, I needed to be equipped with all things electronic (plus a few personal items) to make it through a long day of panel discussions and meet and greets.

Gear Bag

  1. Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi – Along with the majority of other SXSWers, the iPad was very beneficial for taking notes during several of the presentations. The Notes app provided me with ample space to write notes that I could take away from SXSW and   bring back with me to implement in my work or to share with my RadioShack co-workers.
  2. Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T) – If you have not already noticed from my numerous blog posts dedicated to it, I am an Instagram enthusiast!  Until this past weekend, Instagram has only been available for Apple products and having the Apple iPhone allowed me to share my pictures from the trip with everyone who followed us on Instagram and @RadioShackLIVE.
  3. Enercell Portable Power bank – This is another product that I cannot say enough about and I take it with me wherever I go.  No need to find a power source; you have a charging station right there in your bag. It connects anything that charges USB and can get nearly 2 full charges from a single Enercell.  This is great when you are carrying an iPhone and a HTC EVO 3D and you do not want either of them to lose power.
  4. Business Cards – A major part of SXSW is networking.  You are able to make valuable connections with people all over the world and you meet hundreds of peers in a span of a few days.  That is why I carry my personalized business cards to pass along to people that I meet. I created mine on  They allow you to get really creative with your design and make it something that no one will forget!
  5. Two pens – This goes hand in hand with the business cards.  After I meet someone new, I like to jot down a few things about the person.  That way when I look back weeks later, I can remember what we talked about, what they look like and most importantly, the type of connection we made.
  6. HTC EVO 3D (Sprint)– Besides the incredible ability to shot video in 3D, the HTC EVO 3D takes amazing pictures with the two 5.0-megapxel cameras.
  7. Hand Sanitizer – I try not to leave home without a small bottle of hand sanitizer wherever I go.  After shaking hands with people all day long, it comes in handy when you might not be able to find a restroom to wash your hands.
  8. Gum – On these all day long events, you usually leave your hotel first thing in the morning and do not return until the last event of the day is over.  After coffee, tacos for lunch, sodas and snacks, a little mouth refresher is just the ticket when you come in contact with so many people.
  9. Sun Glasses–When I am outside all day, sunglass are a must-have. They allow for protection from the sun, as well as a shield to allow for undetected people watching.
  10. Chewy Granola Bar – If you are anything like me, I tend to get a little cranky when I have not had a chance to eat or, a word that is occasionally used to describe me, Hangry (Hungry + Angry).  I always try to carry something that I can eat fairly quickly to get me through to the next meal.

What’s in your gadget bag? Share you photos below, tweet them to @RadioShack (tag them #gadgetbag so we can find them easily) or share them with @RadioShack on Instagram (again, use the #gadgetbag tag).

This is post 4 of 5 in the SXSW 2012 series


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  • Frank Hernandez

    That’s what I call, “Being prepared”. I will post a picture of my gear bag also. LIKE!

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    Thank God for electronics! :)

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    I do not have a gear bag like yours but our iPad 2 goes everywhere we go, I get to keep not only myself but my kids entertained as well, I love it~