Five Apps to Swing into Spring

The arrival of spring means it’s time to come out of hibernation, leave our caves of wintry solitude and greet the world as it comes back to life after a long winter. Thankfully, there are tons of apps for outdoor adventuring, doing your spring cleaning and grilling the best burger in town. Here are a few of our favorites.


Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule

Need a little motivation to get started on spring cleaning? Then this is the app for you. Instead of tackling an insurmountable mountain of clutter, break your chores into manageable chunks and do one or two every day. Clean Freak lets you create a rotating checklist of tasks and keeps track of the last time they were done. You’ll never be more inspired to clean the bathroom than the moment you realize you have three months of soap scum buildup in the shower.

While you’re adding chores, don’t forget to create a task for cleaning the dreaded JUNK DRAWER. You could be sitting on a goldmine of old electronics if you take advantage of our Trade & Save program. Check to see how much your old gadgets are worth and trade them in online, in the store or with our new Trade & Save app.


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State Parks Locator

It might sound obvious, but you can’t take advantage of the extra daylight and warmer weather if you don’t go outside. But why jog amidst car exhaust and concrete when you can go on a full adventure at one of more than 3,000 state parks across the country? Use this app to find nature preserves near you and plan your trip to hike, bike or climb your way through thickets and mountain trails. Users can add reviews, pictures and updated information about every park, so you can stay abreast of closures and scope out the scenery before you go. Just don’t forget your bug spray, sunscreen, and at least one friend you can outrun in case of a bear attack.


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Zyrtec AllergyCast

For many of us, allergies make spending time outside an exercise in futility. Flying a kite, planting a garden and grilling in the backyard are not enhanced by sneezing every ten seconds. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, cast off the shackles of sinus slavery and rebel against rhinitis with Zyrtec AllergyCast. Track pollen levels in the air so you can plan your outdoor activities and figure out what you’re allergic to.


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It’s time to take the cover off the grill and light that baby up. If you’re charcoal challenged and always undercook or char the daylights out of your burgers and steaks, the iGrill app and the iGrill Meat Thermometer from RadioShack will come to your Bar-B-Rescue. Just insert the thermometer into your meat and monitor the internal temperature from the app screen on your smartphone. You can even go play catch with junior while the meat cooks and set an alarm to let you know when your food reaches the appropriate temperature.

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My Scotts Lawn

When the grass starts growing and the flowers start blooming, that’s nature’s green light for Yard of the Month season. If you want that sign in your yard, use My Scotts Lawn to make sure the grass is always greener on YOUR side of the fence. Build and maintain a healthy lawn with a calendar for tracking your lawn’s progress, information on every weed imaginable and a supply list for keeping track of seeds, soils or fertilizers you need to buy. You can even add photos of your lawn to the calendar so you can see the fruits of your labors as we head toward summer.


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Spring is officially here on March 20th, so it’s time to clean up, get back to nature and move life from the den to the yard. Got any other springtime or outdoorsy apps we didn’t mention? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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  • Kay Z

    Nice ideas for helping with the dreaded spring cleaning! I won’t tell you what my junk drawer looks like! maybe I should tackle it.